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  1. Sweetcake

    What would you do to the avatar above you?

    Treat them to whatever sweets or savory food they like!
  2. Sweetcake

    What was the last food you ate?

    I had a wonderful plain riceball which was salted a bit and had sesame seeds on top. First time making them and it wasn't too shabby!
  3. Be careful not to get cold! I can bring you some hot cocoa/tea with a fuzzy blanket if you like!
  4. I hope everyone is having a wonderful year right now! I have just been focusing on work and whatnot.

    I am thinking of writing again, or maybe learning to draw? Any opinion?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Califorum


      I will give you that!

    3. NOT Nightfall Gloam

      NOT Nightfall Gloam

      You should definitely start doing some drawing and writing again if you've got the time ^^

    4. Sweetcake


      I hope I do! Work always makes me so worn out!

  5. Amazing profile pic!

    1. Sweetcake


      Thank you so much!

  6. Wonderful work of art by @Sketchy Tune ! 

    Thank you again for this!


    1. Sketchy Tune

      Sketchy Tune

      :P No problem! I'm happy to do it ^^

  7. Sweetcake

    Request Shop OC Requests ((CLOSED FOR THE SUMMER!))

    Beautiful work! I love her expression!
  8. Sweetcake

    Sweet Cake

    Where is yours? I tried looking
  9. Sweetcake

    Sweet Cake

    Oh, thank you! I am so glad that you enjoyed it!
  10. Sweetcake

    ☕ Yum or Yuck ☕

    Yum! So long as they don't use too much nutella. Salted Black Licorice?
  11. @TBD Seems like we keep meeting up and you are already kissing me???? Perhaps this is fate!
  12. Sweetcake

    Request Cutie Mark Help!

    Those sound good! I have no issue with a gemstone or ore!
  13. Sweetcake

    Flirt With the User Above

    *merely slides a cookie with a heart shape on it towards them*
  14. Sweetcake

    The Avatar Above You Is About To Destroy The World. Your Reaction?

    I'm sure it will be a magnificent and dazzling destruction! <3
  15. To all who were interested: Thank you so very much for being interested in this idea, but since I am working more often and the friend helping me with this has bailed, I will have to postpone/cancel this story. I'm really sad because I thought this would be alot of fun to try! If he changes his mind or I have enough time to do this, then I'll resurrect the story. I am so sorry to those waiting. You all are wonderful superstars that shine with lots of radiance!