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    Minnesota in real life, the warm embrace of several different anime characters in my fantasies, and Rome in my hopes for the future.
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    Unicorns are not optional! Neither are pegasi! Especially if they're British.
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    HETALIA AXIS POWERSSSSSH! I'm a little obsessed. xD Anyway, Baka to Test, Angel Beats, D Grey Man, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, and really just anime in general. I also love music, really any music, and I write ALL the time. I draw some too, but only when I feel like it. The water is my domain. My gym teacher calls me a shark, because I can swim really well. My friend's just a minnow. xD

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  1. Hey hey hey it's your birthday today hooray

  2. Your OC has just been accepted into the winter 2014 Ponylympics in Ponchi, Buckssia! The events include ice skating, skiing, luge, curling, ski jump, and the hundred-metre trot! To make it easier to roleplay, your pony will be doing all of the events, not just specialising in one. I will control who wins and who loses each event. Form to apply is below. Pony name: Link to profile: Where are they from?: What event are they best at?: What event are they worst at?: Your username: Rules: 1) No, no, NO godmodding or power playing. Seriously, if your pony is amazing at all the events,

  4. "This isn't some parallel universe where you're getting any younger!"

  5. "This concept of 'wuv' confuses and infuriates us!"

    1. Dsanders


      Lol wuv... I remember that. xD

    2. Mr Underhill

      Mr Underhill

      Wuv is all you need...

  6. Just came back from Catching Fire, and now I'm watching Ferris Beuler's Day Off. YAY MOVIE DAY!

  7. Probably ~Sadistic Pulci~. Or ~SadisticPulci~. But, well, my mom's a little weird, and I have to ask her first, blah blah blah. So I'll change it when I can.
  8. Ohmygosh, me tooooo! Lol, sorry, I'm tired, and when I'm tired I get awesomer obnoxious. xD I should probably go to bed, huh?
  9. Am I the only one around here that didn't watch the new episodes for lack of interest? I don't really care that much about the show anymore, to be honest. :/

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Pulcinella


      Twilicorn didn't really bother me that much, I guess the show just kinda got old... I don't know, I discovered a new anime, and that kinda took over my one obsession slot in my brain. xD

    3. RAEce Car
    4. Pulcinella
  10. Ooh! Will there be pain and suffering? *Implying that I'm totally joining this once I have the chance*
  11. Hot pockets, shmot pockets. If someone stole my pocky, well, I just might have to kill them. Anyway, I stopped trying for a pony avatar a long time ago. I'm just not really into the show anymore. So, ANIME AVATAR PEOPLE, UNITE WITHIN A UNITION!

  13. Ok... I'm addicted to a Romanian band. VOLTAJ FOR THE WIN!

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