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    Minnesota in real life, the warm embrace of several different anime characters in my fantasies, and Rome in my hopes for the future.
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    Unicorns are not optional! Neither are pegasi! Especially if they're British.
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    HETALIA AXIS POWERSSSSSH! I'm a little obsessed. xD Anyway, Baka to Test, Angel Beats, D Grey Man, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, and really just anime in general. I also love music, really any music, and I write ALL the time. I draw some too, but only when I feel like it. The water is my domain. My gym teacher calls me a shark, because I can swim really well. My friend's just a minnow. xD

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  1. Your OC has just been accepted into the winter 2014 Ponylympics in Ponchi, Buckssia! The events include ice skating, skiing, luge, curling, ski jump, and the hundred-metre trot! To make it easier to roleplay, your pony will be doing all of the events, not just specialising in one. I will control who wins and who loses each event. Form to apply is below. Pony name: Link to profile: Where are they from?: What event are they best at?: What event are they worst at?: Your username: Rules: 1) No, no, NO godmodding or power playing. Seriously, if your pony is amazing at all the events, I'm kicking you out. 2) Be nice to others. At least OOCly. 3) Stay true to the Olympic spirit and don't just go into whatever else. 4) Any questions, just shoot me a PM or ask here. 5) Wait until you're brohoofed and added to the list before you roleplay, please. 6) Have fun! Completed form: Character List: Viva - Pulcinella - Prance Spacer - DJ Spacer - Canterlot Chain Mail - GameytheGeemer - Crystal Empire Places: Ponyville, Chigacolt, Manehatten, Fillydelphia, Saddle Arabia, Changeling Kingdom, Prance, Canterlot, Appleloosa, Crystal Empire.
  2. Pulcinella

    Birth of the Sadistic Pony Reign!

  3. Pulcinella

    Birth of the Sadistic Pony Reign!

    Probably ~Sadistic Pulci~. Or ~SadisticPulci~. But, well, my mom's a little weird, and I have to ask her first, blah blah blah. So I'll change it when I can.
  4. Pulcinella

    Birth of the Sadistic Pony Reign!

    Ohmygosh, me tooooo! Lol, sorry, I'm tired, and when I'm tired I get awesomer obnoxious. xD I should probably go to bed, huh?
  5. Pulcinella

    Birth of the Sadistic Pony Reign!

    Ooh! Will there be pain and suffering? *Implying that I'm totally joining this once I have the chance*
  6. Pulcinella


    Hot pockets, shmot pockets. If someone stole my pocky, well, I just might have to kill them. Anyway, I stopped trying for a pony avatar a long time ago. I'm just not really into the show anymore. So, ANIME AVATAR PEOPLE, UNITE WITHIN A UNITION!
  7. OOC Thread Russia sat on his couch, holding the lead pipe he always carried around in his lap. While it seemed that he was sadistic, loving the violence of World War || and wanting to stain the snow in Moscow red, he actually felt the exact opposite. He always felt this way, only putting on an act to scare others into not trying to attack him.
  8. Alrighty, let's just start now and let the other two trickle in when they're ready.
  9. Pulcinella

    Post your Desktop

    Just changed it... Lock Screen: Home Screen:
  10. , @GingerJoy, @drawingpandapony. Wow, sorry this took so long. Let's get this thing started!
  11. Pulcinella

    The Minimum Character Limit is dead*

    Haha, did you do that on purpose? xD Anyway, yesh. This is such a great idea, thank you. *Bows politely, like they do in Japan*
  12. Ooh, this sounds like something that my OC, Esme, would fit into. And, as long as I'm at it, I might as well enter Viva and Eldur. My friend wants in on this too, she has a changeling-in-disguise OC, Wisdom Embracer. Thanks, and I ope you get as many as you need! P.S, I'd be willing to do voice acting, either for Esme or someone else.
  13. Pulcinella

    Wisdom Embracer

    Wisdom Embracer
  14. Pulcinella


  15. Pulcinella

    Words you cannot pronounce properly?

    Everyone always teases me on the way I say 'onion'. When I was just a bit younger, I used to say 'ung-yun'. Now I've dropped the g, but it still kinda has that Minnesota accent to it, making it sound like 'un-yun'. I sometimes give my mom a hard time about her way of saying 'un', as in 'unpack'. She says 'on' instead." xD EDIT: Since I've been learning Italian, here's a few words that trouble me (and their translation). Sbava: Drools Ascoltando: Listening Disegnavo: Drew Consiglio: Advise Direttamente: Directly Inghilterra: England