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    HETALIA AXIS POWERSSSSSH! I'm a little obsessed. xD Anyway, Baka to Test, Angel Beats, D Grey Man, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, and really just anime in general. I also love music, really any music, and I write ALL the time. I draw some too, but only when I feel like it. The water is my domain. My gym teacher calls me a shark, because I can swim really well. My friend's just a minnow. xD

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  1. Am I the only one around here that didn't watch the new episodes for lack of interest? I don't really care that much about the show anymore, to be honest. :/

    1. RAEce Car

      RAEce Car

      i watched 10 minutes of it and didnt finish the rest lol

    2. Pulcinella


      My friend was all like, "PONIIIIIIES!" And I'm all like, "No, anime."

    3. RAEce Car

      RAEce Car

      when twilight became an alicorn i became less interested. sigh :/

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