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  1. Mainly blueberries, as it is my favorite fruit. But a healthy amount of Apple's and oranges
  2. I'm just really curious to hear some of your answers. For me, it would have to be the smell of rain, the moments after it falls
  3. I love it! It reminds of early 2000's rock songs, but definitely in a good way It's definitely not a style of music I listen to a lot, but I really enjoyed this one. If the rest of the songs from the band is anything like that, I will definitely check them out
  4. The fanfic 'Asylum' always makes me cry whenever I read it. Not necessarily because the story line is particularly trying to evoke that response, but just the horrible situation that each of the characters have to go through, and seeing these characters you know and love struggling. As for a traditional book, 'Bone Gap' by Laura Ruby always makes me tear up. I just always connect to the characters in that book
  5. Darn it I was going to say her, you might have to share Probably one of my friends from school. She is extremely kind and intelligent, and we tend to just be really similar people
  6. I really try not to lie, and i never lie when it comes to something that's really important to someone else. But I do find myself lying occasionally, mainly to convince others that I'm alright
  7. I never care quite to much when it comes to fashion, but I do really enjoy wearing clothes that are fitted nicely, especially jeans. So I mainly wear those, and I'm always a sucker for a nice flannel. Also, I've found I really enjoy adding a bracelet to an outfit, it just adds a really nice bit of flair
  8. I would sure hope so, because the only concert I have ever been to would be have to be Ponystock at Everfree Northwest last year
  9. Hi! I can't confirm that I am an interesting person. But I love talking to others, and would most definitely answer anything that comes my way
  10. As hard as I try, I cannot get into sushi What's your favorite fruit?
  11. I used to have a phobia of bees as well, they were the only thing I would be irrationally afraid of. In fact, the only time I've had a nightmare, bees were involved. But my phobia is of knowing there is no one there with me. I am an introvert at heart, but not having the confirmation of another person somewhere in my life is just a terrifying thought to me.
  12. I catch myself doing it all of the time, I blame my mom for giving my that personality trait. Although more often than not, I will sing under my breath, I do that constantly
  13. @Partialgeek514 Who do you think is the one villain you want to see remain a villain? Or a villain you would want to see come back as an evil-doer?
  14. Nice pictures @Hierok, and good luck on those tests! And of course, I can't complain about that choice of music I suppose I have to post a picture. This is one of the only pictures I have of myself, so I guess this will have to do
  15. Oh goodness I can't . I don't think I have ever seen Flutters with a bow, but it is my new favorite thing now Artist:JBRID https://www.deviantart.com/jbrid/art/Fluttershy-and-angel-286279343 I love this one too