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  1. I own two! Do you own a washing machine?
  2. If a bee is in a room with you, you can open the door/window and they'll normally just fly out. If there are several, you can call a beekeeper, they'll actually go up to your house and remove them. For me there is no excuse to kill a bee unless it's an Africanized bee. Like I said, I'm not trying to hate on you.
  3. I think both are important. I think that it's important that someone is caring and kind, but I for example wouldn't date someone that I find unattractive.
  4. Just saying that you are killing something that gives you a bunch of food to eat. I'm not trying to be disrespectful here, I'm just trying to educate you about the importance of bees. Bees are actually endangered. If you have bees indoors you can actually call a beekeeper, they'll take their bees to their honey farm. I'm pretty sure that was a wasp that stung you, or an Africanized bee, a bee will never sting you unless you swat at it or attack its hive. Here's a good article about them:
  5. Please don't kill bees! They're essential for nature and they also give you nearly all the food you have on your table! As long as you leave them alone they won't do you any harm!
  6. I've never even touched a cigarette in my life and I definitely don't plan to!
  7. I wash daily with warm water, as for shampoo and conditioner I use anything that's cruelty free and affordable. Other than that I don't do anything else to my hair besides brushing.
  8. Wasps - They sting for absolutely no reason and they kill bees. Mosquitoes - They don't know how to fly. Spiders - They just scare me. Dragonflies - They eat bees. Cockroaches - Just seeing a picture of one makes me want to throw up. Flies - I don't have to explain. Ticks - As a pet owner I just can't stand ticks. If there is an insect I actually love it's bees! You can also thank bees for pretty much all the food on your table!
  9. I love horses too, I even go riding every Thursday! Is that horse in the picture yours? It's so pretty! Oh, I also LOVE bees, especially bumblebees.
  10. Same! I do eat fish though, but it's definitely not my favourite! Chicken I can't stand!
  11. Short, I don't like the look of long nails.
  12. I'm 100% atheist, the only thing that I believe in is science.
  13. Beef. Nothing beats a good steak! I don't eat chicken since I can't stand the taste or texture.
  14. I eat meat because humans are omnivores by nature and meat is actually good for humans. Yes, animals do suffer quite badly in factory farms, but I don't support factory farms at all and I only buy organic meat, which comes from animals that live good and natural lives. As for the slaughter part as long as they're killed quick and painless I don't really care. BTW, I am a HUGE animal lover. I actually pay more for meat, I only buy organic meat. For me animal welfare is the top priority when buying meat. I hate the way animals live on non-organic farms. If people keep buying organic it becomes less expensive.
  15. I personally will never use one, I prefer to find love without the internet.