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  1. Sketchy Tune

    Request Shop Throw your oc at me

    *Throws both my ocs at you* You're art style is so cute!!! I can't contain my amazement! Could you try one of my ocs, maybe both of possible??
  2. heeLLLOOOO 'ALL!

  3. Hi everypone.

    Just leaving a message that I never wanted to leave here

    I'm not gonna be as acive or even on as much as I was last year. Things happened and it's affected the things that I do online.

    Thanks to all who understand

    ~Sketchy Tune 

    1. Rikifive


      Ouh, hope everything will go well for you. :rarity:


    2. Don't Spy on Me

      Don't Spy on Me

      We'll miss you! Prayin' all is well! D:

    3. Misscellanio


      No need to fret about us, but if you wanna talk/vent about it, go ahead and message me! :D

  4. Sketchy Tune

    Art Contest Begins

    I'd like to join...
  5. Sketchy Tune

    events Give somepony a balloon on Balloon Day!

    Have some balloons! @Alexshy @Nature Tune @Califorum @Sunset Rose
  6. Sketchy Tune

    The WPCC Lounge

    0_0 I have been summoned a bit agoo. I have come. *boops and huggles @Alexshy*
  7. Sketchy Tune

    Have you ever seen the user above you on this site?

    Nope. Not that I can remember.
  8. Sketchy Tune

    T.P.A.M. (The Pony After Me...)

    True, I have a small one but it's still true TPAM has tolerance for anything
  9. Sketchy Tune

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    My heart It aches so much...
  10. Sketchy Tune

    General Appreciate a fellow pony!

    I would love to show my appreciation to a few amazing pones who mean so much to me and who have been so kind to me since the beginning of my time here ^^ @Sunset Rose: You welcomed me with open hooves (*giggles*) and supported me with amazing compliments and especially when I started my request shop and you still make me smile. Thank you ^^ @Nature Tune: You were one of my first friends here and I'm so grateful to have met you! @Alexshy: You've been so kind to me since the beginning ^^ Thank you so much!! @Califorum : So nice and kind! We live so close to each other. I hope one day to meet in person! @Misscellanio: When we first met, you just radiated with kindness. Even when I feel a bit sad, you offer yourself to help me feel better. You are a so nice ^^ And of course, my other followers and people who show so much interest in my art! Thank you for dealing with me for so long and supporting me!
  11. Sketchy Tune

    General Appreciate a fellow pony!

    Awwww! Thank you, Princess! *boops back and hugs you*
  12. Sketchy Tune

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I feel a bit down right now, but I'll get better. I have people who love me around. Things'll get better
  13. Sketchy Tune

    Boop a snoot, any snoot

    Haven't done boops in a while soooo: @Bonbon Feri, @Califorum, @Cherry-Pie, @Crosswind, @DawnPone, @Divide, @Hierok, @Kawaii Besu, @KrazyDashie, @Misscellanio, @Nature Tune, @Prospekt, @pyrotermania, @Sherbert Music-Guard, @Stormfury, @Summer Breeze, @Sunset Rose, @Tao, @That Guy with the Fries, @The11Doctor, and @TwiTraker
  14. Sketchy Tune

    What´s your local time right now ?

    It is currently 11:17 am here!
  15. Sketchy Tune

    Drawing Program

    The one I use is Medibang. Really Good!