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  1. i didn't have to worry about paychecks i'd just want a boring comfortable life with the two story current year home and car wife kids and dog
  2. Spondonical

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    feels like a reference to this if its too out of context the butterflies aren't real in the movie there's a virus and one of the symptoms is seeing glowing butterflies but to the few that are immune they never go away making them crazy
  3. i think you need to kind of understand the origins behind Alpha and Beta males it's actually a psychological evaluation term for Military psychologists particularly during Enlistment because some roles literally require you to be an "Alpha male" that being said an Alpha cannot be a Beta and vise versa without giving a long winded lecture it just means leadership potential in pop culture its come to mean something completely different but there's actually very few true "Alpha Males" in the world just cause you're a dude brah that lifts all day and fucks all night does not make you "Alpha"
  4. probably Alaska cause there would be no one there
  5. i was about 13 i think and a female friend of mine was going through it at the same time it was also during a time period where sex ed wasn't really that heavily touched on just what's happening to our bodies not really things like practice safe sex it was a time where adults covered their ears and said "bla bla bla i can't hear you kids don't think about sex bla bla bla" moral of the story is her parents were stupid to let us study alone together with no one else around for like 12 hours on a week end thinking back we both could have easily ruined both our lives but no one then gave kids
  6. i hate when you have a party or get together and people don't respect the fact that its your house not theirs and wont pay attention when you tell them to do something i had this problem last year we had to do training over two days and we knocked off at 11am and had to be back at 5am so i offered to let some people just crash at my place since its walking distance it some how turned into a party and by about 2am i had enough and was telling people to go to sleep but they just kept spilling beer on the carpet and playing porn on the TV so loud you could hear it outside
  7. i had a Husky but that's a long complicated story i found her as a 5 month old wondering around and called the number on her collar the owners said i can have her cause she's too much work for them (something inexperienced husky owners fall into) but about 18 months later they said they wanted her back and would call the cops if i didn't being an 18 year old living on my own i didn't know about the law stating she's mine if she's lived with me most her life and gave her back then a years later i was heart broken when some one sent me a link to the dog shelter saying "isn't that your dog" a
  8. Monday Every 2 min for 14 min 4X130 deadlifts 3X100kg bench press Evening 10km run in under 40min Tuesday 10-1 Heaves 20-2ml press 30-3 V-sit ups 40-4 front squats 50-5 push ups Wedensday 5x5 push press 60kg Endurance: 300kb swings, every minute 5 burpies Thursday swim 25m freestyle 10 min rest 400m swim any stroke at own pace Friday 4X10 back squat 80kg 4x10 dumbell lunges W/ 20kg dumbells 4X10 h i p bridge 50kg using a bench sprint 500 meters then do 20 push ups X7 Week end rest pre work out Cliff bar 30min
  9. if i went to Equestria i'd take as many gems as i could then come back to earth to sell them!
  10. I'm also new, i joined joined now. I'm not sure if the more veteran Bronies will accept new people though.
  11. Spondonical


    Hi, i'm really new to the fandom! i saw the movie with my sister and just fell in love with it i went back and watched all the seasons and wanted to get into the whole Brony thing. i don't know what else to say i'm really shy but i want to make friends and meet new people.
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