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  1. Chippies chips! KFC and Burger King is close second
  2. Screenshot_20191204-191358.thumb.png.366b1634b9e3415cf12f301ddde42b71.png


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    2. AngelDust


      Seriously, like wtf is pan gender, agender, androgyne, gender queer, or fluid?!

    3. Pinky_


      Yea it's all kinda odd for me but eh oh well. 

    4. Sondash Studios
  3. OK, so made a new Twitter account,


    1. Soren Peregrine

      Soren Peregrine


      I don't use it much myself.

  4. I used the internet on the computers at school from around 2009 (my school basically gave me free rain on the computers, but the school had software that kept bad stuff out). I got internet in my house around 2014
  5. I prefer activated charcoal toothpaste, but usually end up using Colgate or Wisdom (basically the cheapest toothpaste in the shops). might pick some activated charcoal stuff up from AliExpress actually
  6. I don't fucking sware Well OK, when I'm near most members of my family I don't sware, but otherwise, I sware like a fucking sailor
  7. Nice Dashie PFP

    1. Lucky Bolt
    2. AngelDust


      You're welcome!
      She looks real masculine with AJ's hat and the sort of like southern shirt

    3. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Aka she looks like she :toldya:

  8. Cool! It's the same size as my mum and step-dad's tree, My one in my room is a cheap black Christmas tree, atleast I have tinsel and lights on it to make it look less bare
  9. I am currently un-employed due to being 15 (minimum age is 16 in Scotland), Have been job searching for a while, but not applying currently cause I don't fully know what my qualifications will be,
  10. Well I'm taller than my mum and dad, about the same height as my step-dad
  11. does anyone recommend anywhere to find full episodes of the Russian dub