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  1. like a free kids TV channel (as it's rare to have a tv contract, at least here)
  2. wow, well just under 2 years later, here I am, still a teenager, Not currently dating @King of Canterlot (but honestly I genuinely miss him with every ounce of my living, and I'd do anything to be with him, even if it was just a day, it could even be an hour, and considering I haven't been able to stop thinking about him for 2 full years), I would say he's my dream man, and I would do anything for him
  3. In English I have a Glaswegian accent (like a little bit posh but not really)
  4. Indifferent, because I only went to the doctors a couple times for me in my life, once for an infection on my chin, and the other for a sore toe for weeks (it's still sore, and the GP did nothing)
  5. Well I'm quite religious (quite recently reading the bible and deciding for to become a Catholic), I am religious because I see the bible as the truth, like I'm not 100% how to explain this honestly (plus I'm shit at explaining things so that probably doesn't help), I have got a few Catholic (kind of) family members, and living in Scotland (2nd largest religious group, after Protestantism, and currently the 1st largest religious group in my city of Glasgow, only followed by Protestantism as of the last census), as well as living next to a church (yes, you could say my house has a church view), I have been around Catholicism all my life, however I have never went to a Catholic school (who's idea was it to only have "Secular" autistic schools?!), and hadn't read the bible until roughly, let's say June (because I can't remember and I'm just having to try to guess the time of me beginning to read the bible), and I'm just needing to say to my parents I'm wanting to convert, and start going to mass and all that stuff
  6. Thank you for the follow, new friend! :mlp_yeehaa:

    1. Christmas Angel Dust

      Christmas Angel Dust

      You are welcome ^^

  7. Somewhere I like with a decent sized tourism industry, Like I do still need a job, like I do need to ya know, not starve, lol
  8. Nice pfp!
    Just curious, what's the background?

    1. RaraLover


      Thanks! :D

      Though, I'm not sure what the background is. I didn't make this profile picture. I found it through a Google search which apparently led to here.

    2. Christmas Angel Dust

      Christmas Angel Dust

      you're welcome!
      And oh, I see, cool

  9. howdy


    what's  new

    1. Christmas Angel Dust

      Christmas Angel Dust

      Nothing much, what about with you?

    2. strongwilled_pegasus


      i injured my foot last monday, it's doing much better.....


    3. Christmas Angel Dust

      Christmas Angel Dust

      That sounds sore, at least it's doing better now