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    Twily, Soarin & Brae
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    Twilight, Cadence and Luna
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    Scoots and Sweetie
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  1. twilight sparkle is the hottest, rainbow and applejack are close second
  2. amazing signature

    1. Alastor


      By the one and only @Kyoshi. It was too awesome to pass up~

    2. Christmas Angel Dust

      Christmas Angel Dust


      me and kyoshi might have some bad blood, but what I can say, is he makes great art

  3. I love me a coffee, little bit of milk, and 3 heaped teaspoons, sometimes I put some cocoa to mix things up
  4. OK... Caught the hurricane from America...
    It's... not.... nice weather
    Huge fucking evergreen trees are swaying hugely

  5. Liam is an easy name to spell (being almost impossible to miss-spell), so I do get a bit annoyed (since it's one of the easiest names ever) Your last name is easy A F to spell, maybe that's because Mc[Name] surnames are super common here
  6. Excellent signature Lucky!

    1. Lucky Bells
    2. Christmas Angel Dust

      Christmas Angel Dust

      Cruise is one of my favorites :pinkie::love:

  7. looks a bit better in person, but not great its about 1 and a half feet tall (45cm) and a black tree
  8. I don't have spotify, I use VKontakte for my music, I found spotify wouldnt let me choose my songs (because I csnt afford to pay for premium) This year I mostly listened to Years and Years, Shawn Mendes, Kaliopi, DJ Piligrim, Florida Georgia Line, and a few others I cant think of in he top of my head
  9. Chippies chips! KFC and Burger King is close second