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  1. If I get bent in the right direction I'll get fucking fumin' at you! Usually I'm fine
  2. I had some milky coffee with only god knows how many sweetners (I usually put 3 sugars in my coffee but there was no sugar in the house)
  3. Nothing really even to choose from for me, I usually use FM Radio when I listen to the radio
  4. Tomorrow I'm restarting my language learning routine though (around 20-25 minute of Russian and Romanian each, totalling 40-50 minutes a day), 
    I had stopped as I was switched away from Duolingo as I learned fuck all compared with when I used traditional language learning materials (books and audio), so I decided to go back to the traditional language learning materials

    I just need to refresh the basics in Russian before I go back to the level that what I was at when I started learning it,
    And Romanian just starts fucking flooding all the bad memories from doing French at school, fukin y doz hav 2 be so latinized since da fuckin romanz

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    2. Sherbert MGS
    3. Prospekt


      One of my college roommates this year is Austrian and I've always been interested in learning German so perhaps I'll see if he can help me 

    4. Sherbert MGS

      Sherbert MGS

      @Prospekt Awesome!
      I've got a Russian friend, and a friend born in Lithuania, with family from Belarus' and natively speaks Russian, and a native Romanian speaking friend born in USA, so I've got some people that can help me with learning Russian and Romanian

  5. I need to google for clips of Twilight and Starlight yawning, which is a phrase I'd never thought I'd ever say, but I need to do it anyway
  6. Great episode and is the only MLP Episode I downloaded on iTunes, I say 7.5/10 I should really find a way to put it on my old iPod
  7. Just straight Honey or Syrup, maybe some porridge also as it stops my throat being as sore
  8. Shining Armour is so sexy! Infact WHY DO I HAVE TO CHOOSE JUST ONE I love all the wonderbolts!
  9. Fuck this will be one of the hardest posts I've ever made here (only seconded by the Who's your favorite wonderbolt thread). I've got to say Braeburn or Soarin, I'd rather not go into more depth than that
  10. I'm using my friend's IPVanish account on my phone, when I get it working, but Tor Webrowser on my laptop
  11. VPNs are great! I currently don't have a VPN right now, because they haven't been appearing to work for me recently, but the ones I used were free ones, I'm going to ask my friend to try his IPVanish, because maybe the UK are trying to block VPNs