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  1. Sadly with PC I need to buy games online (so I miss holding a game in my hands), but when possible I buy things physically
  2. windows 10 (updates disabled) on my laptop and my PC
  3. yeah, I should actually, thanks I'll have a wee look time after boxing day (stuff goes on sale hee around then, and people get rid of unwanted xmas gifts)
  4. thanks for following me

    1. Cistbiscuit


      Same right back at ya! ;)

  5. cool! I don't have a Samsung though (had too many annoying things with mine) so I hope it works The cheapest ones I could find were like 100$ us more than that haha sounds fun, would be good for some pictures around my city's centre, though Ideally I'd want it to be as discreet as possible, cause it'd get stolen otherwise haha
  6. cool, I keep thinking about getting a 360 camera, but not too sure cause the price here haha
  7. oh, cool (think it's cool just because of it being a bit boring) My Laptop is an old HP ProBook 6475b (only remember cause I had to check what one it was for to get a new battery, and it's on the display)
  8. Anyone know a good Wi-Fi dongle (or PCIE card) with awesome range?
    My current PCIE Wi-Fi card is absolute shit

  9. just ordered a cheap replacement battery for my laptop (since the battery died in it months ago)

  10. That's similar to my laptop actually (payed 7k₽ for it last year) what kind of laptop you got?
  11. New Xiaomi Mi Band 4, and a rose gold strap for it (the latter is on the way from China)
  12. yeah, I've heard so many great things about it from people who stay there haha I hope so too ^~^ Good to know ^~^
  13. I keep seeing videos with americans complaining about not having public transport,

    Like why would you want public transport if you can have a car and petrol and running a car in general is so cheap, just get a car

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    2. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @Miss Wow, I genuinely didn't know how expensive cars were in usa

      was always taught they were cheap in usa

    3. Miss


      Well honestly I don't know how much more expensive they are here in comparison to how much they are everywhere else. But I'm just speaking for people in my income level and know that many of us cannot purchase a car unless there is some expense we are free of like housing cuz we still live with our parents etc.

      I see in your profile that you are from Scotland so from what I know you all have free healthcare. Here in the U.S. we do not and healthcare bills are a huge issue in the U.S. Also Scotland, from my understanding, also has free college, the U.S. does not and student loans are another huge issue. Bearing all this in mind it just makes having a car be a risk. Obviously many people still own a car but they could never really replace the roll public transit has. Also gas price average is higher in U.S. than in Scotland/ 

    4. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @Miss oh, I see,
      that sucks,

      yeah, the US should move to at least having necessary healthcare covered by a hybrid system,
      yeah, college and uni over there is so expensive, for no real reason, even if you were to pay for to go to western Europe, it's be around double in most cases
      Yeah, but subsidies should be given to cars in order to try to get as many people driving as possible
      Petrol prices are MUCH more expensive on average here (around 8 or 9 dollars a US Gallon here (yes I looked up how much a US gallon is, cause America love to be different for imperial), compared with around 1 to 2 dollars a US Gallon)

  14. its not so common here, sad in a way, even though its a little appropriated, that a part of the culture here is disapearing
  15. Yep, that's quite true, For me I'm wanting to leave for a similar reason, Love my country, don't like the regime currently in power (genuinely terrified of a new law coming out, which if it does. even if I move to England, if I'm reported by someone in Scotland, I can be sent back and tried in a Scottish court), I'm trying to get over to Netherlands after college (Brexit may put a spanner in the works)
  16. I find it so weird that in most other countries they only have one bank that prints money

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    2. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @Vefka yeah, currently there's 3 in Scotland that print money (in addition to Bank of England),

      Bank of Scotland, 
      Royal Bank of Scotland,
      and Clydesdale Bank

    3. Vefka


      @Sherbie-kun <3idk about Scotland's economic system but here it sounds logic, the main central bank prints money and gives it to comercial banks at some interest and then comercial banks deal with people and orgs

    4. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @Vefka yeah, that's one way, I just find it's a bit odd only having one main bank

      here if I go to a Bank of Scotland branch or ATM, I'll only get Bank of Scotland notes, if I go to the other Scottish banks that print money, I'll get their notes (this is also true in the areas of Ireland that still use pounds), but with other banks' atms or cashback in shops, I may get all of Scotland's notes, or Bank of England notes

      Here they have special millions pound notes that the banks make and they give them to the English central bank so the money is backed by the English central bank

  17. I need glasses cause I get horrendous eyestrain
  18. That looks like one of the Japanese toilets with a bidet plus Scotland has toilets that are too small and I hand to push my.... thing down or have to clean up the floor and outside of toilet so yeah, I am happy toilets like this exist
  19. yeah, that would be a good idea, the main problem with all of the really fun and unusual designs (for 2020) is Android, as it's geared to atleast a 16:9 display nowadays, and most apps work best in portrait and act funny in landscape yeah, sometimes a year helps with batteries a lot (especially with how good Blackberry batteries are from the factory)
  20. yeah, true I really hope for a Blackberry Torch Classic with the same size of the Priv I'm very wry of getting the Keyone (cause of the age of the devices now, and I don't want to get a phone I have to send off somewhere to get the battery fixed cause it's died)