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  1. Neck kisses, being petted, snuggling into someone, ass grabs @Im_not_crazy_im_just
  2. Sherbie-kun <3

    Ask LyraLover

    Great! I've applied to college for next year but I'm not sure about going back to college next year that's good I'm alright thanks:)
  3. As long as I can i guess, never thought of it
  4. Sherbie-kun <3

    Ask LyraLover

    would love to know how you're doing? not spoke in ages it feels haha
  5. usually I call him master or honey he usually calls me just my name or honey
  6. I keep fighting with my broadband to stay connected,
    21st and I'll be able to jump to my data when this happens

  7. I saw countless ones, thankfully they were just with fists and not with like knives and shit like that, I watched them whenever I saw them, then ran when the police officer runs over (there's always at least one police officer in every highschool)
  8. Whyyyy does this have to be a mood lol


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    2. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @Treeglow Flicker After college I'm trying this

    3. Midnight Creep Show
    4. Yoshi89


      I grew my hair out last year for a different reason: the barber shops in my area closed.

  9. uuugh, Websites hosted in the Americas are so slow

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    2. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @Pandora yeah, it is, but for a change my internet is working fast on most sites, just not on sites only connecting from the americas

    3. Pandora


      Aww that sucks yet hows that even possible?

    4. cuteycindyhoney


      My internet seems okay right now.

  10. I just found out about "teen escort services" and now I'm scared for my partner being taken by one,
    Like actually petrofied

    1. cuteycindyhoney


      DO NOT watch the movie "Taken"!

    2. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @cuteycindyhoneyyeah, even though I keep meaning to and it looks really good I should probably wait and watch it when we get to live together

  11. I had the same problem but with english (but then again my accent is different from most accents here cause we like being different lol)
  12. oh i see, makes sense, most can't afford new houses here (unless the council does it, then it's a bit easier)
  13. oh i see, guessing you stay in a 2 room Krushchevka?
  14. rarely, I'm a messy bitch lol mood, do you share with a sibling also
  15. Sherbie-kun <3

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Zo Kan Het Dus Ook (part 2)
  16. Sherbie-kun <3

    General You meet a genie

    I would wish for 7 wishes, then ask to have a body that works the same as an average cis woman (including sounding like one and ability to have kids), have a dogs tail and ears, Not be constantly in my own head, be fluent in Scots Gaelic (it's my country's original language, and it's fucking hard to learn) Get to live with bf in Have a nice sized, family ready house, as well as a nice summer house Have no need to worry about money (cause then can just do jobs for liking the job, opposed to needing to focus on money)
  17. I got my new keyboard yesterday,
    it Feels much better
    might seem like an odd choice but I prefer a firm tactile button, maybe it's just cause I'm more used to keyboard like this, or it could be just be an autistic thing, idk


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    2. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @Pandora I've tried to pull all nighters but I don't manage, and energy drinks don't wake me up, they only give me energy while walking up a high hill cause of all the sugar

    3. Pandora


      energy drinks I avoid at all cost lol 

    4. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @Pandora i mean I've had painkillers with higher caffiene, and no matter what it does nothing

  18. Still want to have dirty blonde hair with pink highlights
  19. I only recently found out that when we in Scotland try to speak standard English, that we use a completely different sound for "ou",

    Here if we were to say that sound we use the exact same sound for "ui" in dutch, and I only noticed when I was trying to find out to pronounce the more difficult sounds for me to pronounce (mainly cause they don't exist in my accent and unless I sing I can't make the sounds without choking lmao)

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    2. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @Pandorahere's my attempt (based on how I say "Goed")

      Mijn opname.m4a


    3. Mellow Mane

      Mellow Mane

      I remember telling you about this ''ui'' sound that doesn't exist in standard English and you were like: ''but that's a normal sound in English we use daily'' :D

    4. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @Mellow Mane yeah, I was so confused cause whenever we speak standard english (like try to say words like "house" rather than "hoose") we use that sound, I don't even now how you could even say that sound differently tbh lol

  20. the euphoria of a lecturer using my name and not my dead name and getting my noise cancelling headphones
  21. got my headphones at my lunch break from college and love them so much already haha

    1. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Awesome. :BrightMacContent:

    2. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @Samurai Equine Thanks, yeah, they're great and really comfortable, the anc works better than eardefenders (but that makes sense cause they were always shit)

  22. ordered active noise cancelling headphones from amazon (since amazon sent my refund for my mechanical keyboard as a gift voucher)

    though hey, i ended up ordering ones that are meant to be technically better than the ones I was looking at


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    2. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @RikifiveI hope so too :)

      @Pandora 🐼 oh i see, yeah for some reason they don't have paypal

    3. Pandora


      @Sherbie-kun <3 paypal is kind of shady tbh maybe that's why .. though paypal would been easier for most people

    4. Sherbie-kun <3

      Sherbie-kun <3

      @Pandora 🐼What do you mean? (I'm just curious)

  23. a pair of noise cancelling headphones from amazon
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