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    Transgender - MTF
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    Currently and Originally Glasgow, Scotland
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    Why am I a huge weeb?! :P
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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    Twilight, Cadence and Luna
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    Twilight, Starlight and Rainbow
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    Soarin and Braeburn
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  1. My bf is athiest, and I'm catholic I'm not going to answer this with more than that haha
  2. i hate it, i feel worse after it and it's what's keeping me away from my partner,
  3. I saw this person who looked like a rich kid hype beast, and he went to a famously rough area by bus

  4. Tirek would win equestria Sombra would win sherbie, heh
  5. my computer is plugged into my Mi-Fi so wired ig
  6. I play PC, it's just got all the games i most wanna play
  7. few month old 32" sharp smart tv (I don't use the smart features) it's 720p, but honestly I find that better as most my content is in 480p or 576i , and my netflix is standard definition only somehow even from right close up it looks clearer than the living room TV with 4k on
  8. Stuck with windows and their clunky ugly software indefinetly cause I play games fairly regularly (most software works on linux for me, but not all of it, namely most my games) really like MacOS, but the main problem with it is that I'd need to learn to use the US layout keyboard, as I'm more used to the UK layout (like I can buy a used mac, I can't be arsed having to relearn how to type all special symbols and shit like that) I also like linux (my favorite distros being Elementary OS, and xubuntu), it's so much more slick and reliable than windows, and even mac, while it's so
  9. about like 2014 or 2015 is when I first got broadband, though before on occasion i was allowed to use my mum or my dad's hotspot, but it was rare yeah, Wi-Fi in Scotland is kinda expensive
  10. if you think about it, there's a world where hitler is a beloved artist

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    2. lyrabetes3939


      "Incredibly, there was no Hitler. There is no record of any such person. It's true, there was a little German man with a small mustache who combed his hair to one side and started World War II. He also killed six million Jews. But he was not Hitler. He was, in fact, a shoemaker named Hank Fleck." -George Carlin, When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?

      There's probably an alternate universe where that's true as well. :P

    3. Starforce


      @The Hawks Simp @lyrabetes3939 @Millennium Shadow

      There are infinite realties where anything is possible, there is no "one" reality where he was an artist, there are probably ones where he was an artist, and then made different decisions in his artist career.

    4. Kujamih


      You should watch "the directors"

  11. my partner and hopefully passing after i start transitioning
  12. The Hawks Simp

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    "amy from the big bang is such a bicon"
  13. Here, I made this for you.

    (You don’t gotta use it, just thought I’d leave you something nice)



    1. The Hawks Simp

      The Hawks Simp

      it looks amazing! omg thank you so much!

  14. yep, from rarity, to rainbow, to twilight, to autumn, and then recently derpy (i just fully vibe with her uwu)
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