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  1. Lovecraft


    Oh, thank you so so much! I can't stop getting new art of her! Haha. A_A
  2. Wild! I like to drink, dance, sing, play games, crack jokes, and laugh a WHOLE lot! Everyone is my best friend when I'm drunk!
  3. Applejack. I adore her to pieces, and she's exceptionally smart and strong. If everyone else remained trapped and we were unable to save them, at least there wouldn't be an entire massive family mourning the loss of the most lovable pony in all of Equestria.
  4. I'm from Missouri if that helps any? Haha.
  5. Ayyy! Stay cheeki breeki, blyat! Relax, it is the Holidays! Get some of babushka's kompot, or maybe some kvass? Haha.
  6. Louis Armstrong - What a Wonderful World
  7. @MiragetheChangeling Warm welcomes to the forums! I hope you meet many a pony and get to make some new friends here!
  8. Hazelnut Soup! Because...Tangled. Hehe.
  9. Yuck! I only like fried clams. Hmmm... Calamari? ♥