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  1. okay *grabs you and throws you into a jet plane straight to Canada* I will be holding a grudge for this!
  2. YES cult, and I appreciate the full critique here, honest opinion, solid arguments, not backing out on pointing the bad things this movie had some of them. Then again, while it might have had a Mixed reaction from the fanbase, this movie in base has done what the dark knight did when it came out.
  3. well you were the one raiding my fridge, ok...clearly I can't drive you to you have a passport?
  4. Who is cult enough to have seen this movie and if you have, what are your thoughts, critic on it and score?
  5. Really really really really really bad idea...*sigh* well there goes my weekend plan, get in I will take you home
  6. Don't you sleep walk? and will you at least pay the ciders because you drank all of my bottles