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  1. Sherem

    What is your worst habit?

    Grind my teeth when I'm angry...and really loudly
  2. Sherem

    Nightshade Flare

    no worry, I gave up on the idea I'm having my last ever RP with somebody else
  3. Sherem

    OOC Me and Sherem (1x1)

    The "unnamed pegasus" so far his name is Aerion here his pic with his CM there will be another one coming as well, but for a change she is a girl
  4. happy birthday Amanita! Hope you are doing just fine :D

  5. Sherem

    Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    ???: not really, what has the crowd wondering is that very fact, where could they have gone? it's pretty...unsettling (form this point Sherem will be out, temporary, I will work on the design of this Pegasus, well to rebuild it)
  6. Sherem

    Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Sherem: *waves back and leaves in the train that goes out like a bat out hell* ???: *the pegasus spots to mirage and salutes* lieutenant, you are also looking for the skies? *he asks as he batters his wings to keep himself in the air*
  7. Sherem


    neat thank you for the data
  8. Sherem


    Interesting, If I weren't retired I would loved to get to know her story in more detail
  9. Sherem


    Various uses of several myths of different cultures, most identifiable are Greek and Egyptian and some renaissance references. I like what you have done with her, but warning, the fandom of MLP are really really skeptical to alicorns that go beyond Luna. I'm not saying don't make a character an Alicorn...but play it really really carefuly. For example here, I have a lot of info on her good things, but what about her bad traits or characteristics, any defects the character may have. Cus if you skip this you might find yourself with a mary-sue witch is never good.
  10. Sherem

    Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Sherem: *goes to the station ready to board the train* be safe hun *he goes into the train* ???: *stays on a guard tower making recognizance of the fields, still found weird that the horde army was gone something in his gut told him that something was not right*
  11. Sherem

    Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Sherem: gotta go, I don't know if amanita will be at the plataform, but you have your orders, carry them out and our home will be safe, stay safe and keeps my beloved amanita safe as well *he leaves the office* ???: *spots the three friends* (seems amanita has a bigger group of friends now)
  12. Sherem

    Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    (you will know his name soon enough, if the progress with forest keeps going on that is) Sherem: good, and lastly, makes sure to assist both princess Luna and Dragon Lord Ember fully, if something were to happen in canterlot, the defense of the city is on the hooves and claws of our army. You might not think much of me Mirage, but if things go well, soon you will be family as well, so take care and don't get hurt. ???: *keeps doing the rounds and now there was no more wounded but the army was on standby*
  13. Sherem

    Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Sherem: *takes out something out of his desk* the funny thing about magic and crystal is..that combined are very versatile, go well together *gives her a small silver chain with a purple crystal that is fashioned for it* While I'm out you can use this artifact to locate my magic energy form here to Canterlot and let me know if anything arises up. ???: (the Pegasus, sadly I don't have his old pictures, so I'll work in a new one and post it one day on the OCC forum) princesses, why it has always to be princesses?
  14. @Amanita really missing her here, has anybody contacted her?

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    2. Amanita


      Well, how are you?

    3. Sherem


      well the same as the message 

    4. Amanita
  15. It's been a while with no @Amanita around, hope she is fine?