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  1. "not much, only that it was important for him and for all the guests here. As he is my lord I would aim to please him and I also came here to learn more about Kingdom and the ones that love it and from part of it" he said as he looked back and then drinked some more then said "although I was always bad at social gatherings" he said a bit disappointed at himself in his voice.
  2. Sherem smiled as he closed his eyes, thinking about it and then pointed with his hoof at Midnight "the very answer is my lord" he chuckled and took a drink and he also had a lot of food from the ignored equestrian food there, he was hungry after all but he wanted to show respect to those that made that food even if it meant being the only one that would eat it at the party. He then looked at the the threstal mare and said "I just hope I'm not much of a nusianse in this party after all" he said as he again ate what he got form the equestrian table.
  3. Did he deserve that much? he thought to himself, he didn't do, or at least he didn't feel, like he did anything worth honoring or did much at all to allow himself to enjoy life. The hard setting of the things that Sheoreth did still hung up on his mind and that he had to atone for all of that one way or another before allowing himself to enjoy life or at least to deserve anything. Nonetheless he kept all of these thoughts to himself and walked around the party He watched over this staff a bit hypnotized by it but keeping a respectful distance from it, he decied not to be a burden to this party or his lord so to sorta blend in he saw if he could get any drinks to himself and watched over a higher point to all the festivites around. It seemed that this celebration was not just for the joy and the giggles, there surely had to be a bigger reason for this event as he tried to figure out of what was the reason out of what he learned in his studies, yet he could not recall anything. he then found a little hill that was in the area of the party and sit there watching over all of it.
  4. he was about to fall for such a commentary, he then regained composure, and said "no no no, I'm not the brother of my lord I'm just a visitor that his grace has allowed to come with him" he also could not help but to crack a giggle for that nickname knowing the story of Midnight and Luna, moon lover sounded like something out of a novel. But he tried to keep his composure the best he could to not appear disrespectful to anypony "I'm here to learn...and maybe if our lord will allow it to have a good time perhaps?"
  5. Sherem bowed a bit to the guard as a gesture of greeting and thanks for the information, he though about what the guard said "until the last bat drops...that means we are meeting the batponies of archback in some kind of celebration" he deduced, he was sure of his answer but he would welcome to be wrong "this is why you asked me to come with you at..." he looked at the moon and made some calculations and said "2 am in the morning?"
  6. he still yawned, he was hoping he would get some more rest, but he didn't complain about anything and said "my lord, can I know about what is going on? You said you had something to show me, but the "presentable" part what about that? are we meeting representatives of archback? and if so, isn't still a bit early for other ponies" he was having a hard time to process all of the info and the event, but he would not protest.
  7. He just smiled and bowed a bit at her and left the place back to his room and got to his bed, he looked at the window for a while then went to sleep, hoping tomorrow would not be cruel on him now that Sheoreth was sealed and now he rested his head and slept.
  8. As he looked out the window and then looked back at her he said "no, I do not condone nor approve slavery, nor would anypony in equestria would condone it anymore. And I would know better as well all the Crystal empire and crystal ponies we where once slaves of King Sombra. We know what is to be chained to another pony and work under the lash of a evil master. But we managed to get out of it thanks to princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends. We stopped being slaves not only because we were freed, it's because we stop thinking as slaves and victims. While it is true that what the princess Celestia condoned in the past was wrong, don't loose sight of that little word, it is the past. Your people like mine where freed in the end and now you and every zebra is free to pursuit their own destinies and choose your own paths. I'm sure princess Celestia is willing to make amends as much as she can and what the kingdom of equestria can offer. For no kingdom has unlimited resources and unlimited time. Nothing is eternal, not even alicorns."
  9. Sherem pondered a bit on the matter of what the zebra said "when she said that it was "necessary evil" did she say it like in an arrogant tone or did she bowed for forgiveness? when she said all of this?" he asked as he took the bottles he had out and offered one to her "if you wish to have a more private setting to talk, I offer you we go to my room and I promise to keep a good distance at all times we talk" he said as he offered with his magic at her the bottle, should she take it or not he would only hope she would not throw it at the wall and make a mess with the contents of the bottle.
  10. Sherem followed her and once he heard what he Zebra said he raised his hoof "before I give you my answer my lady, let me ask first, what exactly did she said that you consider harsh?" he asked respectful to her. He felt something bad went down at the council but he also had faith in the diplomatic abilities of Princess Celestia, But he would need to see two different perspectives of the matter to reach a conclusion, however he could give a true answer to his opinion on the matter of slavery and the situation that he didn't knew that happened at the council, he still carried his bottles in a bag that clinked every now and then when he moved.
  11. "I would hardly consider myself your equal my lord" he said then after hearing Midnight, he would say he would have thought about celestia and Sherem said "despite my loyalties and debts I have with Princess Celestia, In politics I would be useless nor fitted to sit at a hearing with matters of politics my lord. Besides Princess Celestia is more than old enough to take care of herself. And as for the changes, it is always a matter that both parties want to achieve something instead of just distrust and back-stabbing, I should not say the obvious but the fact to carry a title or a charge of political leadership means take a burden and an oath to help everybody that is in need" he would nod at his command "of course, I will get to my room, as soon as I can find it and I will meet you tomorrow early my lord" he would have to make a map at this rate to find his way around the castle and the city to know where he was going.
  12. "I apologize for any inconveniences your grace, I just felt that I needed some air and some relax after I Saw the Snow falling" he bowed in a way of apologizing to both Sir and Midnight "and besides I didn't want to take my teacher's time more than I should for she seemed to have something else to do" he then rises looking both at Midnight and Sir
  13. Sherem would nod and said at the Bar Tender "I will take those two last drinks for the way" he said and then he turned to the guard "Tell our grace, I will be meeting him at once" he said with a bit of a tipsy demeanor but yet he managed to keep his formal stance and coherence when talking to the guard and to the Bartender, he would have wished to keep staying in his loneliness of drinking. But he made an oath and he took vows to archback, to Midnight his new lord and superior and to Sir his new second ruler, but it seemed odd that he would call him so late at night, nonetheless he would answer.
  14. A new Version of Sherem's Sword...the result of me going back to trying to create something after years of not picking up to drawing and vectoring2072367655_DAWNOFSNOW.thumb.png.fdc6680cf4daffcee2b54fd980265a00.png

  15. he Softly smiled and said "I would not fit the bill of anypony or anybody in the world" he opened the bottle with his magic and started drinking again "one piece of advice, if you would take it. Is okay to have your wild night and flirt around with other ponies. But one night you will find you might regret it big time, Trust me I have seen enough mares and stallions over the years that came to regret that kind of lifestyle and now they have a burden they never asked. My old stallion used to say "for every party there is a consequence the next day"" he kept his soft smile and assuming she would not speak to him again he turned to the bar to keep drinking looking at the table.