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    In the Middle of the Sea to Aman (Valinor)
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    If you can Manipulate you can do Anything
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    Roleplaying,Gaming (mostly Blizzard Stuff), Reading (Mostly J.R.R. Tolkien and Geroge R.R. Martin) Basketball and WWE.

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  1. Private

    Shining Armor: ahh you know, those usual things of saving equestria from various dangers and certain death sentences Sherem: *asleep and the foals playing ball behind them loose the ball with a big kick that goes directly to Sherem's face and into the lake* Sheoreth: *IHH* OH THERE IT IS!!! Right there YEAH! That what was missing. *at this point Mirage gets to the boutique of Rarity
  2. OOC

    Neat! Now I know where to look you for xD just kidding. One day I might go to USA but not quite yet.
  3. Private

    Shining Armor' you have no idea at all *he laughed* it's incredible how much happens around my sister actually Sherem: *hugs Amanita with one hoof and a wing to protect her from the cold of the wind*
  4. OOC

    Hmmm cool, I will only say I live really down south xD
  5. Private

    Sherem: *has his eyes closed to rest for a little while* Shining Armor: oh just another princess and the ruler of Ponyville Twilight Sparkle. *in a way mirage could feel the pony that gave her the apples was more of what she seems, an aura of, tough invisible it was a powerful energy that was all around her*
  6. OOC

    For me as well but with an hour ahead of ya (if you live in USA)
  7. Private

    Shining Armor: what father or husband would not, I still remember the day we left our baby with my sister so we could have a day off... And we could not help but miss her Sherem: *he leans slightly as well as they both look at the pond and he kisses her head*
  8. OOC

    Take your time Wanna see how you tackle that xD
  9. OOC

    Try and go both xD like I did with Cakes
  10. Private

    Shining Armor: that they are, my two lovely princesses *looks with puppy eyes at the photo* Sherem: moi???? NEVA! How could I brake your cookie heart ever? Well unless your life is in danger I will do whatever to save you.
  11. Private

    Sherem: something tells me that she is not, ad believe me my gut is rarely wrong. I do wonder though... Would she kill me if she saw us like this Shining Armor: they are my wife and my joy and pride.
  12. Welcome to the forums, I hope you find yourself at home here and find good times as well
  13. Hehe, just saw we have the same day birthday XD

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    2. Sherem


      well, you know what the song says: "nobody/pony Likes you when your 23" XD nah just messing with ya...but srsly I need a drink you go to college?

    3. Deae Rising Shine~

      Deae Rising Shine~

      I go laying in my bed all day, as said looking for a job. i learned a job for 3 years and - honestly, somehow - even successfull, but since them I'm looking for a real job. All the school stuff is behind me.

    4. Sherem


      Well, like song says: to each his own In life

  14. Private

    (come on we want to see the love story of Mirage and Mistletoe and everypony is looking at mistletoe like: Sherem: do you wanna go to her Amanita, I won't be going anywhere for a while and yet at the same time I don't wanna let you go. Shining Armor: *looks at a photo of him, Candace and their daughter*
  15. Private

    Sherem: you know what is odd that, Mirage hasn't come yet to pick you up, wanna check up on her, it wouldn't be right for me to have you with me all the time...*hugging her closer* Shining Armor: I have tons of them, you interested now?