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  1. Sherem walked on his own, not minding he would be lost in the halls of the castle, he would enjoy walking around, but then again was the matter he was carring a lot of scrolls on him of his notes he took with his lesson with Lady Moondancer, after a struck of luck he found his room and left the scrolls there but then he went out again, finding and making his way to the outside of the caslte and looking at the night sky he smiled as he thought of those nights of his foalhood at the empire, he could finally allow himself to be more melancholic now that sheoreth was being taken care of. (Celestia) Celestia took another stand as she looked at everypony and everybody in the room and said "I have come here to look after one of our knights, but these grievances need to be addressed as well as long as it remains in the rational side of things, if we want to make progress between archback we all have to put a hoof or a paw or a claw in the direction where we can find common ground" she said in her regal attitude.
  2. Soon Sherem looked at the book but soon realized that it was getting late "before we continue we should consider the time My lady Moondancer" he said as he pointed with his hoof at the window showing it was getting late "I would not like to keep you from your duties further my lady" he said as he started to clean up the table where he was writing and getting things in order "but if you would help me in the near future, I would certainly appreciate it my lady Moondancer" he said as he finished getting all in order. As he also looked at the window he saw that winter was going to fall on Archback soon (Council) Celestia steped up to stand and said "I am princess Celestia, co ruler with Princess Luna my sister, we look out for equestria I take a stand here in the council of archback for the frist time" she said keeping her regal presence as she looked at everypony and everybody in the reunion that was attending.
  3. Sherem kept writting down as he listened to her and kept pilling scrolls on his desk with each one he finished with the information and cross referencing, every now and then making questions about some of the actual living ways of the clans, he was just immersed in it and so much that he had around 10 scrolls fully loaded with info and no ink left to keep writting. At the same time, the desk was clean, no sloppy witting or wasted ink or any drop of it anywhere but the scrolls. (Celestia) Celestia nodded and followed her to the meeting, she look at every single one of the ones attending the meeting, but she did so discreetly, she had a lot of experience with all these kinds of meetings so she had to read the room and knew that she would be in a bit of disadvantage considering of what Midnight and Sir told her, but she was ready she was not one to be intimidated by anything, her mental gears where always working and this would not be any exception at all.
  4. "I mean of course the other clans that have their allegiance with the Archback kingdom" he said "if I am to even serve a litte to my lords and the lands they care so much, I ought to know all that I can" he looked out the window and realized that winter was getting near, and it would not be long before the snow covered equestria. He then looked again at Moondancer and found her pretty atractive, but he kept that to himself, he might have Sheoreth under control now, but he knew that something like romance or family of his own was out of the question for him after all, he felt he was not allowed to have such thoughts or delusions (Celestia) From inside the room Celestia who was ready with another regalia of jewelry and her usual crown she said "yes I am ready, you can come in if you wish" she said as she looked at the mirror
  5. Sherem smirked a bit after the last about the Fastar clan and said "I get history lesson and a bit of info on the profile of Fastar himself, this is good indeed" he kept writing when he noticed the wave at him he waved back with a soft smile and looked at Moondancer again ans said "I was hoping we could do the same for the rest of the Clans of course if you have the time to spare and I don't make it too heavy on you Ma'am" he said as he rolled one of the scrolls he wrote and put it aside on the table
  6. thank you man, means a lot to have a real opinion around and to know I did a decent job here and there
  7. Sherem kept writing down everything that Moondancer explained and he open some books he got with his magic and crossed referenced it with the things he wrote form the explanation of Moondancer then he commented "that an interesting story, almost would seem that fate's hand had a play on that event, and of all ponies I should know that fate has really mysterious ways to work on our world, sometimes sweet, sometimes cruel, like sombra himself" he said as he kept writing the info that Moondancer conveyed on him
  8. what would you recommend?
  9. Celestia would nod and say "that would please me and help me greatly Abassador" she said as she got inside her room and walked to the window and saw that she would soon have to lower the sun so that Luna could enter work, even though she was not that far from Canterlot and the kingdom of equestria, she always thought of her sister and Twilight. (Library) Sherem was already writing all what she said like he was a log writer from a court on the paper and with ink, he read it again "so the reasons the Fastar Clan are not really that clear, I see, gotta handle that matter with delicacy then. But yet I find it quite interesting to see proud kin be that fierce loyal, what other elements make the Fastar Clan are also a complex case?"
  10. don't you maybe feel Sherem is a bit monotonous on his color scheme? just asking
  11. Alright, do you think the white and grey on him is too monotonous for a crystal pony? now that you have experimented interactions with my oc's can you make a critic on how is he is as a character?
  12. Feeling that Sherem's/Sheoreth needs a new look...and yet I wanna keep the base of some of the colors, any artist there that would make a criticism even if it means destroying the few self-steem I have left XD need comments, shitting me posts for my mediocre work and constructive critisism as well. Need the help of artists that would look at my shitty work to know what to change and what to keep, perhaps we can discuss it. here are my crappy works
  13. hey got some questions if you don't mind regarding Sherem, would it be okay if you could answer them?
  14. "I will be staying for a meeting with the clans, so I would say I would need to prepare and get refreshed" she said politely at Magpie as she walked with her "I have agreed to meet some demands that have arisen with our kingdom and archback that I would rather seen tended and fail than never addressed at all" she looked out the window at the sun. She had her insecurities about all of this, but she was deep inside the matter now and stepping out of it would be only cowardice and as ruler of equestria that is a luxury she could not afford to have. (The library) "well yesterday I managed to study the beginings of the kingdom, however I'm having issues grasping some matters of how the other clans decided to join the archback kingdom, that would be a good start" he said with a smile as he walked towards her but stopping at a respectable distance of her as he looked at the shelves and the empty desks "and again I thank you for taking your time to help me, I appreciate it" (Sorry I have been slower with my replies, new job, and political changes in my country are kicking me down. But don't ever think I loose interest for the RP at any given time)