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  1. Wings, always waned to fly I guess Over magic that requires a mental fortitude that my guess is I don't have.
  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. he then closed his eyes "I can feel this is a precious book for you and for the Zebras here. Are you sure to leave this with me?" he then said "but don't mistake. I accept this proposition. It is indeed need that the version of those that suffered it is to be known. History is scars, history is lessons that that the past left. And also, don't discard the option to move on, we can't never forget I agree with that. But move on is the the sing of those that know how to move on on life. Life that is merciless most of the time" he took the book "I can make a copy so that this treasure is not damage
  4. He bowed a bit to her as he stood to salute her and as he looked at the book he said "interesting...I have seen this mark before, in the cutie mark of Zecora" he looked at it in detail but dared not to touch it until he had the permission "I'm willing to talk more if you will have me" he then looked at her "tell me, how can I be of service of asistance to you?" he asked
  5. And then he sighed seeing about, the slavery matter again. He understood that is a topic that the zebras would not let go that easily, but it has been years ever since a Zebra had been a slave, in his mind he thought that in order for the zebra clans and equestria to have a chance of standing in diplomatic grounds both had to let go the past. Then again who was he to think or talk like that if he was a slave of past himself, yet at the same time he thought he was just one in comparasion of the rest of both kingdoms, he was an idiot but that just shows that the rest could overcome this matter o
  6. Well, most of Sherem's stories end with this:


  7. He resolved to study more about the zebras and the history that gave them their alliance with the archback kingdom, he knew that it was because they were freed of equestrian slavers thanks to Midnight and Sir, but that could not be all of the story, he decided to keep studing the story after the liberation of the Zebras from equestria, snow was falling now and it wouldn't be long before it covered all the plains and forests around archback.
  8. Sup! Also a edh player!

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  9. "no one will even notice I exist my lord" he said with a smile as he headed now to the library by his own, he just didn't took the statement of his lord seriously, what he had done but to cause trouble and embarrass himself in front of the ponies that called Archback home? he hadn't done anything to earn such a thing like that somepony or anybody would enjoy his company? nothing was the answer he thought as he looked for more tomes of lore and story of archback and the clans
  10. To all MTG players of the Format EDH either be on group or on 1v1 players, got my deck finished and I wanna try it out throughout spelltable and to just play, those interested write down here or PM if you wanna try out your deck or dust off your deck.
  11. He looked back at the tent and said "there is little I like my lord, like you know" he then thought for a while and said "I think I will continue with my tour when alone, if I'm meant to learn I have to take action myself. Besides" he walked to his lord's side "I'm already a bad company to any creature in equestria" he chuckled and waited for his lord to lead the way back to the castle to continue his studies in solitude
  12. "An unpayable debt does it?" he said as he thought about, he then resolved it was Sir. himself or would be Midnight, he then said at the Zebra "thank you for your time" he bowed a bit and leaving some bits on a plate "take care" he said as he left the tent and went outside back to the market to meet one of the two of his lords and keep his tour of the Zebra settlement. He was a bit heavy with thoughts with that prophecy and he thought that perhaps Sheoreth would deficiently return to harm. At this point he would hear his mocking and insulting, but since the prison was still active he could not
  13. ¨"my guess would be that is Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance and Princess Twilight, but that 5th, who could it be? the minotauresque seems to be Your grace Sir. Seems I would face a kind of trial for something I did" he said as he looked at the drawing "and the darkness on me...could it be that he would return?" he asked but he didn't expect for her to give her an aswer
  14. "An ever flowing river it is, so is the past I believe" he stood in front of the desk and said "what can you see in the currents of time of the future Madame? what has destiny prepared for me and what part should I play in this theater that fate has orchestrated and that never seems to have an end?" he asked. He knew these lingo of cryptic and riddles that the Madame Zebra spoke in. Though he could be certain that she was better than him in that regard.
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