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  1. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Twilight Sparkle: I would not like to cut pleasantries short but, here they come *the horde arrives to the outskirts of the city* get in positions Sherem: we better be off Your grace *puts on helmet and runs*
  2. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Sherem: yes your Grace, though this time we will be under the command of the princess for this battle, I hope this does not cause you any problems. *Twilight comes all armored to them* Twilight Sparkle: greetings, king Stannis *she bows*
  3. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Sherem: is just that she must be at the heart of it, Mistletoe, going back to your question...well, we need all the intel about our enemy, and besides, I think you can figure some I wrong to think so? Mirage, take that part of the hill, and wait for my signal, the support team will stay behind the walls and Forest you will lead them, I will stay with rosemary and King Stannis to face them in shock combat
  4. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Sherem: I have a feeling that I do know that...we will need to arm a line to sabotage their siege weapons of the enemy, and with luck Splash will let us know further of their forces. *Ihh* I just pray that we can stand a chance...
  5. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Sherem: I just hope that we can hold our position until we can form the counter-attack, I fear this will be more harder than when I fought back in the empire...the walls are not made for a siege what you have saw, did you saw any catapults or weapons of that kind?
  6. OOC Me and Sherem (1x1)

    and me tolkien and soiaf, art is always so...complex
  7. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Sherem: the rivers through the forest, think you can swim there and report me of their movements? we need to look at them through various angles to see how can we mount an counter-attack! Twilight Sparkle: *she is the commander in chief in this battle*
  8. OOC Me and Sherem (1x1)

    I as myself I would not recommend it at all...but up to you, and welcome back partner
  9. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Sherem: we can ask ourselves that when they are erased...but now they are getting ready to attack, and answering your question Mirage, the creatures that attacked the empire some months ago, Mistletoe I need your knowlege on the forest, you have been there so many times that I'm sure you know your way around it! Mirage, you accuracy with a bow is needed, we need you to guide the rest of our archers!
  10. OOC Me and Sherem (1x1)

    neat, and take your time my dear I really liked the song! though I must confess, If it was gonna be one of the Beauty and the beast in either version I would have had a heart attack! and as a last note, the song was amazing, but I really really hate the movie and all the saga, even the books
  11. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Sherem: then let's get this started! *soon the soldiers are all in position and they wait for the attack of the horde, meanwhile Sherem goes look for Mirage and Mistletoe* Sheoreth:*Ihh* soon I can also be free! Sherem: not a chance
  12. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Sherem: we will also need the help of other two, I need to find Mirage and Mistletoe as well...and again my lady Forest I will be counting on the support lady rosemary, you are the soul and fire of our small flank, can I count with you again as before?
  13. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Sherem: yes your Grace *still with his head on the ground* we will drive them back! And my lady is good to see you as well and I would ask no more from you Twilight Sparkle: your potions will be the greatest asset in this battle Zecora much as healing as to cause problems for the enemy.
  14. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Sherem: *kneels on the ground until his head and horn touch the ground* I'm so relived to see you again your grace, I'm too grateful to have you in this battle as well, I wish this horde would not drag your subjects and you into another battle, but I humbly ask you...I need your help. Twilight Sparkle: *starts to make preparations for another elemental beam*
  15. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    sherem: it would be quite obvious, the forest is under siege, as far Lady Zecora told me...but I'm always grateful for their assitance...although unlike last time, I will not be in command of the army this time...and what about you? you should not feel forced to participate in this war