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  1. Sheoreth smiles more "Basic instinct, once I saw how Celestia and Luna made short work of him I realized that Sombra was not good enough, so I did all to survive on my own. And seeing that I was given the body of the wussy to inhabit. Then it was my body now, the one before it was the previous user. In resume I go on to live and make whatever I want with my now given life and power. And when I get the full control the body, I will rain so much chaos on this world that even Discord will be jealous! oh and I don't mean random chaos I mean blood! I mean darkness to be upon all" he felt he was gaining control and turf on the mind war, soon to turn this entity on his favor
  2. Sherem catched the yogurt cup and gave it back to Dynamo "just some hints here and there, I could be wrong of course but then again that's why I ask you" he whispered back
  3. Sherem with a coffee mug on his hand whispered at Dynamo "are you looking to be sea of Conch Shell?"
  4. Then sherem realizing he was forgetting himself he said "My apologies, I forgot to present myself, Sherem I am of crystal prep, that's why I asked"
  5. Sherem look at Spectrum "wait, you were at crystal prep right?"
  6. Sherem worked as much as he could on the decorations of his wall and left things for tomorrow but he also had to talk with principal Cadence about this hole activity Sherem was not that fan of yogurt, but if he could get something else it was good for him, but he also needed to know more of the magical artifact, next time he would bring more stuff to snoop around this school
  7. Sheoreth gave a unsettling smile and he looked at him in what would be their eyes and said "Oh but I like meeting other ponies, specially when they can see they know that they can be mad inside as well" he chuckled "now to answer your question: I was brought forth as Umbrum to bind to the skills, mind and body of wussy here to the service of King Sombra" "does that answer your question? let's hope so, or we are in real trouble, and out comes the intestines, and I SKIP ROPE WITH THEM" he laughed
  8. Sounds good to me, and again I apologize if you find, what laughably passes as, "writing" not too troublesome
  9. I was a loner and mostly a quiet one, I ended up breaking the arm of one of my bullies and they left me alone after this
  10. Sherem just picked up his stuff and left the room, to do investigations on his own. He wouldn't be calm until he had concrete answers to the situation at hand. Even if it meant breaking into an office for clues
  11. Sherem then said "never mind I will do that myself"
  12. Sherem kept looking at the piece he took and then put it back "I would not go so far, but Indeed we have to do something or by the end somebody might end up hurt, or worse. Then the first thing we have to do is clear, we need to find out what exactly we are dealing with here"
  13. He took a piece that seem retractable and then looked at it closely "for all we know we could be working for the actual "Wrong hands" It's clear that there is more to what the vice principal told Heart star"
  14. Sherem looked at the artifact and said "what is exactly the "Wrong hands" we are talking about here? and also, is there magical power in only this part of the hole artifact?" he asked as he looked at the piece closely