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  1. (that could work...and I was thinking for Serenity it would be Arya or...maybe Sheira) Sheoreth: *he covers her and his face to give her a hidden kiss on her head and hiding if from Anastasia* Serenity: *she sleeps now soundly* Robnif: you need to feel the energy of the forest and call upon it with your spirit to make this magic work, but you have to feel the connection you have from the right of birtth
  2. (any idea for what these counter parts should be called) Sheoreth: until you are the assassin you are meant to be, you will become my little ward *he looks at her and for the first time he sees her as a daughter and not his tool for only once he pets her side of her cheek* Serenity (Evil): *she nuzzles more into her mother's chest and falls asleep* Aerion: *he rests and looks on Forest* Robnif: *he lets his aura of green druid magic on and that engulfs Forest*
  3. hehehe, and sherem is gonna follow her out of pure curiousity
  4. well...we will work that if we get to that part in the RP XD
  5. Robnif: here sit with me when you done with him Sheoreth: *he keeps laughing at her attempts* that's it keep going, you will need to be stronger to be my little assassin Serenity: *she takes refuge on her mother's chest and still sucking her hoof, but still that aura of depression was still on the air*
  6. Well I'm glad you enjoy it my dear (besides, considering how "active" those two are going to be, Running Stream can't really strike as "Shy")
  7. here Running Stream, as best as I could with some modifications to the original... here your work and le sucky me.