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  1. "hopefully they will be of your liking My lord, rest well" he then went to sit by the head of the ship looking at the sky and the road ahead. How long had it been since he could relax like this? a thousand years? he was happy now that he didn't had a voice inside his head that mocked him for his feelings. But still the trauma of the fall of the empire would never leave his mind. What he didn't knew is that was fuel for sheoreth to break out of his prison. Inside his head, Sheoreth was trying to activate his own magic, he had realized of the cracks of his mental cell, so steadily he worke
  2. "I estimate 3 hours if my math is not wrong" Sherem said then he moved to the front of the ship "I would suggest taking some sleep, oh and by the way I must ask this that is important so that I know what to do and do forgive me for asking this bluntly and even perhaps in an inopportune moment. But would you like to see Princess Luna or should we just keep away from a meeting that is not only between you two?" he asked, he knew he was treading on thin ice with that. But if his answer would to be negative to the matter of seeing her, he would do all in his power to keep them to stay on their own
  3. "that will indeed be an...experience to say the least. but you and archback showed me enough of a welcome and the least I can do is show you the same" he said he looked at the sky and the clouds "beeing a long time since I was this high when it was not a battle in the empire" he said
  4. yeah you are talking about melkor Aka Morgoth. And if we were to take the more cristian version of it. IF not a god, Sauron is kinda of an Angel that nears the power of his master, that's why during the first era he was the right hand of the first dark Lord
  5. not really, I was a slow progress that got me as least expected from time to time.
  6. he looked at the sky "yah, you can say that. I will make sure to send my thanks in way of gifts to Celestia. So, what exactly you wanna see first? or where in equestria you wanna look at first?" he asked as he looked at him.
  7. nope, all those that would count stayed in DA, that I left years ago
  8. Don't know the reason to compare the two that are quite different villians and Sauron is basically a god, if not a entity that comes from the begining of time.
  9. - World of Warcraft - Legacy of Kain - Tolkien - The Godfather - Mafia - Doom - RWBY (though I'm hatting the latest seasons) - Genshin Impact - MTG - One Piece - Mushoku Tensei - Star Wars - Batman - Assassin's Creed
  10. genshin impact, IDK why but I just can´t seem to advance on it, even with all the waifu material there
  11. happens the same to me, but more often than not I end up talking to myself...like I'm trying to impress myself somehow
  12. On the Airship bound to Equestira, Sherem spend his time mostly looking at the empty sky and the ground they overflew. Thinking processiong all that happened in Archback, he cearly still after months could not process well the matter that he got Rid of Sheoreth, at least for now. When the next resealing came, he feared the worst. It was in his nature to be like this, always thinking something bad is gonna happen. not realizing he was speaking to himself outloud he said "and here I thought I was going to come back in the winter by foot and flying" he said.
  13. Sherem with a slight smile said "oh don't expect a lot of the empire though" he chuckled "compared to archback I fear you will find the empire dull" he got his things ready and soon the airship baloon was ready to take them to Equestria, and formaly enough as Midnight left there was a line of servants and other ponies and creatures of the castle ready to bid a good journey to their lord. Sherem could not help but chuckle a bit more seeing how they made this hole number for Midnight alone and Followed behind.
  14. (me too) I would like for you to be keep the positive attiude more than I My lord. Is all for the cause of making the relationship between Archback and their allies more friendly with Equestria and such is a monumental task. And Also I have to Show you on the crystal empire to fufill my own end of the exhchange. so Yeah you could say we are gonna see things in a new light from now on, I just pray you will find it to your liking" he said as he sighed but with a smile.
  15. Trying to vector a new Sword for Sherem (yet again) to make it more "Original" so to speak...now the matter is the filling and the color scheme itself.



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