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  1. Sherem nodded at Magpie and said "yes they reached an agreement, and hopefully things won't escalate to a bad level my lady" he said as he signaled her to lead the way to Moondancer "so my lady, what advice can you give me for meeting Lady Moondancer" he asked as he walked behind her as Magpie lead the way he was nervous to meet one the children of Luna and Midnight, but he needed all the help he could get. -room- "and what would the representatives would like to talk about? I'm willing to take steps to improve relations between the kingdoms, but I need to know what will be facing in this occasion" she asked respectfully looking at Midnight and Sir
  2. "oh yea, the exchange program, that is how I found out where he went after the attack on canterlot" she said and then she though for a while "I see no harm to give him time here, this is a choice he made for himself, one of the very few he dares to make, but now that Sheoreth is contained I think that can now change and he can heal a bit more" she said warmly now in her tone of voice. Sherem bowed to her and said "thank you your highness for allowing me this" then Celestia replied "you are still on a leave for the overwork you did around the guard, so I see no harm." then she turned formal again and asked "now what is this about other dignitaries wanting to meet whit me?" she asked. Then Sherem said "I think this is a more private matter for Prncess Celestia, I think I should leave you for this discussion now" he suggested at the presents on the table
  3. Celestia would look at them and said "well there is this mater of Sherem being part of the kingdom of Archback. Does this mean he is to leave his post as Vice captain of The solar guard?" she asked now on a more diplomatic tone at Sir and Midnight. Sherem was about to speak, but then he stopped himself and let the bigger authorities discuss first, for he knew that was not how the agreement was.
  4. Sherem would Step back and closed his eyes ending the spell connection with the table and looked at his superiors knowing Sheoreth was contained inside his mind. Then he aproached them and said "I believe this is proof enough, your majesty" he said at Celestia. Then Celestia would ponder about this for a while before saying "indeed, it does. I apologize for the coldness of my words. But I had to be completely sure the prision was complete or at least strong enough to keep the umbrum at bay" Sheoreth on the other hoof would then resign to be in the prison that was made for him, but he knew that in time he would be able to fully corrupt the crystal and make his release complete, but this would take time. (on your first quote of the previous comment I think you wanted to write something but it doesn't appear)
  5. Celestia though it for a while "and you said this prison has to be rejuvenated, or restored, correct? how often must the process of renovation must be?" -inside the mind- Sherem looked at Sheoreth and Sheoreth stared back and banged his body against the wall, and soon they saw eye to eye where Sheoreht say "enjoy these moments of freedom for I will return! and you know it. I fought over 1000 years for this and nopony, not you nor celestia nor Sir WILL STOP ME AND DENY MY WILL!" then Sherem replied "no, the thing that you don't understand is, you where never meant to be. No matter how powerful how old you be" Sheoreth's eyes narrowed and said to him "cling to hope all you want, but I will have my body again. I might not be able to haunt your dreams or your thoughts, for now. But when this little plan fails like all you have done in your entire life. You will sucumb to madness and I the shivering isles will claim your head as well as mine and the shadows shall raise to cover this kingdom of light into MY PLAYGROUND!" he said
  6. Sherem would say "don't worry honorable guard, I have not come to interrupt your duty. I have come to make sure and to see the monster you guard is still in custody. For the sake of us all" he said as he would speak to other ponies in his care while he acts as the Vice-captain. Sheoreth on the other hoof would scream in rage and bang against the walls of his prison and yelled "YOU BASTARDS WILL ALL DROWN IN YOUR OWN BLOOD WHEN I'M OUT OF HERE!! AND I WILL TURN YOUR HIDES INTO A HAT! oh one of those arrow catchers, I love those hats!" he was clearly more mad than before Sherem would simple glance at it. -back at the room- Celestia observed the magical properties of the prison and said "this seems strong to hold him, but I must ask how did you got to emulate the magical properties of an umbrum crystal? that is one component we could not get to complete the prison"
  7. did some rps in group with her...but never resulted in something substantial tbh
  8. Celestia would nod "yes that would be proof enough, as long is safe for everypony in the room and around it" she was still shocked that Sherem came out of that cocoon of depression, but she could still felt that something was bothering him deeply. But for the sake of the reunion she remained this fact into her own mind. Sherem nodded and said "since this all is agreeable for all, I suggest we proceed immediately" he stood up form his chair and got to the other side of the table, in this position his superiors would have more use of the room for any spell they want to use for this process -In the mind- Sheoreth was way to far away to even thinking of escaping and he lay down in the darkness of the prison, first getting consumed by his madness and anger to lost to Sir. But he would not give up easily as he banged against anything he could find, slowly and angrily at it.
  9. Then sherem said "well if I may interject" he said with a formal tone "there is a way to check on the state of the sealing without risking opening it and showing the "unwanted host" inside my head" then looked at Midnight "we can check on it by using my horn as an conduit to my subconscious and using a spell that would transform what I see in my mind would give princess Celestia proof of the sealing. And if you agree with it, Your grace, my lord you can explain the complete process in detail of the sealing" Celestia was bit taken aback, this was the first time she heard Sherem say something without giving formal permission or somepony asked him , of course this was not because she had some hold on him or that he was forbidden to speak in her presence, it was just surprising to see speak on his own will, but before giving her opinion she waited for Midnight and Sir to give their thoughts about sherem's idea.
  10. Celestia adopted a more cold demeanor but keeping respect in her words "after the empire was freed we did managed to seal a bit of Sheoreth inside Sherem, the problem was that we didn't had any other way to complete the seal due to our lack of knowledge of Shadow ponies. But my guess would be that you know more than us in Canterlot" then she said "I will need proof that the prison is indeed made inside the mind of the Vice-captain Sherem. As you rightfully pointed Sheoreth is dangerous, even yet a dangerous umbrum, to all of equestria" Sherem nodded but remained silent to the hole matter after after his first statement and looked at Midnight and Sir, and then turn his attention to the map
  11. Celestia would take her place on the table and for the first time in a long time Celestia looked with Midnight and Sir and she said "Gentlecolts" she nodded "it's being a long time since last we met" she looked at the documents on the table "Let me start by saying, thank you for keeping my Vice Captain safe despite all the the problems his...other self had caused" she had courteous smile on her face. Sherem looked at Celestia and said "thank you for coming your highness" he then looked at Sir "your grace, please let us proceed with the meeting" he asked humbly at Sir "and let me get me to say, I will agree as knight of Archback and guard of Equestira to any agreements that come in this reunion" he said
  12. Sherem finished his breakfast and left the plate on the window and then thanked the cook mare with a "thank you for the breakfast" and small bow, it was clear that he was too stuck up into matters of etiquete. Then he looked at Midnight and said "of course my lord, let us meet princess Celestia" he sighed but with a light smile and he followed him as close as he could and arranged himself as best as he could. Sherem replied to his question saying "this was when the two sisters came to the empire, 1000 years ago to free it form the tyranny of Sombra, they fought him and Sheoreth as well, it was then that I was sealed away with the empire" -Celestia- "We all thank you for your kindness Ambassador Magpie" she bowed slightly to her as a sing of respect and the guards also bowed to her in gratitude, then only 3 of her guards accompanied her and the escort of Ambassador Magpie to the meeting "I understand the situation as well, we both want this matter settled quickly. Now that you are present here, would you give me in detail the matter of what happened with My Vice-captain and the damages that he might have caused, of course not that he did it intentionally"
  13. (ah no...what Meant was the stool that the window would have so he could put the plate and the drink, since this would be the same window that Sherem spoke with the cooking mare I imagine it would have some kind of stool where she put any cakes, bread, or likeness to cool down with the air, and Sherem would remain on the outside of the kitchen while speaking to the mare that was inside of the kitchen) Sherem sighed as he took another bite and said "as long as all of us keep an open mind all should go without trouble, but one thing you must know is that She and Princess Luna have some serious issues with Sheoreth, I didn't mention this before but in the past Sheoreth managed to go against both of them while they were also taking down Sombra. Of course he lost, but part of the matter was luck" he said -Celestia- She nodded and said "don't worry, my royal guard will stay with the airship, we will depart as soon as businesses here are done, they will escort me during the day routine, but the airship will be where they rest. I hope this won't be a problem at all" she smiled warmly at the mare
  14. Sherem took the chance to have a breakfast outside and use the window as a table as long as the baking mare din't had any problem with it he just took his time. But another part of him knew he had to rush, meeting Celestia was something important, with or without the matter of Sheoreth to deal with. But as soon as he took the first bite he got submerged on the nostalgia of his home, he could see his younger self, the memory of his mother doing bread like this and even his father calling him "wussy" was nostalgic. He laughed a bit, softly, and sit on the grass near the window and looked at the sky. He started to match the shapes of the clouds with things he knew, like he was somewhat of a colt again. -Celestia- Celestia had all the papers in order and as they landed, she was wary in her mind. This was a kingdom that was founded by those that were slaves under her rule, even if she didn't want it that way. She also knew that Archback was out of those days as well, but Sir and Midnight would not forget. That cloud loomed over her and this kingdom somehow, but she didn't feel any against anypony in Archback, but she knew she was afraid that somepony here besides those two, hold something against her.
  15. Shierem smiled and sighed relieved that she let it slide and that she was offering some of that bread "I would love to have blueberries with it, coming form a snow covered region of equestria, I'm most familiar with it and the smell, reminded me of home, I can tell you put care and work on that Bach of bread" he looked at the mare and then said "oh but I'm forgetting my manners, Sherem, recently appointed Knight of Archback" he bowed a little form the other side of the window. -Celestia- She gave permission for them to be boarded and got her guard ready to receive the authorities of Archback on her ship. She stood on the other side of the gankplank and waited for the ponies that would come to speak. Hopefully this would be over quick and there was no inconveniences for any party. But she still was on a hurry to see what happened to Sherem. (sorry I took So long, Things are only getting worse here with the pandemic)