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  1. Sherem got away from the door and ran back to see what he could find on the vice-principal's office. But now he had proof. One this school was not as it seemed, and that there was plan for the students that were here. Or that the head of this school was crazy and was putting everybody here at risk. But this was not enough, he had to get more, as he ran his head started to hurt and ad he run he felt to the ground and he heard him Sheoreth: *IHH* Come on, let me out. You know I will make anybody talk Sherem: NOT NOW!!! LEAVE IT BE!
  2. Sherem kept listening at the office of the principal, he could hear Heart Star, but he could not see, he was getting ready for trouble Sherem: *IHH* what are you hiding here Heart Star, there is more to this festival that it seems
  3. Seeing this, Sherem left his vigilance of the Vice-principal and eavesdropped on the office of the principal, trying to make sense of what was going on inside there.
  4. Meanwhile, Sherem who had separated from the group, just followed the vice principal, tailing him wherever he went, discreetly. He was not sure of who he could trust around here. With the attack and the awkward lunch something in the ambiance had changed, and not for the better. Sheoreth: *IHH* oh just let me out wussy, I will be more useful than you here, because you know we will have to split some heads soon
  5. Sherem: A spirit? I mean after The friendship Games I'm not skeptical about magic and all that mumbo jumbo. But a spirit and Why here? Sherem looked around and made sure nothing out of the ordinary was at large Sheoreth: *IHH* something is out to get ya WUSSY!
  6. Sherem came running after hearing all the ruckus and asked Sherem: what the hell happened? is everybody okay, and I swear to my gods if you are pulling a Prank I'm gonna kick you all! Sheoreth: *IHH* I can feel something around them, something that was unsettling, and this made him smile inside (IHH = Inside his head)
  7. Sherem worked on the wall ad Hear star asked, but her recent attitude raised even more flags. This gave more fuel to his suspicions on the principal and vice principal they where up to something, and he would be determined to finding out what it is. something big was about to go down, and it was nothing good by the looks of it.
  8. He pointed at the bus of Sire's Hollow Academy that was letting their passengers off
  9. I don't think she had all the materials at hand, considering they went to the library to get them
  10. I think not...since, it seemed that all went to the library and got back so even Conch can decorate.
  11. From the shadows Sheoreth appeared and sit on the chair as he smiled, confident he said "so simple you are, and yet you might do, what you fail to realize is that I am madness itself. I am a part of you, little one. I am a little shadow in your subconscious, a blemish on your fragile little psyche. You know me. You just don't know it" As he put himself comfortable he said "you can skip all the parts and logic out the window. Whatever your "king" thinks he can do to convince me to leave my body will be a waste of time. Now if there are introductions to be made You can call me Ann Marie. But only if you're partial to being flayed alive and having an angry immortal skip rope with your entrails. If not, then call me Sheoreth, Charmed" "Now, nothing I say will come for free, soon every scrap of information I give you will have a price. Every letter, every word I utter will be charged with a piece of your sanity. Like I told your king. Everypony plays my game willing or not" he was even more confident now
  12. Sherem took two boxes, that were heavy, one on top of the other. His athletic background helped him for this. Sherem: most of us on the prep are happy that some of this stuff mantains, it keeps us...on our toes you can say. Besides it's important to have as many connections as former principal Cinch used to have, for the good of the students as the school as a whole. As painful as that is to admit They took the things back at the fountain and begin to decorate. Sherem saw the bus that just arrived he read something on the side of that bus that was "Sire's Hollow Academy", and then saw them get off the bus seeing a new school coming for the festival and Ask. Sherem: Hey I gotta ask everybody here...was there another school joining us? has anybody heard of this "Sire's Hollow Academy" before. he then turned to look at Heart Star and said Sherem: "hey Boss, any idea of all of this?" he said as he spined his finger in the air
  13. Sherem: it has been a while since the principal changed, but some stuff remain. And to be honest, principal Cadence is the best that has happened to Crystal Prep. The name Spectrum rings some bells, but I'm having a hard time remembering or putting my finger on it. Never mind that, so I have to ask is there a basketball contest? He then again smiled at her, softly. But as well, gave some looks at Dynamo and Conch so they would be alert. Clearly something was off and it was better that nobody got into trouble or hurt. But on the other hand Sheoreth, was waiting for a moment to slip by and take control of the body.
  14. Sherem was still at odds with the situation, but he said Sherem: I'm just gonna guess that you saw something more of your liking here in this school, Crystal prep can still be...quite strict and overwhelming at times. he gave a soft smile at Heart Star
  15. Sherem was surprised to hear this Sherem: oh! is that so? odd we never met on those times, I have been on Crystal prep basically all my life. May I ask you what made you decide to leave Crystal Prep?
  16. Following them, Sherem also went and said Sherem: I'm interested into hearing that as well, do tell us he decided to walk by the left side of her and as they walked he kept his hands behind his back
  17. Sherem raises his hand and says Sherem: I'll go with you, better you have somebody to carry things around
  18. Then some flags were raised on his head, the way she said it was clear she was hiding something, but for now it would be better to play along and don't make any accusations with no proof but it was clear something odd was going to happen now. inside his head Sheoreth laughed and even enjoyed the idea of killing somebody here and said Sheoreth: and like that this girl has my attention
  19. Sherem just nodded and gave a slightly smile and says Sherem: okay, then we head to the fountain to work then he went ahead first thinking what will the work be about, but also wondering what is about the "competitions"
  20. Sherem looked at everybody and said Sherem: Vote to go first with the stage, will give time as well to work on the sound as well, whats the rest opinion? Sheoreth: inside the head said "oh acting like a "leadder" how cute, you know you just suck wussy!" Sherem proceeded to slightly hit the back of his head
  21. Heaven: anything I want it to be Hell: hey Alighieri's idea works a lot for me
  22. Sheoreth smiled and showed more painful memories to Slend, but he secretly went into their minds as well and said "study all you want, the deeper you go into the wussy's head, the more I bury myself inside of you and even you will come to drink with me in the side of mania of this world" He kept going inside them until he could reach a core of some kind inside of Slend to mold into his will, having an "assistant" would prove useful here in unknown territory
  23. Sherem looked at the rest of his group and said Sherem: is anybody as well having odd feelings about all this or am I just being paranoid right now? Sheoreth: inside the mind of Sherem said "seems we are stuck up with a bunch of weirdos right now" between his teeth he said in a low tone Sherem: shut...up...
  24. "Awww, you are playing coy. How quaint, but the your error is to think you have any control in here" he also turned into shadows and entangled himself on the orb not letting it move around "here we play by my rules" he took them instead to the memories of the torture of Sherem by the hooves of Sombra They first saw how needles where inserted all over his body for blood samples all over his body, then it would take to magic beams that would put on the test the stamina against magic that would basically feel like knives
  25. Sherem: oh, oh! woah! well this was something unexpected.... am Sherem, Crystal prep and member of the student council great to meet you all. Let me see if I got your names right he looked first at Conch and said Sherem: Conch Shell? he then looked at Dynamo and said Sherem: Dynamo pad? and then he looked at the pink hair boy and the brown hair girl... Sherem: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm afraid I at least didn't catch both your names, unless his name is "Poyo"?