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  1. Being a really really big of a depressive bastard
  2. I mean she hasn't responded yet so...I wanna see her development a bit more before I make more plays
  3. Rainbow "She didn't went to details, but she had a recurring nightmare of a seas but that's all she spoke about and that sheoreth is kicking around more often and we didn't notice" soon Sherem took her to his car and kissed her head and got on the wheel quickly to guide them to his house
  4. "No babe, I really wish I could but I have no idea, better you rest. My parents are on a trip and my house is the nearest and empty, all of you are welcome there if you help me take care of Nikita" he asked carrying her In his arms like a princess
  5. I will wait for emerald, since she is the core of this situation at play right now
  6. He touched her head and asked the girls "what's wrong with her?" He asked clearly concerned for his girlfriend and love but inside his head Sheoreth thanks to the magic power he got he felt something more inside her and said "Well this is an interesting development" as he had more twisted thoughts
  7. Sherem Saw that but he was in no position to help her right now since he had the concert to concentrate, but the girls would take care of her, after the concert Sherem got his pay and said to flash "as for the favor, ask atom that he should bring his special equipment for rheas day of school" then he ran to see how Nikita was doing
  8. With more passion he sang standing in front of the crowd but also keeping the melancholy tone for the song. They finished the song and soon flash was thanking the audience for coming and that they would enjoy the show and getting ready for the next song and then inside his head sheoreth saw Nikita and felt something inside her, something different. And they next song start being Remedy by Seether
  9. Hearing her voice he got even happier as he sang, the first song was done and the classic music club took a break as the boys where getting ready, the crowd cheered and applaud at them and the next song was Time by hootie and the blowfish
  10. They start the first song being November rain of the guns and roses Sherem making the voice and piano parts along with some of the classic music club that would help them with the classical instruments
  11. Rainbow "has his other side Poping out again? How did we not felt it?" Meanwhile Sherem was getting ready and Flash asked him "you ready we are about to start" Sherem nodded and changed to a new look with a back jacket and sit on the chair in front of the piano
  12. Rainbow saw her and asked "hey Nikita you look terrible? What's happening?" She sit by her side. Meanwhile Sherem was behind the stage with the band as he peeks on the crowd if the local and he sees Nikita "I can't believe she came" he has really happy though he hid it from the rest
  13. soon she would wake up and find herself on her bed at 7:00 am, Sherem would be already changed and ready for school, the week went by like normal, but and that same dream and sheoreth would pop out every day as well, finally learning how to hide his magic presence from the rainbooms and taunting Sherem and Nikita alike but Sherem would regain control soon the weekend would arrive as well as the concert
  14. As he fell deeply into the sea and was underwater he open is eyes to reveal Sheoreth's eyes and a cold stare from him to her as he went deeply and deeply into the sea, just coldly staring at her with those sharp irises and yellow with black
  15. Sherem falls asleep trying ignore the comments of Sheoreth. When Nikita fell asleep her dream was of her falling to a great blue sea from the sky and as she fell from the sky into the see, on the surface she could see Sherem drowning slowly into the sea with his eyes closed
  16. He giggled and said "well it's getting late I wanted to keep going but I have to get early tomorrow, sleep well for me and rest well babe" he sited on his be ready to sleep "I love you lots Niki And I'm sure I'll be dreaming about you"
  17. He smiled as Sheoreth keep taunting him from the mirror and then Sherem said "why not go with them though?" He asked and Sheoreth said "Just remember to use condoms ya wussy!" Sherem went away from the mirror to concentrate on his girlfriend "and how you doing right now?"
  18. He walked around and stand in front of his morrow and Sheoreth was waiting for him to taunt him more "oh it was hard alright, I was just calling to hear how were you doing and to give you that call you asked, you okay" from the mirror and only Sherem could hear him Sheoreth said "how long your libido can hold on, how long untill you pounce on her and she hates you for trying? Oh I'm looking forward to see the day she stars to hate you hard" he laughed
  19. He smiled at her and and drove her to the boutique whit the directions Rainbow sent in a message and soon they arrive and he help her carry out her thing and gave her a goodbye kiss before leaving the place and going for the studio to to rehearse with Flash Sentry and his band, later that night after a shower he looked at his phone and called for the number of sunset hoping for Nikita to pick up
  20. As he took her to the car and put her heavier stuff on the back truck he kissed her deeply and almost make out with her while kissing her, he said "definitely babe" he then let her go and open the door for her to get in
  21. He pays for all her goods and keeps carrying her stuff and then Rainbow sent her a message at Sherem's phone saying that Sherem needed to drop her at Rarity's boutique for her to try more custom clothes "well I guess it's time to drop you at Rarity's now babe"
  22. *I still have to watch out to not eat too much babe" he giggled and held her by her hip with one arm, his fingers nearing one of his legs "allow me to pay for this now babe okay?" He asked as she kept picking her baked goods
  23. Sherem then held it as it hangs on her neck and said "that life might be over now, but I dear that the road from here gets even harder, hold on to this and the memories of your mother, and if you will have me along I will also help you on it"
  24. he smiled feeling happy she is working right down to get a permanent place in this world and then he thought of something and asked "tell me, was there something of value in your world? something of your mother perhaps? sorry if bring painful memories, but indulge me on this babe"