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  2. Gender Race

    963 same to you!
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  4. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Amanita: *smiles* Hi Sherem! Luna: Alright then. Ember: I’ll go see how the wounded are doing. Do you want to come with me, Princess Luna? Luna: Of course. It may provide moral support to them.
  5. Gender Race

  6. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Luna: Well... At least thou art getting married.. If we all survive... But, we must attempt to be more positive, or optimistic! But not to optimistic Ember: There we go. Amanita: *gets the children settled, then heads back*
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  8. Gender Race

    361hey Double!
  9. Okey-dokey all! I changed my profile pic and name!

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      ? I’ve only heard that nickname for an Anonymous user?

  10. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    (True, and thank you!) Luna: True. Ember: Maybe not. From how she looks, I don’t think she would risk the life of a child growing in her. Luna: Wait... That MARE WAS PREGNANT!? *high-pitched Alicorn noises*
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  12. Okay, I’m planning on making this my new profile pic, and yes, I do know it’s not colored, I don’t feel like coloring it at the moment, plus, I don’t have my colored pencils with me


  13. Gender Race

  14. Gender Race

  15. Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Luna: Alright, when will thou leaveth? And when dost thou plan on returning? (I keep switching between Luna’s normal speech pattern and how I normally talk ) Ember: Alright then, but I’m sure if Amanita was here, she would tell you “To be careful”, I’m fairly sure.