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  6. @Lady Moonspell *Starry hums a little and nods, smiling at Rayven* Sure, if you want to. *she stretches a bit, but doesn’t really move her wing so she doesn’t disturb the two still sleeping* *Dream’s fidgeting calms down a little, but his fingers still twitched, and looked as if he was writing something in his dream almost*
  7. @Lady Moonspell *Starry would let out a small hum, and opened an eye to look at her* Mmm... G’morning sweetheart. *Dream looks like he’s still asleep, he looks tired, and his hands and wings are twitching a little*
  8. @Lady Moonspell *Dream hesitantly gets in under the covers, still hiccuping a little* O-Ok... *he nods, and closes his eyes, curling up into a fetal position* *Starry looks at him with a little bit of concern, and strokes his mane carefully, curling around him a little, and covering all three of them up with one of her big wings*
  9. @Lady Moonspell *Starry looks over and opens an eye to see Dream, with tears in his eyes* Dream? Honey, what is it? I-I had another vision... *he stutters out and gives a hiccup* C’mere, I don’t think Rayven will mind. *she says, opening the covers so he could crawl in*
  10. @Lady Moonspell *she nuzzles back before falling into a light sleep, and is quite possibly the only one to hear the door open and hoofsteps walk towards the bed, and then a small tap on Starry’s shoulder* Hm?
  11. @Lady Moonspell *she smiles at her a little and cuddles into them both, trying to curl her body around them slightly* Love you, Rayven. *she whispers as she closes her eyes and lays her head down to sleep*
  12. @Lady Moonspell *she pats him gently, hoping to call him down and she nods, looking at Rayven* Shall we have our cuddles in here maybe? *she asks her with an eyebrow raised, she’s willing to give up alone time with her marefriend for her girl’s little brother, yes, yes she is.*
  13. @Lady Moonspell *she follows her in and looks at the drawings in surprise* What in the? *she goes over to Silver and hugs him as well* Are you alright Silver? What happened? *she asks him quietly as she strokes his mane softly*
  14. @Lady Moonspell (Oof, another name change uwu) Hmmm, the pillows in front of the fireplace sound a little warmer~ *she hears something as well and turns her head towards the noise, her ears flicking* Hmm?
  15. @Dream Walker At least she lets you make your own choices. *she look at her and then nods quickly* Heck yeah! Where to? *she says as she gives another nuzzle to Rayven’s neck and a kiss to it* Where is the fireplace?