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  1. Also, have the one I colored in from the picture I had taken
  2. Link to RP: Me and Sherem this is the OOC page so no role playing in this part(That’s mostly just a reminder for myself) Changed title
  3. Oh and here's the color pallet for Smelt (I did this drawing without taking a picture of one of my own drawings or using a base!! *le proud of self*) He's running towards something
  4. Amanita

    Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Amanita: *she smiles slightly and starts to fall asleep herself* Stannis: I'll have to talk to him about that... Maple: Will you? Forest: *notices one of her apples are missing* What the? Where'd my apple go?
  5. Link to OOC: (Same as the OOC but this is for roleplay) *Mirage and Amanita are slowly heading to Ponyville, Mirage leading Amanita by the hoof* Amanita: are we there yet Mirage? Mirage: no, not yet. But I think we’re close. I can smell love. And besides you need to eat. Amanita: so do you! Mirage: I can go without food longer than you. Besides you need it more than me.
  6. Amanita

    Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Forest: *she continues to eat her cheesy apple* Maple: Sadly, he hasn’t been eating any lately. He’s sent it all to the wounded, I’ve tried to get him to eat at least a little bit he won’t eat it. Ember: *she allows Thorax to have the DD with her* Amanita: *she smiles and kisses his cheek again* Thank you.
  7. Amanita

    Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Maple: *she shrugs* I didn't accidently attack anyone this time... Smelt: *he's still asleep* Ember: *she kisses him back* Amanita: *she nods* I hope so... Stannis: That's good. Has Sugar gotten any blood lately?
  8. Amanita

    Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Scarlet: *she grumbles a little and then goes to bed* Ember: *she lays her head on Thorax's shoulder* Amanita: Why? Are you sick? Maple: *she smiles* I know he is. Stannis: How was your recent transformation by the way, Maple?
  9. Amanita

    Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Ember: *she smiles and looks at him* Scarlet: *baby gibberish: “But they were spying on mom and dad!”* Amanita: *she looks at him with concern* Are you alright? Forest: Hey, this is my Mr. Snorey, Aunt Maple.
  10. Amanita

    Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Ember: *she looks up at him* W-Wait... Could... Could you stay with me? Please? Scarlet: *she yelps in surprise* Amanita: *she lays her head on his back, still mindful of his wounds and continues to hum* Stannis: Ah.
  11. Amanita

    Open Moonbutt's Granddaughter

    @Scarlet Rose *Dream looks up* Really? Should we get our stuff? *Starry seems to think* Probably just our personal belongings. Ok? *Dream nods and goes back in to get the pictures and other things*
  12. Amanita

    Open Moonbutt's Granddaughter

    @Scarlet Rose Probably... And hey Dream. As you know, this is Princess Rayven. And she says that we're going to be living in the castle now. *the colt looks to her and now recognizes her, and bows* Oh, thank you Princess...
  13. Amanita

    Open Moonbutt's Granddaughter

    @Scarlet Rose Thanks. *she smiles and starts flying towards the city and towards a homey looking house* Here it is. *she goes to knock on the door, but its opened before she can by a thestral colt* Where have you been?
  14. Amanita

    Open Moonbutt's Granddaughter

    @Scarlet Rose Alright, and yes, if at all possible I'd like someone to pick him up.... He'll probably be a little worried... *she smiles slightly* Would it be alright if I picked him up though? He might think something bad has happened to me if someone else does.
  15. Amanita

    Open Moonbutt's Granddaughter

    @Scarlet Rose *Starry nods and starts flying towards the castle, but glances to find if they had stayed moments longer, there would’ve been a fight* Alright, and yeah, since you’re still underage. But I’m glad we left when we did.
  16. Amanita

    Open Moonbutt's Granddaughter

    @Scarlet Rose *Starry nods and stands before spreading her wings* Yeah, the sooner the better... And they may have caught it already, but they won’t catch us while we’re in the air. *she takes off into the air and waits for Rayven*
  17. Amanita

    OOC Moonbutt's Granddaughter

    @Scarlet Rose That’s great!
  18. Amanita

    Open Moonbutt's Granddaughter

    @Scarlet Rose *Starry’s ears twitch as she hears the howls of a Timberwolf off in the distance* It probably will be much safer, come on. *she says, helping Rayven get up before she gets up herself*
  19. Amanita

    Open Moonbutt's Granddaughter

    @Scarlet Rose *she smiles down at Rayven* You look cute in my jacket. Alright then, do you want to go now or do you wanna keep stargazing for a little bit longer? *she asks, nuzzling and nuzzling Rayven’s neck gently*
  20. Amanita

    Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Ember: *she sits and groans looking flustered with her face in her talons and blushing immensely* Amanita: *she smiles and hums* Maple: Oh nothing, just Mr. Snorey over there. *she says, smiling a little* Meadow: *she smiles*
  21. Amanita

    Open Moonbutt's Granddaughter

    @Scarlet Rose *she raises an eyebrow and takes off her jacket to give to her marefriend* Here, you can use my jacket. *she smiles and snuggles with her* Maybe, but won’t your parents be a bit suspicious?
  22. Amanita

    Starlight Glimmer vs. Mesme Rize

    Weelll, is you of course @Mesme Rize! I have nothing against Starlight, but it looks like you are much more professional than her!
  23. Amanita

    Private Me and Sherem (1x1)

    Scarlet: *she continues to growl at the dragons and changelings* *the dragons and changelings still there start running* Amanita: *she laughs* Maybe. Or maybe they want to get out of there already? Stannis: What are you laughing at?
  24. Amanita

    Open Moonbutt's Granddaughter

    @Scarlet Rose *Starry smiles and hugs her close to her chest, although her scars make for a bit of a rough surface on one side* Why thank you. *she hums a random tune and looks at her* You sure you aren’t cold?
  25. Amanita

    The Cutest Couple Contest

    Darn it and right after I voted! Oof!