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  1. Hey everyone! I won't be as active (which I really haven't been, and I'm sorry about that ^^) but, since it's summer I won't be active even more. But I'll still get on every now and then oof

    1. Sherem


      Never mind, I will still miss you lots...and being here on my own...after all I cannot RP anymore or make news anymore.

  2. @Lady Moonspell *Starry hums a little and nods, smiling at Rayven* Sure, if you want to. *she stretches a bit, but doesn’t really move her wing so she doesn’t disturb the two still sleeping* *Dream’s fidgeting calms down a little, but his fingers still twitched, and looked as if he was writing something in his dream almost*
  3. @Lady Moonspell *Starry would let out a small hum, and opened an eye to look at her* Mmm... G’morning sweetheart. *Dream looks like he’s still asleep, he looks tired, and his hands and wings are twitching a little*
  4. @Lady Moonspell *Dream hesitantly gets in under the covers, still hiccuping a little* O-Ok... *he nods, and closes his eyes, curling up into a fetal position* *Starry looks at him with a little bit of concern, and strokes his mane carefully, curling around him a little, and covering all three of them up with one of her big wings*
  5. @Lady Moonspell *Starry looks over and opens an eye to see Dream, with tears in his eyes* Dream? Honey, what is it? I-I had another vision... *he stutters out and gives a hiccup* C’mere, I don’t think Rayven will mind. *she says, opening the covers so he could crawl in*
  6. @Lady Moonspell *she nuzzles back before falling into a light sleep, and is quite possibly the only one to hear the door open and hoofsteps walk towards the bed, and then a small tap on Starry’s shoulder* Hm?
  7. @Lady Moonspell *she smiles at her a little and cuddles into them both, trying to curl her body around them slightly* Love you, Rayven. *she whispers as she closes her eyes and lays her head down to sleep*
  8. @Lady Moonspell *she pats him gently, hoping to call him down and she nods, looking at Rayven* Shall we have our cuddles in here maybe? *she asks her with an eyebrow raised, she’s willing to give up alone time with her marefriend for her girl’s little brother, yes, yes she is.*
  9. @Lady Moonspell *she follows her in and looks at the drawings in surprise* What in the? *she goes over to Silver and hugs him as well* Are you alright Silver? What happened? *she asks him quietly as she strokes his mane softly*
  10. @Lady Moonspell (Oof, another name change uwu) Hmmm, the pillows in front of the fireplace sound a little warmer~ *she hears something as well and turns her head towards the noise, her ears flicking* Hmm?
  11. @Dream Walker At least she lets you make your own choices. *she look at her and then nods quickly* Heck yeah! Where to? *she says as she gives another nuzzle to Rayven’s neck and a kiss to it* Where is the fireplace?
  12. @Dream Walker *she takes the beer and opens it, taking a small sip* Well, at least she lets you make your own choices. *she says, with a small smile and a nuzzle to Rayven’s neck* Thank you dear. *she hums out*
  13. @Dream Walker *she chuckles some more and follows her in* It’s actually just a regular old beer. What does your mom think about it? *she asks as she leans against a counter slightly, with a leg raised a little*
  14. @Dream Walker You do? And yes, that one I will take. *she says, smiling at her, with a chuckle escaping his lips* And I bet he wasn’t too happy. My dad wasn’t too happy when he found out I was drinking.
  15. @Dream Walker *she follows her, with a small smile* Really? Well, if I ever become a smoker, I’ll at least know I’ll be able to there, huh? But thankfully I don’t smoke. *she chuckles a little as she walks with Rayven*
  16. @Dream Walker *she chuckles* And I bet I will too. *she grabs her own clean clothes, putting them on before drying her mane and tail a little so it doesn’t drip everywhere, and then brushes them, then finishes drying them with a hairdryer*
  17. @Dream Walker *she smiles and blushes* And you’re cute with you’re fur all fluffed up like that. *she chuckles as she shakes her own fur out a little, floofing up a little and then drying off with a towel, kissing her back*
  18. @Dream Walker (I was very confused at first, I kept trying to tag you as Scarlet Rose at first XD, but it looks awesome!) That’s true. *she smiles at her, and then goes to step out of the shower*
  19. @Dream Walker *she does the same with her own fur, mane and tail* Really? I guess I keep forgetting how big the castle is, and that you guys can have a crap ton of fireplaces. *she looks at her with a smile*
  20. @Scarlet Rose I agree completely~ *she smiles as she washes her own body, and her ears prick up at the mention of snuggling* Mm, that sounds nice. *she smiles a little at Rayven* But... Where even is the fireplace?
  21. @Scarlet Rose *she hums in approval before having it washed off of her back with the water, smiling* That felt nice~. *she smiles at her and kisses her cheek before taking another sponge for herself*
  22. @Scarlet Rose *she nods in agreement* That would be nice... *she steps aside so that the water can reach Rayven’s wings* Now, can you wash mine and my back, please? *she asks, smiling at her once the soap is off of her wings*
  23. @Scarlet Rose *she nods* I know, but I need to look after you as well. And I hope he does as well. *she smiles and nuzzles back gently* Hopefully his visions calm down a bit and hold some good news for the future...
  24. *she nods as she gently washes Rayven’s wings* I understand. But you’ll need some love and attention too, hun. Don’t forget that, ok? And I’ll be here for you. *she says, kissing her neck gently and smiling*
  25. @Scarlet Rose *she grins as she grabs the bottle before setting aside, as she finishes with her back and rinses out the sponge, before putting the leather shampoo on it and begins to wash Rayven’s wings* Mm... Glad you liked it.