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  1. Happy birthday, my friend! :pinkie: I hope you have an awesome day! B)

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Happy Birthday mine friend! :yay:  I hope you're doing well out there :squee:

    MLP Birthday of Luna by 0Bluse on DeviantArt

  4. Happy birthday, my friend! :pinkie: May your day be an awesome one! B)

  5. Quack. :P

    1. Prometheus


      Well, well, well... Look who's back! Gotta give you points for such a meaningful return message. :laugh:

    2. Tacodidra


      Welcome back, my friend! :yay:

  6. Happy birthday friend! I hope you have a wonderful day and eat tons of cake!


  7. Happy birthday!!! :blue_baloon::ticking:

  8. Happy Birthday, lad! :mlp_smug:

  9. Happy birthday! :balloon: :yay:

  10. Merry Birthiversary! 

  11. Happy birthday, my friend! :pinkie: May it be an awesome one! B)

  12. Hey buddy, sorry that I haven't been on for so long... :adorkable: Three months was a pretty long time... :sunny:

    But how have you been, man? Is everything going well lately? I hope it has! :fluttershy: Looking forward to seeing you again soon, I missed you, my friend! :squee:

  13. Yikes, I have some catching up to do. :mlp_please: Haven’t even watched all of season 8 yet, and the season 9 trailers are already starting. I’ll try to get on it soon but uhhhh...

    NO SPOILERS. :fabulous:


    Thank you. :mlp_yeehaa: 

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    2. Tacodidra


      Better hurry up then, my friend! :darling: I won't spoil anything, but if your experience is anything like mine, I'm sure you'll love season 8! :mlp_yay: I'm not exaggerating when I say it has some of my favorite episodes. :mlp_yeehaa:

    3. RainySky




      *boop* xD


    4. Rhythm Red

      Rhythm Red

      @Phosphor I’ve seen the movie, and I think it’s worth checking out, personally. :) As for the season 8 finale, I still have a little while before I can watch it. :laugh:

      @Tacodidra Now you’ve got me all hyped up, man. :D 

      @RainySky Darn. Ya got me. :P 

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