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  1. I may be in a bit of poor taste but i personally liked it.
  2. Kadeda

    Should Gay Ponies be allowed?

    I don't really care... just don't treat it as toxic like so many shows have done.
  3. Kadeda

    Is Celestia on death's door?

    No, I don't have any evidence. It doesn't really say either way except for the fact that Celestia is super old and looks really young. Just a different interpretation.
  4. Kadeda

    Is Celestia on death's door?

    I don't think so... i think they are biologically immortal once they become Alicorns. They can still be killed in regular ways.
  5. Kadeda

    I think the voice acting is getting awkward.

    I only noticed applejacks voice getting deeper.
  6. Kadeda

    How old is Spike really?

    Spike gotta be like late teens early twenties if twilight was like 8 when she hatched him. He doesn't even go to school so he has to be older than the CMCs by a bit. He's closer to Big Mac in age.
  7. Kadeda

    Goldie Delicious dillemma

    In MLP, mental disorders and cute quirks.
  8. Kadeda

    Scoring Each Season of Friendship Is Magic (Results)

    Nothing surprised me... that's basically how I would grade them I think. I will say season one is higher than expected by a bit... but it is season one. I thought season 6 might be higher... I actually enjoyed it. Season 8 is... a bit lowish as well. Basically... I think i like the show a lot more than the general population.
  9. Kadeda

    Your reaction if Season 10 was annouced?

    I would love it. Season 8 was good to me... especially towards the end. It's better than season 1,3, and possibly 6... maybe. Cozy Glow is a remarkable villain. It doesn't look like the quality is dwindling at all... so I hope the show go as long as possible. I am interested in G5 but... it has a lot to live up to. I know G4 is dope so... keep the train going I say.
  10. I have never stuck with a show that got rid of the main character, ever. It's a horrible idea in every situation... like harems.
  11. Twilight is basically a single mother... and has been since she was a filly. Despite that... she really didn't drop the ball when raising spike at all. He's a pretty cool guy. I don't think he "needs" a father figure but he wouldn't scoff at one. He seems pretty content with just Twilight.
  12. Kadeda

    Is Equestria in an Iron or Bronze age?

    They might have T.V. They do have movies.
  13. Kadeda

    Is Equestria in an Iron or Bronze age?

    It's modern... or at the very least 90' era with some things missing here and there. It's kinda like Naruto... they have t.v. and phones but not bullets and cars. It's near modern with a different focus on specific technology than our own world.
  14. Kadeda

    Have you ever cried during an episode?

    I only had a tear once... when i realized Grand Pear last words to his daughter was and his apology.
  15. I started last year after the deadpool Pinky Pie Deathbattle. I have watched nearly every episode... multiple times. These ponies have taken my soul and i don't think i'm ever going to get it back. My only hope is if G5 is trash...