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  1. 4 to 4.5 years can be done for the beginning of the show to Twilight's school... It's still squeezing and assuming we see everything but possible. As far as Twilight's school... It's been a long time. A few things points to a year... but if you include the time after season 8 to season 9... I would say near 2 years as the nine month mark happens before the hearts warming... and you have the hearts warming special. I think there was a clip of Fluttershy winning teacher of the month for like 19 months or something as well.
  2. Based on people that watch the show. Some even feel it's been 10 years but the most common time frame believed from my point of view is 7 or 8 years. That's just usually the answer I get. It's an opinion.
  3. Pinky finally met somepony that she couldn't stand... which was great imo.
  4. Any type of re ordering just opens up a can of worms. I believe it to be the case as I think that season 1 episode 3 happens after season 1 episode 4 but you're still trying to fit them into the smallest time frame available. It's been quite a few years... most feel it's about 7 or 8 which is reasonable. You say 4 and you have to do a lot of squeezing to get that to happen. Even at the beginning of season seven... Celestia mentions something like... "Here we are after all these years Twilight... (ehh, something about the beginning of the show.)" I don't think she would say that for like 2 or 3 years. That's something people say for like 5 years or more. Where ever you have them ordered... a significant amount of time passed between the first episode and the season 7 opening.
  5. I think there's been five of them seen on screen but more have been implied. In the season 8 one, the changeling kid mentioned that Twilight taught them Hearths Warming traditions last year. That would have have to happened after the season 6 episode because they were not good guys yet so that would imply that at least 2 years have passed between season 6 episode 8 and season 8 episode 15. I actually think it's more than two since nine months pass between season 8 episode 1 and season 8 episode 9 but there's no proof of that. If you add that to the special before season 9 and that's already at minimum 3 years.
  6. Season 5 - This season was just really well done in my opinion. It was so strong. Season 7 - Overall a very fun season with a lot of strong episodes. Season 4 - Hard decision between this one and 2. Both have some episodes that I would rather skip but i Have to give it to this season for some very high highs. Season 2 - This season really amped up the show. It would be hard to imagine season one and season two are only a year apart. Season 6 - Pretty solid, I know some people think it's the worst but I actually really like it. Starlight Glimmer reform didn't happen instantly which i'm glad then didn't do... and her character is still intact throughout. Season 8 - Pretty strong and consistent but I can't ignore the troublesome episodes. Season 1 - I feel that this probably isn't fair but it has the issue of being the first season. It's pretty good but the age of it's writing and ways shows as soon as season 2. Season 3 - I feel myself wanting to skip half the episodes in this season. I still like most of them to be fair. I have not finished season 9 quite yet but it's looking pretty strong so far. It will probably end up being number two or three with me... could even take season 5 spot.
  7. Four years is a bit to short if you consider how many Heartswarming Eves have happened.
  8. It was still pretty successful so I doubt that completely. I didn't even start watching the show till season 7. I think it's because they are excited for G5.
  9. Psh... now or at the beginning of the show? At the beginning of the show 8-10 years old. Now... like 17 or something.
  10. The thing is that it not being around 7-10 ish years doesn't make sense either. The only conflict is the CMC and the babies model design. Everything else in the later seasons show a large amount of time has passed.
  11. I think the main issue is that it was an episodic show... which limited what they could do to some extent. Going to these other places might lead to something else happening. It would have been cooler for her to visit these places but i think that they would need more than one episode to show an completed arc. I think that's the type of stuff they want to do with G5.
  12. I am learning that i am much more lenient than most you guys or something. Most of the episodes listed up here i liked.
  13. Oh yeah... I think Twilight is spikes mom (dad?)... with her magic working similar to (Family Friendly).
  14. Daybreaker caused Fallout: Equestria. Full Power, "I want to kill you." Twilight is the most powerful being on the show. Discord and Celestia ruled together for quite a while before getting tired of it and stopping him. That's really why Luna started to resent her... because she found out Celestia loved the chaos world. Celestia is not the benevolent being the show tries to paint her as. Starlight Glimmer is still a sociopath. Fluttershy is dangerously close to being one when angered. Pinky is a clone. Twilight may kill everyone if you move enough books out of order. Discord and Twilight are closer friends then either of them would like to admit.
  15. She been a main character since season 6. What show are you watching?
  16. Their jobs. They are more physical jobs. Rainbow dash and other Pegasus can be really strong as well.
  17. I don't think Super Strength is a earth pony thing... it's more of an... side effect.
  18. To be fair... the main 6 are a good deal above regular ponies. Rarity shooting beams isn't that weird when you consider that. With Trixie... she was always good with magic... just really impatient... then you got Starlight (Alicorn Tier Unicorn) teaching her so I can see her preforming very well. To be fair... I do agree that Unicorns have gotten more and more powerful over the years... especially the ones mentioned. Comparing season 1 Twilight who we are told is top tier in magic... to season 9 Starlight... or even Rarity. There's a huge distinction in power.
  19. I don't think it was ever implied that Daybreaker never existed. In fact, there was implication that she existed in the past before.
  20. I completely believe that it is Daybreaker. Biggest villain would be evil Celestia and the world looks scorched... like all life has been burned away. Tirek doesn't make sense because they showed Tirek timeline.
  21. I don't really have a problem with the episode. Is it really that big of a deal?
  22. That's an interesting theory... I was always of the opinion that she's always holding back. Daybreaker mention that Celestia never needed anyone help to do anything and she always holds back. Going with the seemingly "everything is a test" thing she likes to do... I think it holds some weight. I think it's asinine that there weren't any threats in a thousand years as well. Either way... i think Celestia chooses to be weaker than she actually is.
  23. No, it's not. Plenty of important positions are taken by males.
  24. Some weird mold between about the same and better in my opinion. It's hard to say honestly. The later seasons do have really cool things in them but pinky flanderization is a huge problem. I feel like she would have focused on not doing that.