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  1. I would rather have it be a 6 episode finale. Episode 21-22: Celestia and Luna reveal to Twilight that Cosmos, their brother (let's use the old movie plot) is awakening and that she needs to do something to stop him. In the meantime, she fights Grogar and Majesty but fails to stop Cosmos from waking up Episode 23-24: Cosmos returns and quickly dethrones Celestia and Luna after a long battle. Twilight attempts to fight him but her, Starlight, Trixie, Sunset, Spike, and the main six is defeated and forced to flee. Episode 25-26: The final showdown, Cosmos is defeated, show ends with a 1000 year old twilight closing a book sighing in memory and looking at the stars happily.
  2. also, this may be a bit self-promotion, but here is an RPG that I'm doing on the forums: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Conceptual_Evolution/topic/8176961/1/?x=90#new
  3. Skype Username is Tigerdovefan 34. Profile pic is of a tan and white cat with blue eyes.
  4. do you like to theorize how animals evolve? Do you enjoy shows such as "The Future is Wild" or book s like "After Man"? Well c'mon down to the speculative Evolution forums! here, we can discuss with other biologists and those who like to create an evolutionary scenario. We hope to see you soon! Link: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Conceptual_Evolution/index/ (basically this forum discusses an really interesting topic and I would like more people to come and enjoy it too)
  5. I could see something like the Graeae from Greek Mythology (though that would be too creepy for kids) or something like a moonpool from Warrior cats being utuilized by a villian like Tirek, Chrysalis, or Sombra
  6. LyraBon StarShy FlutterDash RariJack Twipie Twixie Octiscratch SugarMac LunaShy TwiShy That's to name a handful. I have tons.
  7. Maybe Bal Bal from the Phillipines, the Nanaue of Hawaii as it would be a great challenge for the mane six to defeat, the caladrius, the peryton, the enfield, the baku, and Erymanthian Boar
  8. Sure. Contacting me on Skype or Fimfiction could help in giving them as they are to be private. I go by the same name on both so it'll be easy to find me.
  9. Sure. Whatever characters you can do best. Send them at my email: fuss_andy@yahoo.com and I'll tell you when you are needed if I accept. Feel free to send bloopers too.
  10. By the goddesses, I can't believe no one has spoken about Obabscribbler, TheLostNarrator, or GuitiSeranade yet. (And Wuten, but he's clop. :P) they are some pretty great fanfic readers and No Place Like Home is very interesting thus far. Suffice to say, I am impatiently waiting for episode 3.
  11. So I would like to know if others are interested in being voice actors for me in fanfic readings and comic dubs. I'll promise to credit you in the description
  12. So here is a Fanfic reading of mine... sorry for my voice.
  13. I thank you, kind sir. It more of that site that I'm worried about though. They have been known to attack sites they dislike by sending multiple spam accounts all at once, which is quite unacceptable.