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  1. Sure @Lektra Bolt! I've just been put on the 7am - 5pm after Christmas/New Years shifts at work, and for anyone whose ever worked hospitality knows, it damn well kills you inside a little bit! Haha I'm still writing up the rp!
  2. HOOOO me too! I was Christmas host for my family this year, so I didnt expect the load of work I got! And now, I'm back to working almost full-time 7-5 days! I WILL be back soon though, and yes, still looking for players!
  3. Exciting! I'll post it tonight for feedback and tweaking!
  4. No rush, you can go over it tomorrow! I'd like the time to do a thorough job anyway!
  5. Awesome! I'll spend this afternoon doing an rp draft then? I'd love to see what character/s you plan on using!
  6. @WiiGuy2014 I'd like to write up a draft sometime today for the actual rp, would you be interested in going over it for me and seeing if it both makes sense, and is, well, decent? Since I haven't RP'd in a while, I realise I'm probably a bit rusty.
  7. Witch

    Kiss, Marry, Avoid the user above you?

    Kiss! Haha very cute avatar.
  8. @GoldieS yes definitely. I'd love to have this be an open RP, because I love big rps. @WiiGuy2014, @Techno Universal and @BlackShardNixium are you guys still keen?
  9. Witch

    Kiss, Marry, Avoid the user above you?

    Ooooooh kiss, such a pretty avatar!
  10. Witch

    Kiss, Marry, Avoid the user above you?

    Awwww Gideon! That's so nice!
  11. Witch

    Kiss, Marry, Avoid the user above you?

    Loving the username, marry!
  12. Witch

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    Not even mad
  13. But I didn’t order room service..
  14. Witch

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    I like his expression. 9/10
  15. Witch

    Your favourite...

    Romantic comedy count? If so, Love Actually. Favourite season?