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  1. Sure @Lektra Bolt! I've just been put on the 7am - 5pm after Christmas/New Years shifts at work, and for anyone whose ever worked hospitality knows, it damn well kills you inside a little bit! Haha I'm still writing up the rp!
  2. HOOOO me too! I was Christmas host for my family this year, so I didnt expect the load of work I got! And now, I'm back to working almost full-time 7-5 days! I WILL be back soon though, and yes, still looking for players!
  3. Hey there, nice to meet you! :flutterhat:

  4. Exciting! I'll post it tonight for feedback and tweaking!
  5. No rush, you can go over it tomorrow! I'd like the time to do a thorough job anyway!
  6. Awesome! I'll spend this afternoon doing an rp draft then? I'd love to see what character/s you plan on using!
  7. @WiiGuy2014 I'd like to write up a draft sometime today for the actual rp, would you be interested in going over it for me and seeing if it both makes sense, and is, well, decent? Since I haven't RP'd in a while, I realise I'm probably a bit rusty.
  8. Kiss! Haha very cute avatar.
  9. @GoldieS yes definitely. I'd love to have this be an open RP, because I love big rps. @WiiGuy2014, @Techno Universal and @BlackShardNixium are you guys still keen?
  10. Ooooooh kiss, such a pretty avatar!
  11. Awwww Gideon! That's so nice!
  12. Loving the username, marry!