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  1. Sure @Lektra Bolt! I've just been put on the 7am - 5pm after Christmas/New Years shifts at work, and for anyone whose ever worked hospitality knows, it damn well kills you inside a little bit! Haha I'm still writing up the rp!
  2. HOOOO me too! I was Christmas host for my family this year, so I didnt expect the load of work I got! And now, I'm back to working almost full-time 7-5 days! I WILL be back soon though, and yes, still looking for players!
  3. Exciting! I'll post it tonight for feedback and tweaking!
  4. No rush, you can go over it tomorrow! I'd like the time to do a thorough job anyway!
  5. Awesome! I'll spend this afternoon doing an rp draft then? I'd love to see what character/s you plan on using!
  6. @WiiGuy2014 I'd like to write up a draft sometime today for the actual rp, would you be interested in going over it for me and seeing if it both makes sense, and is, well, decent? Since I haven't RP'd in a while, I realise I'm probably a bit rusty.
  7. Kiss! Haha very cute avatar.
  8. @GoldieS yes definitely. I'd love to have this be an open RP, because I love big rps. @WiiGuy2014, @Techno Universal and @BlackShardNixium are you guys still keen?
  9. Ooooooh kiss, such a pretty avatar!
  10. Awwww Gideon! That's so nice!
  11. Loving the username, marry!
  12. Witch

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    I like his expression. 9/10
  13. Witch

    Your favourite...

    Romantic comedy count? If so, Love Actually. Favourite season?
  14. Witch

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    @Hieroklicious thanks! It’s actually just sun bleached because it’s so long, but I don’t mind it.
  15. Witch

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    It’s great putting faces to ponies! I guess after all my lurking I better contribute too. Taken at our family reunion earlier this year. Not super flattering because it was incredibly sunny and squinty, but I’d washed AND brushed my hair which always deserves to be commended in my opinion.
  16. Paying for everything in coins from my loose change jar! My regular cafe gave me a flat white on the house though, while I wait for my bank to open! 

  17. Aww thank you Wiiguy2014! Thats so sweet, I’ll say marry!
  18. Haven't been having the greatest day today, and felt like something light-hearted. I'm trying to make and maintain some actual friendships on here since I'm still fairly new to the mlp community!
  19. Garden variety straight girl, although now that I think about it, I do look at other women a lot. We're just so purdy and bouncy. Although to be fair, half the time its because I want to steal their cute outfit for myself. Has anyone fallen in love with someone via roleplay through their character? I had an odd dream that happened to me once and now I can't help but wonder if its possible.. anyway!
  20. Got to try out the G4 style in a quick sketch for the MLPArena pony calendar! A few months haven't submitted their work yet so I got to do this little piece as a back up! 

    christmas calendar pic.png

    1. Witch


      And as far as Pirr Honeyfur was concerned, that snowpony was ugly with or without the carrot! :twilightcutehat:


    2. Snow


      That is a very lovely piece, best of luck!

  21. Okay been figuring out some possible lore while I've been working! Firstly, let me do some OC character building: My Characters: Sabina is a Crystal Pony who originally came from the Crystal Empire, inheriting an old family trait which included an affinity for the mystical arts as well as rare, moving cutie marks that took on not only an abstract entity as their ponies' destiny markers, but as conscious entities to which their ponies' were able to interact with (similar to a Familiar). Sabina's family is the only documented lineage of ponies in existence to have this special cut
  22. Had $300 stolen from my bank account using my cc details, and they didn't even use it to buy something cool.. Hopefully my bank can refund before Christmas! Everyone, update your eBay, Paypal, email and bank services! And if you can, always choose a 2-step authentication process. This smarts a bit. ;) 

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    2. Witch


      You call your bank asap and they do it for you! I rarely buy online either so I thought I'd be less of a target. Guess not! Glad it wasn't thousands of dollars or anything. 

    3. Snow


      Agreed, though with the rarely buying online thing wouldn't it just be safer to not have an account with your card details saved to it? albeit less convenient regardless.

      Also, Australia as well, nice~ 

    4. Witch


      Yeah a lot of sites like eBay and Paypal have like a little box for 'add this to saved payment methods' that you have to unclick, rather than opt for. So it can be sneakily easy to have a saved card. I honestly had forgotten my card was on there from a previous purchase. I don't like to have saved payment method. I knew my card details off by heart anyway. Just a little thing that slipped my mind that ended crappily. Haha

      And hey, another aussie! Yesss! Where abouts?

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