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  1. I'm in love with Trixie Because she is best pony Of all the ponies I know she'll always still be She'll always be my number one, best pony <3
  2. Hi, I've been meaning to post here for a while, now I've gotten round it it. This is my main pony shelf. Some ponies / Equestria Girls lurk in this one too. My plushies and my waifu dakimakura [Trixie Lulamoon] go with me in my bed. It's like having a girlfriend, but without the commitment! - Grapefruit Face
  3. < Context
  4. Today we will be looking at a non-pony related person... but there's somethings about The Beatles who appeared in My Little Pony so there. I think this one's worse than the so-called "Rockstarcrossing (CG)" So we start out with this one. It is not too bad and just expresses an opinion. I think there not overrated just managed to sustain there popularity for over 50 years which is actually impressive. They also inspired many other bands. So basically without The Beatles my favorite bands would be very different. Also I am The Walrus and Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds are my jam. What happened in the 90's 1992 - I Can't Dance by Genesis & Kingdom of Desire by Toto 1994 - The Division Bell by Toto 1995 - Tambu by Toto 1997 - Toto XX by Toto 1999 - Mindfields by Toto Red Dwarf The invention of the world wide web Cable Televison allowing for much more variation of content (good or bad) Evolution of animated content thanks to cable allowing animation exclusive channels such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network You were saying? Why are you on a site like flipping DeviantArt then? Though this explains why he only has hateful stamps in his gallery? Without imagination we would not have sites like Deviant-Art, music, computers, stories. Our lives would be boring if we kept our imagination to our selves. So p**s of. I don't unless you are protecting your farm produce (chickens). Never... it's funny and pleases my autism. This artist does have a few things that I argree with Yeah , it reminds me of the early Let's Players like PewdiePie... it's pretty cringy but it seems to have been pushed to the side. Though if there done in a right way by a professional comedian in the right context then it can be let aside. Yes, use them! Reminds me of link... and yeah i'd probs try horse... probably already have thanks to Findus and Tesco. I wouldn't eat a pony though... for obvious reasons. IM NOT INTO VORE BOI. So there, all in all I think this person is just a troll trying to spark debates. He even admits it, and some of his stamps i kinda agree with. I wouldn't use them though because... i don't really like this artist and think he's kinda of a bad person. Thanks for reading! Grapefruit Face
  5. To celebrate i bring you this... too hot for derpibooru... (apparently I can't make satire images about banned deviant artists there...)
  6. So the art style is terrible... horrible colour, disrespectful use of best pone's cutie mark (Trixie) But let's look at the meaning of this piece Ok, fair enough , let's read the description "The mane six have to be one of the WORST characters (Other than the cast of The Problem Solverz and Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, as well as Bubsy Bobcat) I have ever seen.Rainbow Dash - Arrogant b*tch. I cannot stand her! I also hate how she thinks she is so "cool", even though she is actually LAME.Fluttershy - Boring overrated Mary Sue. Enough said.Rarity - Whiny,snobby,annoying b*tch. If she was a real person then she would be one my top ten list of people who I would want to punch.Applejack - Western stereotype with an annoying voice. Do I need to say more?Twilight Sparkle - Boring mary sue with a bad design (But then again, the entire cast of FiM have horribly UGLY designs)Pinkie Pie - One of the WORST characters to ever exist. She is an annoying, creepy bratty bitch who stalks her friends and laughs and smiles so creepily. " Fair opinions... though i disagree about your opinion (expect for the evil Applejack and Twilight Sparkle -Twilight is defiantly not a mary sue!-) and the character design (I LOVE THE G4 CHARACTER DESIGN!) I can see why you would see that... Let's read on "I hate MLP:FiM in general anyway!Stamp template was made by who ever f*cking made it. I cannot remember who made it, though." So you hate the show in general... though it seems like your a fan of MLP who isn't fussed on the Mane 6. Just make an anti MLP stamp instead of being a pretentious a**hole and bating fans in Anyway you got banned from DA... Good riddance. Grapefruit Face
  7. Collection of EQG characters made using the P.D template and various edited images.
  8. So apparently according to this artist if you are a brony you cannot be on her page... I like the yellow used but the message is quite racist. She's also has them in Weaboo, FNAF 5 and Undertale Sans flavors. This one's a bit offensive... our artist is calling ponies "stupid". This gives me the impression that the artist is very immature even though being at the age of 20. yes 20. Also this is a mis-truth as ponies like Pinkie Pie shown in the stamp are quite skilled. Twilight Sparkle being a very cleaver pone and very good a problem solving. You have used LOL when not needing it. And don't tell me it's "ironic" 'cuz we can't tell Attention's great that's why we post our art, i know, but saying you want it and making a stamp is a bit pretentious in the worst possible way. Just join some groups and stop making immature stamps. Also maybe it helps it you didn't make stamps excluding fandoms from your page. Just a thought. Really, i thought you would have liked him. This is a piece of her non-stamp art. I think your style would lend better to cubeecraft templates. Also you should think about using other colors for there outlines other than black, looking at MLP's G4 general art style for the lines they use a darker shade of the fill colour... Who's "stupid now"... Grapefruit Face
  9. All of* of my old 900x711 pixel MLP cubees *probably
  10. Darkmoon Glimmer (David Glimour) Notation Masher (Nick Manson) Song Bringer (Syd Barrett) Rhythm Weaver (Richard Wright) River Waters (Roger Waters) Made with genrealzoi's Pony Creator and edited with
  11. Random bits and pieces Decals for Lego My Little Pony Pony Luck badge used for Pinkie Lister Pony Funko Pop base DJ PON-3 logo Ponydor logo Celestia Records Logo Electric Light Orchestra : Starlight fan made single cover (Starlight Glimmer cutie mark inspired)
  12. So on a Portugal FB page there are crafts of the mane six... I decided to download them, bring one into edit them around and make the true heroes of MLP (imo)..