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  1. Welcome Back, My Friend! ^_^

    Happy Holidays! :twilightcutehat:

    1. Cherry-Pie


      Happy holidays to you! And a pony new year!:-P

    2. Sparklefan1234


      I wish the same for you, My Friend! :mlp_rarity:

  2. What's the deal with the scented 35th anniversary ponies? I purchased a Windy as a gift and one for myself, just a couple days ago at target for $9.99. I loved it so much I went back to target today and they were sold out. They sold out on as well. I see them on other sites for 3 times the price. Are they a hot item now? Will they be available again after the holiday is over? I LOVE the one I have and want so badly to buy them all...
  3. So happy that Bassnecter finally stood up for what's right. He's a hero, and his music is beautiful. Someone with some power is finally doing something to help the influx of problems the dance community has suffered over the last 5 years or so.

  4. Merry Birthiversary!



  6. Anyone else play final fantasy trading card game? I love the cards but the game is confusing. 

  7. I love marshmello, kill the noise, Snails, Jauz, San Holo, Datsik, excision, gramatic, party favor, knife party, Ganja white knight, pretty lights, zeds dead. Mostly heavy bass laser fed dance music. I go to a lot of festivals and club raves. Not a bass nectar fan though. I've seen him live many times, he's just a bit repetitive for my taste and attracts a lot of broskis.
  8. Do you think modern gender norms or structures have existed across all human society? Because they definitely have not. You are confusing cultural standards with biology. Women in Saudi Arabia are not Allowed to drive, this is not because of biology it is because of cultural standards. If a women has the urge to be a leader, to work hard, to stand up for herself, and you get it the way of it then you are screwing with biology. Complex human society needs variation to be successful. When you trample individuality just to uphold standards that make you comfortable, do you even consider the victims of your thinking? You're really just trying to force other people to be like you, but have you even considered why?
  9. They would think I was really cool, we would be best friends and they would give me fashion tips and a discount on merchandise. Maybe we would do a song together, one about friendship. They wouldn't even think it was weird that I have a shelf full of dolls of them.
  10. Anyone going to Camp Bisco! The more pony people the better. Last years camp bisco had great music, but a lot of stupid broskies also. Hope this year has a more chill and artistic crowd, way less car-hearts and 59/50's. Come on out and see SNAILZ, the best DJ on earth as far as I'm concerned. 

  11. I want to see official crossovers. Like MLP meets spiderman, or The mane 6 meets LOTR. There is a novel called Planet X that is a semi-official crossover of X-men and star trek TNG, they should put ponies in there too.
  12. They don't make enough theme park sims anymore. The new Jurassic park one coming out looks cool. I have Roller coaster dreams for PS4 but it's awful. I think it's seen as more of a discount genre these days for some reason.