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    I love music and cooking. Especially cooking~. I love making food for other people.

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  1. I really like Halloween even those it's not quite the time for it and I have long brown hair
  2. I try to wake up around eight everyday so I can go out with my friends as soon as possible
  3. This but I didn't go to any sort of movie
  4. I was listening to music and browsing the forums
  5. I did not come back here to make new friends
  6. My worst flaw? I am too open with new people as I treat them as long time friends. Which can really put people off .
  7. I can't survive in the summer without it or even be able to sleep
  8. I wanna meet some new people on here
  9. Lil'muffin

    Mega Thread Why you chose your user name.

    I chose my name because I really like muffins and of course little things are always cuter
  10. I love my cats too much
  11. Lil'muffin

    Hi everyone~.

    Hi everyone! I've always wanted to be part of this website and I finally got the nerve to make an account :). Hope to make tons of friends on here~.
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