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  1. Okay StormBlaze, you are going to be making me a VERY VERY poor person this year. .....I'm not sure how I feel about that. lol Well, time to save up money.
  2. Howl Ein

    Lord Swinton's Art and Illustrations

    Hi, I was wondering if you are still doing commissions.
  3. Howl Ein

    music Thunder Dash's Music Theme Shop

    Yes, I am intrigued as well, though I would not be able to afford it till next year.
  4. Majesty's Confrontation To the tune of: Dear royals, my friends, It is here that it ends Hence forth our futures divide. Equestria is weak, But I’ll restore its peak. Watch as I go turn the tide. You’ll stay right where you are, No, you will not get far. Watch as I now imprison thee. Well farewell, my past friends It is over, The End. My rule will start again.
  5. Howl Ein

    Midnight's Commission Shop

    Are you still open to commissions? Because I am interesting if so. Though I won't have PayPal till later this week and won't be able to do a commission until next week.