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  1. They are all phenomenal, if they can all win. Good luck everyone!
  2. Hey I would recommend Music Maker JAM. Music Maker Jam is one of the best free music editing apps for android and iOS users!
  3. I would be interested to have a friendly date. I am curious about his face. lol.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjhCEhWiKXk Just the Way you are by Bruno Mars
  5. I'm not feeling well. Maybe, I need some rest.
  6. I prefer salty like potato chips and sweet like a Blueberry cheesecake. The latter is my fave snack with coffee
  7. Thank you for taking time to share some books that you know. I will take note of those comics.
  8. I never thought I would like to read Pony books and comics. But Anyway, May I ask the best 3 books and comics from you? I want to have an idea for you.
  9. I would agree with that, regardless of ages.
  10. The song is wonderful. I love listening to it
  11. We have our own part and responsibilities that's why we exist. It could be that we are here for a mission. Maybe. life for me is challenging but I'm positive and need to stay strong for my family.