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  1. By accident I did two pieces with the same concept of space and the pose is also almost the same, (pose was requested both times so it is like really coincidence) but this is the best time for a side by side! I dont draw ponies that often. I can still count my pieces on both hands. So I am glad there is some improvement. Yet I am still not there hahaha
  2. Hej, My mom is learning Spanish but due to her age she kinda lost studying skill. I know she was a good and hardworking student but now it doesn't work out this well. I want to help her keeping her busy with learning without learning. What helped me a lot to learn English was watching anime and cartoons because the speech is slower than in normal movies (secretly I still watch English movies with english subs) but idk where to find Spanish cartoons. My little pony (any generation), anything related to disney, maybe El Tigre, the last airbender, or something would do. My mom has no cartoons in her youth so I am thinking of stuff she watched with us when we were small. Basically Mlp, winx club and the last airbender. Winx is a nope, but she loved the last airbender. + points if the site has subs in spanish/english/french. Thanks a lot <3
  3. please delete, I do not wish my art to be posted anymore
  4. I have an exam tomorrow so sleep is important haha. I used to stay up later. But that is the past rip Thanks <3 Thank you so much <33 Thanks ;;A;;
  5. I can see where you came from. It are the eyebrows and the cheek right? I have troubles with drawing cute stuff since all my OCs are edgy thots haha. I know something was not ok with Pinkie but you made me realise what! Thanks a lot <3 Thank you ;;A;; youcanalwaysmessagemereference Thanks! I had a lot of troubles colouring. I used to pick muddy like colours and shade with darker tint of the base colour. So I am glad my colouring improved!
  6. asdfghjkl thank you! You are too kind <3 I am always open for requests as I never do commissions but opening threads and posts sometimes attracts the wrong people. Like today on FB I asked for OCs to practice pose sketching and one person went into full details of the background and objects and it was too hilarious haha. But yeah my DM's are usually open. I just dont try to put it in the spotlight xD
  7. Please delete. I try to get rid odd my art online
  8. I clicked on the title so see where I could find them.........;; my dreams are crushed
  9. I probably end up buying them all HAHAHAHA I just hope they are for mid 2019- end 2019. In september I will buy my second bjd, so that is 600 euro and I will have to recover from that HAHAHA.
  10. It is not dying but it had has its peek. The "best" fanmade animations, songs, etc are from years ago and I see a decrease in pony cosplays and artists on conventions. At certain point I was kinda tired of seeing the mane6 being cosplayed over and over again and last convention I did (last weekend of July), I saw 1 rainbow dash... 1. Things come and go, so same with bronies. I mean back in 2012 it was not conventional to like my little pony as an adult so we got a hell lot of attention. Now everybody knows about us, no shock effect anymore, etc. So we become one of he many fandoms. Conclusion both intern and extern the brony community is over it peek. It does not mean it is dying. We are still big and active. My little pony as concept will probably not die. It has been around for decades and they plan G5. We live in a world that produces remakes of remakes and the mlp formula works. All little girls (or most) go through that annoying horse-phase so the market for horse/pony toys keeps existing. MLP also keeps rolling on the fact that parents played with it as a kid, and then they buy the same for their child. I am now 22 and I might have kids by the time I am 28. By that time we are far into G5. Guess what I will buy for my babies? Nice guess, yes, MLP toys. So it keeps rolling. As long you stay active yourself, you have nothing to fear. Keep going to events, keep drawing, keep rol playing, keep supporting artists, keep being you, keep being a brony.