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  1. About a year ago my BF and I got contacted by Amberley Publushing to write a book about My Little Pony. Now, a month before the official release I proudly present: My Little Pony Collectibles. So, what can you expect of this book? Well it's a great book for those who want a nice introduction/ overview of the whole My Little Pony Line from 1982 till present day. You won't find every pony in this book (far from it) but it does give info on a lot of different ponies released like different kinds of older generation ponies, convention exclusive ponies, ponies from other countries and more! We also included a small guide on how to start and maintain your collection and some info when it comes to pricing ponies. Whether you are totally new to the world of My Little Pony, or want to know more about past generations. So it isn't a collectors guide with all the ponies listed. It's more of a overview of the whole MLP Line and some basic collector information. Great for those who just want general information and are for example new to the world of MLP. But some rare ponies are also included like Nirvana's and more. Pre-orders for the book can be found in our blogpost:
  2. Thanks everyone! Here are some new pieces:
  3. It's been some time. Finally done with school for this year. Summer time! Here's an 80s Lyra!
  4. Thank you all for the sweet reactions. It means a lot to me. <3 As promised: Here's Cheerilee!
  5. Art Blocks are terrible. But I managed get back and I'm really feeling the 80s/synthwave style! Here are two new pieces: I think Cheerilee will be next.
  6. Thanks a lot! Here's a new landscape piece I've made. Planning to do one with Ove and Torton (two of my characters) this evening as well.
  7. Thanks a lot for all the lovely comments! I've been a bit quiet these days but I did make some new art as well.
  8. Anyone else who also owns MLP Related clothing? I got some G1 PJ's and shirts from Primark as well as some of my own G4 designs from Teepublic/Redbubble. Will share a pic later when I'm home again. Whats your favorite piece of MLP clothing? Also feel free to share pics.
  9. Oh alright fixed it. An thanks for the lovely comments everyone. <3
  10. Personal site: DA: So I guess this is where I will show you guys my non-pony works. I'm an animation student who focuses on Background and concept design. Right now I do several school related projects but I'm also working on my own with the current title: Commanders of the Gods. More info etc can be found on my site as well.
  11. The Shine Bright Rainbow Dash Brushable was my first piece of G4 Merchandise. I had G2 Ponies as a child. (still have them!)
  12. Hello everyone. Here's a topic where I show you guys my art. I design Shirt Designs as well as backgrounds and landscapes. (Im an animation student who wants to focus on background and concept art) Anyway enjoy! If you have any request for canon character designs feel free to let me know! Personal site: DA: Pony:
  13. Ilona


    Hello everyone! My name is Ilona, most of you probably know me from Deviantart. You probably recognise some of my shirt designs. I'm also one of the two owners of MLP Merch and have a huge collection myself as well. Anyway just decided to join. Feel free to send me a message if you want to talk!