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  1. I’m so sorry I never responded to you. My old iPad broke (long story) and I just never got around to checking my MLP forum messages. I’m glad you enjoyed the music 😊

    1. Rikifive


      No worries, that's fine. :fluttershy: Keep the good work up! :darling:

  2. Many thanks. Gotta go but I’ll see you later 😊😊😊

  3. Hi there Cash 😊 Are you from Alaska?

    1. Cash_In


      I was just reading your post on the welcoming plaza.

      I'm not Alaskan unfortunately, but thanks for asking.

    2. Cedar Woods

      Cedar Woods

      It’s all cool. Thank you 😊

  4. My name is Cedar, I’m from Palmer Alaska, I’m a part time member of a band created by my niece and nephew, and I’m also a Brony. I’m really hoping that I can meet some other Bronies from Alaska. Bronies who regularly visit Alaska are also welcome to respond. Really any Bronies are welcome to respond, but I’d be especially interested in fellow Alaskan Bronies.
  5. There’s no shortage of musically talented people in the Brony fandom. There’s not many movie musicals whose soundtracks had us squealing with such delight. And this year, a group of gifted Bronies and Pegasisters, will bring an abridged version of the biggest smash since Hamilton, to the Mane Stage. Featuring the songs from the movie, sung by famous personalities from our great fandom, you’ll laugh and cry and cheer as you witness fabulous singing and dancing and... what’s that? The hotel probably won’t let us set up a trapeze act? Darn it Well aside from that obviously missing factor (maybe Zac Effron and Zendaya 2.0 can just make flighty motions like Pegasi), it’s sure to be the most wonderful spectacle Everfree has ever put on. Or, here’s a thought for a set of potential lyrics for a song to go with the opening skit THE GREATEST CON: Intro Verse 1: Fillies and colts this is the con that you’ve waited for (Thump - thump thump) Been trotting through the dark All year you’ve been feeling bored (Thump - thump thump) And buried in your heart are the elements you can’t ignore (thump) laughter and loyalty (thump) honesty generosity (thump) kindness and magic Yes there all here you gotta see Don’t fight the fun it’s coming for ya Starting right now It’s only 3 days Don’t care what comes after Your pony dreams Can’t ya see Getting closer Just surrender cause ya feel the friendship taking over It’s rainbows and sunshine and lots of laughing It’s the panels and the singing Don’t forget the dancing Let go of your ridged ways and blind composure All that ya know Chorus: Tell me do ya wanna go Where it’s covered in stunning rainbow lights Where the Ponies Are run of the night Where we party until dawn And we have loads of fun (Oh, this is the greatest con) We light it up We won’t come down And the rain won’t stop us now Your friends are all here Filled with a bunch of cheer (Oh, this is the greatest con) Verse 2: Voice acting and writing and costumes if that’s your thing And there’s even some panels where we might explore anime Don’t fight the fun it’s coming for ya Starting right now It’s only 3 days Don’t care what comes after You’re high as Pinkie Pie on unfiltered caffeine WHOAH! (Awkward pause) Chorus: (Same except in place of Where we party until dawn And we have loads of fun It would say Where we forge bonds for lifetime And have an awesome time) Bridge: It’s all the ponies you could want And all the friendship you can dream And it’s here right in front of you This is where you wanna be Repeat (This is where you wanna be——) Person playing Hugh Jackman’s part walks off stage as the chorus is sung as in the movie. Ashleigh and Andrea run out: Andrea in an excited Pinkie squeal: “THIS IS THE GREATEST CON!” Ashleigh finishes the song, playing Zac Effron’s part For finale, instead of This is the greatest con Andrea: “NOW LET’S HAVE SOME FUN FUN FUN!” Confetti cannons go off and shower the audience with rainbows and sparkles and tons of glittery crap and it’s wonderful I have no idea how to ponify the other songs. If a full performance of the songs from Greatest Showman is a possibility, I’d suggest simply doing them in their natural state. If doing a song to close out the opening ceremonies sounds better, I’d suggest doing a pony parody (feel free to use or adapt this if you wish). Either way, I nominate Dr. Wolf to play Hugh Jackman (he might have a little trouble on the higher notes, but I can see him putting his own wondrous spin on it).
  6. I have submitted these ideas directly to the EFNW website. However, someone there wrote to me and said that I should also include them on The MLP Forums Page.
  7. For my last suggestion, I have something that may honestly work better during a year when either Nicole or Tabitha can attend the convention. Although since Starswirl’s V/A is attending, I suppose it could still work. In this panel, a group of folks who are fairly well versed in astrology, will delve into the signs of each of the Mane 6 (although I suppose it’s Mane 7 now with the inclusion of Starlight Shimmer - I mean Sunset Glimmer... oh screw it they’re the same character). Although it would obviously take way too long to do a complete run down of what each character’s sign meant, this would be an interesting way to learn about astrology.
  8. The vast array of places we’ve visited in Equestria has grown with each new season. Now it would be impossible to cover the art of every single new culture we visited, but this panel attempts to deliver a short discussion about it all. You’ll learn about famous artists from around the world, some of which way be familiar to you, others of which won’t be. The only criteria for a style of art appearing in this panel, is that it must be by an artist who lives (or lived) in one if the places that a place in FIM is based off of.
  9. In this panel, we delve deeper into the various topics explored in FIM, and try to imagine what great Philosophers like Plato, and Socrates might think of the show... What would the banishment of Nightmare Moon look like if it were a Greek Tragedy? Considering there’s so much in MLP that comes from Greek mythology, a panel like this seems like a natural sort of thing to happen at least once.
  10. At this hilariously good time, one person has a script of an MLP episode on their computer. They’ll call out Mad-Libs Questions to the audience. When the audience has put together the Mad-Lib version of the episode, a panel of fandom V/As (unless we can get the actual V/As present to participate) will read the hilariously butchered screenplay. The person calling out questions will email the butchered script to the other panelists.
  11. How would everypony like to participate in an open mic event? Here’s how it works: 1. On Thursday you go to an assigned location, and pay $15 to buy 5 minutes of time with the mic (there would be more than one mic provided, in case you came with a group). When you pay the evening before, your name is written on a small foam ball. The ball is then added to a bin (or something). You can enter your name as many times as you want (meaning you can put it on as many balls as you want). The more you have in the bin, the more likely it is you’ll be picked. 2. On Friday at some point, a special guest digs through the ball bin for exactly 1 minute, and plucks out balls. They read the names of the people/ bands that have been chosen. Remember the more you have, the higher your chances of getting plucked. You might even get plucked twice. This is especially awesome, because for each ball with your name on it, you get to perform 5 minutes longer. Imagine getting plucked 5 times and getting to play a 25 min set. That’s why it’s so expensive. At most the actual event on Saturday would only go on for an hour and half to two hours, and we want as many fans to be able to participate as possible. 3. If your name/group is called out, you will be asked to come to the front of the room and wait to be harshly judged (I’m just kidding). Actually you’ll be lining up to go through a second round of plucking. 1 minute may not seem like much, but our special guest could potentially get a lot of entries in that time. Therefor the field must be narrowed. All the participants chosen, will be divided into groups that must play a pony based game (to be devised by the Con-Staff). The winners of each individul game, will get to perform on Saturday (some time before The Grand Galloping Gala of course). 4. You are not required to perform songs from MLP. It’s encouraged of course, but not required. If you have original material, by all means share it with the group. The one requirement is that all material must be G rated. If you swear or say something lewd or violent, your mic will be cut, and you will forcefully ejected from the stage. This idea may need some fine tuning by the staff at EFNW, but how does everypony like the basic idea?