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    Southern Illinois, Ohio, Florida, or anywhere in between.
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    "I'm way too drunk to taste this chicken." -Colonel Sanders
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    I enjoy racing in any form, straight line or circle, dirt or asphalt, and especially NASCAR, demolition derby, and tractor pulling. I also like hockey, my 2 favorite teams are the Arizona Coyotes and the Nashville Predators.

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  1. The amount of people you have confused with that username.:kirin:

    It's low but still shocking.

    1. HearthSoul


      Hehe ^_^

      Let’s see how many more I can confuse UwU

  2. Love your new avatar, Cyc.

  3. Stand back, there’s a Cyclone comin’ thru. ^^

  4. "Accidentally Racist: A Story of Never Passing Up a Free Meal or a Chance to Use the Bathroom"
  5. I'm not scared of it but I certainly don't like it.
  6. Should be included in driving under the influence laws.
  7. So my school is using this virus to push me and other graduating classmates to drop out.


    I have gone from having a projected finish date of May 7th to OCTOBER 2ND! And I have to foot the bill for rent on a house that the landlord thought was going to be empty by now and pay an increased tuition rate because it goes up in August.:dry:

    Don't go to college kids. They'll get you for every penny and if it looks like you'll get out cheap they'll come up with an excuse to drag you across the pavement until they do get paid, wagging a degree in front of you the whole time. A degree that even 3 months ago was a symbol of pride and achievement but now, I understand why people say it's just an expensive piece of paper.

    1. HearthSoul


      Ooof. Lol if I don;t go to university, my parents would probs murder me and would happily go to jail for it 

      But yeah I feel your pain. 

    2. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      That f**king sucks 

  8. Gonna take a freight train, Down at the station, I don't care where it goes. Gonna climb a mountain, The highest mountain, Jump-off, nobody gonna know.
  9. Maybe that was one of my plans for the week.
  10. Jimmie Johnson just got his best finish since his last win! 2nd place but it's the best finish in over 100 races and one more lap and he would have had the win.

    @Lucky Bolt  I could see the old Jimmie in him.:wub:

  11. Well that sounds cool.

  12. If she isn't as old as she says I'm in REEEEEEAL trouble.