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  1. Since when has deranged propaganda suggesting the slaughter of anyone you disagree with become so catchy?
  2. Nothing for Thanksgiving, though I will still visit my Dad for Christmas (of course taking any sort of proper precautions). We can't really do anything like a Zoom call or the et cetera because he's broke and has no internet... Ehh at least I'll get to see my sister who I haven't seen in literal years, possibly my brother as well depending on timing.
  3. Being reminded about how much of a pita "easy apply" on Indeed is. Especially when every other posting is doing it that way. Ugh, got to love when a site that's supposed to make it easier to job hunt, actually makes it more difficult. And there's no option to only look for postings that don't have that, and I'm getting really frustrated with how they think jobs like "Registered Nurse" are somehow entry-level positions when they require a degree.
  4. What an uplifting ending to such a depressing conversation.
  5. Kind of a product of being on the air so long...?
  6. Mind taking a quick look on Discord? 'Tis important (for me, anyway).

  7. Apparently even if it's framed in an absurdly negative way, people want the common sense solutions to their problems the rest of the world thought of first. Huh.
  8. Even the part of Reddit that's supposed to be anti-@$$hole is filled with @$$holes. What a toxic waste dump of a website.
  9. Played 10 minutes of Apex Legends and it's about as much of overrated trash as I expected it to be. The general design of the game offers nothing other than a slight alteration on the absolute dumpster fire that is the Battle Royale genre (and making it barely noticeable in practice from my experience), it's a polished turd that still has a LOAD of bugs that I encountered, just in the tutorial. Also shady business practices, but what do you expect from EA at this point as a publisher whose greed is well-documented..? Looking like a good game =/= Being a good game.
  10. Smol Mushroom Soldier says Eee.



  11. Paladins by far now, with almost 2500 hours. Also have played over 500 of: TF2, just about 1000 hours. League of Legends, probably about 1000 hours At least 600 on a Pokemon Diamond save (Counting a Pearl save probably more like 750).
  12. Somebody decided to put Waluigi Pinball over a high speed police chase.
  13. A battle theme befitting one of my favorite video game villains (turned not villain after a special episode of Sky) and my online persona.