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  1. Event exclusive legendary weapons should never have been made a thing in Borderlands 3... :dry:


    They made a step in the right direction when they just made DLC... Almost makes me think they should just stop with these events and focus on ACTUAL DLC.

  2. Our school was known mainly for the band being really good (we actually marched in the Memorial Day Parade in 2015). Also our football team was generally pretty solid, lost at the state game one year (in other words, the team one year was the second best in the state in its division).
  3. I was just killing time. Still doing it now.
  4. Have a scar that looks a lot like the symbol on Ash Ketchum's hat on my right middle finger. It's a reminder of why you should never get pets from shady looking pet stores. You might just adopt an untamed animal that's ready to lash out at any second. It was from a pet rat that obviously was not tamed.
  5. Overwatch... $40 for a game that's not even as good as a similar game I can get for free? No thanks. Also, Blizzard in general leaves a VERY bad taste in my mouth, considering WoW's monthly subscriptions, their recent controversies, and how they treat their employees... Promotional T-Shirts... $30 is way too expensive for just a T-Shirt I'll wear a few times. Apartments... When you can't even make enough money to afford living in an empty studio apartment with no amenities when you have a full time job, that's a problem. Healthcare... What's worse is that it kills, a lot of people EVERY YEAR because of the nickel-and-diming done by our corrupt for profit health insurance in the states. Cell Phones... They sure are expensive for glorified bricks... $600 may not sound too bad, but tack on the data plan and they cost as much as $1500 when all is said and done. You can custom build desktop PCs with MUCH better hardware for cheaper than that... Apple, anything... Apple must have no concept of QA that's all that needs to be said.
  6. "That was definitely not a good... morning? Only 3 hours of sleep..."
  7. Somebody on YouTube: "Lego City memes are getting old"


    Everyone Else: "H E Y"

  8. "Looking at these dumb far right filled comments sections, I am starting to understand why people are wishing harm on these extremists... They pretend everyone else are extremists, and in the most divisive, accusatory, and downright hypocritical considering their accusations, way possible. Not saying I would because it's totally wrong to do such to somebody over disagreements and even threats of violence... But I'm really starting to understand why. These aren't just viewpoints. They're toxic vitriolic strawmen designed specifically to provoke a response..."
  9. Feeling like I need to say something, but I can't because my social skills are absolute $#!+.
  10. "I really wish that I was better at communicating, and I had better ways of saying I care than to cling."
  11. I would find that to be an arrogant and selfish thing to do, so of course I wouldn't. I didn't brag about him then (I really only brought him up when I needed to or was prompted to), and I don't plan to at a later date.
  12. If Trump's xenophobia isn't already apparent, here's more confirmation of it:


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    2. Angel_Dust


      Yeah me and my BF just talked about it very briefly and we both agree it's a very Trump thing to do. Not really unexpected for somebody who thinks that Mexico is waging a covert war on the United States (by "sending us their worst"), or that everyone in the Middle East should get glassed (well, essentially that's what he said).

    3. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      On the other hand you have Russiagate (something my brother believes in when he tends to rant about our stepdad literally worshipping Trump and believing in conspiracies).

    4. Angel_Dust


      Russiagate is so full of holes the conspiracy has sank several times over... It's pretty much proven fact at this point it was instigated by the Democratic Establishment

  13. I don't really care about the Oscars, but I will say that Trump's comment on Parasite's win is quite obviously xenophobic. Also, the Irishman won no awards... At all... Yet they gave one to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood? Also, "Gone with the Wind?" Really? That movie is 80 years old... They're for movies made THAT year, and of course leave it to a moron like Trump not to realize that.
  14. "New York was the safest big city in the country while Bloomberg was mayor"


    Uhhh, no it certainly was not... Just stop with the lying, Mike.

  15. Okay, just going to say: Picard's Seven of Nine is a total bad@$$.