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  1. People who intentionally feed in an online team game and then blame the people who are actually trying should not be allowed to play the game.
  2. How many times do you people need to be told that the virus is REAL before you stop denying it for the sake of some stupid agenda? Seriously, even now, there are people that think that it's a hoax made up by the media.
  3. I can't believe there are STILL people that think that the CCP virus is a hoax and that people who are being rational are just panicking for no reason.


    Also, found the first skit I've ever heard of George Carlin being wrong about something. Well, half wrong at least. But half wrong in a way that promotes denialism, and obfuscation of the facts because of perceived outrage.

    1. Sparklefan1234



      Also, found the first skit I've ever heard of George Carlin being wrong about something.


      :blink: ezgif-6-24632fb5a933.gif.491c07cb48c501f60b7719f9d1aafb8b.gif 

  4. Walking Dead. After Season 1 or so, the show jumped the shark in my opinion. It didn't take long before it became closer to a soap opera than a good show. If you want a good show about people being @$$holes, watch Breaking Bad instead. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I love Star Trek, but that really makes me even more unable to tolerate DS9. It's a shoddy copy of Babylon 5 that feels closer to a soap opera than Star Trek. (Yes, I hate soap operas too). How can the fandom love this but hate Picard and (even early) Enterprise? I don't get it. Modern Family. If only because of Cameron being the worst and most obnoxious LGBT rep I've ever seen. But the writing in general is... same-y. It gets stale very fast. It's also at times even brutally unfunny. Just watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It's 10 times better. Game of Thrones. No I don't say this just because of the last season either. The show is a blur that I don't care much to sort out. Speaking of Soap Operas, the Young and the Restless. My grandma watched this and she doesn't even understand why. It's garbage. Sanjay and Craig. I genuinely wish the worst for whoever created this hideous, disgusting thing. Phineas and Ferb. One word. OBNOXIOUS. Johnny Test. WHIP. CRACKS.
  5. I'm actually remembering a lot of these from this topic...
  6. Tales from the Darkside Fillmore El Tigre: the Adventures of Manny Rivera Kappa Mikey The Secret Show Martin Mystery
  7. Meme video: Dares to mention homophobia in a negative light

    Bigots in the comments:



    Seriously, though, the children in the comments sections of a video like this are hilarious. Some people from the Middle East even seem to be proud to live in countries where it's considered a crime, or heck even some where it's a capital offense. Just to like others of the same sex, sexually and romantically? Wow.

    1. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn


    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      I've seen commenters from that sort of area who are into....well, let me just say that it's a five letter word that begins with the letter "I"

  8. Had too much free time before the virus, so not much changed there.
  9. That one level where you try to carry a bad team in Paladins, while your support non-stop flames you because they have no awareness.
  10. I'm a fan of... most... Star Trek. I do have a pretty sizeable distaste for Deep Space Nine though, and... That one... I think she's an idiot and a hypocrite that had no place being a Captain of a Star Fleet vessel, along with probably the worst of the captain protagonists, but you do you I guess. I juust found her completely insufferable after about the start of Voyager Season 4, though even before that I found her groan-worthy. Seriously the decisions she makes and the writing pretty much constantly giving her a way out of the Delta quadrant for free at least once every other season... Just... Ugh. Anyways, I will say one thing. I think Picard is a ways better than some people make it out to be. Sure, a little part of that is simply because Picard himself is, well, almost, as great as he was on TNG and the story itself is very interesting... Also really dig the direction they took Seven of Nine, she's f***ing bad@$$ in the new series (also the first of two confirmed, on-screen, LGBT characters in Star Trek which appeals to me of course). I certainly don't think it's great by any means. This first season started really, really slow and the last two episodes were rushed disappointments, but I see YouTube videos bashing it and calling it bad (one even an atrocity), and it honestly really bothers me. That people are just going to go out of their way to pointlessly and incompetently (I may add) bash this perfectly decent series....
  11. I and pretty much everyone else here is quite sure that China is hiding cases, but if what I've heard is accurate, China's actual CCP virus (I'll start calling it that, and I think others should do the same) death toll may be higher than the current total WORLDWIDE documented death count is right now. Wouldn't be too surprised.



  12. Oh great. Now we have people complaining about a non-existent breach of the first amendment when it comes to COVID-19, saying that "oh saying we shouldn't get out of our homes means we can't meet who we want to" (no it doesn't, it just means you shouldn't in person unless you want to spread the virus around, which is just common sense). Of course by the same people who support a blatant breach of three different amendments, that DOES exist, for much dumber reasons (instead of what equates to common sense). When will all the absurdity end with these people? I can't get my head around all of these people that are so clearly being political about the whole issue, instead of using a couple of brain cells... :dry:


    "COVID-19 is bringing everyone together" - yeah tell that to these people that are politicizing it. Heck, Trump, their idol, initially claimed that IT WAS A HOAX. Remember that? Also, I regret to inform these people politicizing it that your virus that "is not that bad" recently killed Adam Schlesinger, the founder of Fountains of Wayne. Of course along with MORE OTHER VICTIMS THAN 9-11. And even your idol acknowledges that when this is over, America will be short over 100,000 people.

  13. Okay, so counter-question, how long could living normal lives during a serious pandemic last? That's the whole point. Living normal lives during a pandemic like this is an insane proposition that will cost thousands of lives... Also the argument "but the economy" at this point is laughable, at least in the US, because our economy is already in a massive recession and letting people die isn't going to fix that.
  14. Not sure if Trump finally got to his senses, or he just doesn't care, but at least he ADMITTED that at least 100,000 in the US will die when this is over. Of course this is partially thanks to his lack of any effort to stop it... :dry:

    1. Kyoshi


      This is coming from the same guy who just a month ago was saying that this whole thing was all a hoax from the democrats and wasn't anything to worry about at all. Oh but NOW he says it could kill a lot of people. Right.