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  1. I've actually heard that we're lucky it isn't much worse (If we got one that's just as infectious but much deadlier...). In fact, this virus may be able to save humanity from much worse down the line.
  2. I mean Rick and Morty Season 4's second half won't be on for a while, but we got... A Rick and Morty anime fight? :huh:



  3. It got one... Unfortunately, a REALLY bad one. I was about to say Quantum Leap, but... That might actually be happening...
  4. Oh I love the way Politico frames the $3B stimulus that further screws the poor and lines the pockets of the rich while we have a massive recession (which, by the way, has been CAUSED by the nonsense trickle-down economics that doesn't really work) anyways a "rescue" of the economy. The only person trying to do that was Bernie when he FORCED them to put in stipulations ACKNOWLEDGING the average person instead of leaving us all to rot like THEY (you know, Trump and his goons) wanted. Seriously, I didn't have any particular respect for them anyways, but I can tell the whole ARTICLE is an utter joke just by the title, that's got a very obvious tea party bias. :dry:


    Why can't I stop looking at this train wreck that is American political discourse? Why must it be so absurdly ridiculous for me not to?

  5. The... rather disappointing season finale of Picard. Not only does it rob itself of emotional impact, but it's clear the ending was designed to keep the series going. Almost would like it better if this was the end of a mini-series... It's going from an 8/10 show to a 7/10 or even 6.5/10 show in my book, and I'm starting to feel like the show's quite likely to further jump the shark. It's a shame because mid-season 1 was generally pretty solid, but episodes 9 and 10 both were at least a little disappointing.
  6. Maybe... Just maybe... It will make more people question China. Also, wildlife's encroached a bit on the cities due to the quarantines (so the animals have more of an actual habitat to live in)...
  7. That means very little in all reality, especially coming from China. I've actually recently come across a video suggesting there's now also a hantavirus outbreak starting up in China too, which luckily shouldn't spread to really anywhere else because hantavirus is nowhere near as infectious or prolific as this coronavirus is. Though I'm quite positive they have quite a few undocumented cases they aren't telling the rest of the world about. Can't really trust China with much of anything.
  8. I know why they're doing this, but it's nonetheless surprising that the centrist media realizes Bernie is right, even if they will surely forget about it in due time and act like they never realized that.



    1. Kyoshi


      I think all of the US is now realizing that Bernie was right but they will never actually admit it, because to hell with actually learning anything from this situation.

    2. Angel_Dust


      @Kyoshi And then there's the far right going absolutely insane. Pretty normal thing, but it's extremely obvious now considering they're embracing corporate fascism in even more blatant terms than their usual.


      What I really think they're doing though is that they're just realizing that people know they're full of $#!+ and reacting accordingly to keep the ratings.

  9. Todd Howard Song- "It Just Works" in light of the screw-up with DOOM Eternal's DRM. Seriously, even Disney couldn't have come up with such a villain, and here he is in the flesh.
  10. So the new BL3 DLC has a gun with a mechanic similar to Gaige's Anarchy from BL2... And it might just be absolutely and completely broken on Moze... :o Let's just say you'll be 1-shotting most mobs with most of your 25-ish round clip after all mag size increases...

  11. I usually just wear whatever white crew socks most of the time.
  12. It's not non-existent, and it's not everywhere. Claiming that "oh racism doesn't exist because it doesn't fit my agenda" doesn't change the fact that it most certainly does, and nothing is suddenly non-existent as soon as you deny it exists (like global warming or COVID-19, both of which some loonies want you to believe are no threat to anyone). Also saying that "everything is somehow racist" is just as ridiculous, though, because racism is not absolutely everywhere, and not absolutely everyone is racist. It's an issue that "both sides" (being honest with ourselves assuming that, in and of itself, is a logical fallacy but I'm not going into that right now) of the mainstream media propaganda machine get wrong, and both are absurdly divisive about the issue rather than talking about it with any degree of honesty and, particularly, integrity.