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  1. So Mountain Dew apparently has a commercial that's a reference to The Shining.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Angel_Dust


      Yeah, they have the script with repeated sentences off the typewriter (though it's advertising how supposedly good Mountain Dew is instead of saying "Work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"), and I think the same music in the background.


      Thought it was really interesting when I saw that. Guess 80's nostalgia still isn't over yet. Read up on it, and that's apparently supposed to be their Super Bowl ad. Guess I just saw it early on YouTube...

    3. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      Ohhhh yeeeeah, I saw that one. It was...alright.

    4. Misscellanio


      Yea The Shining is like one of the most referenced things of all time. 

      MLP did it once in the show. I think more than a couple times in the comics

  2. I think I posted here, but I think I have a different answer. I'd actually have a harder time dating a 10/10 than say a 5 or even a 4. The reason I say this, is because I don't like perfect. If somebody is a perfect, slam-dunk 10/10, then I get the impression that they're somehow fake. Like I have a hard time believing that a 10/10 is even remotely genuine. I mean I admit, my boyfriend is far from a 10/10, but in my twisted mind, that may just be a positive. After all, he feels like a real person and not just somebody trying to act perfect around me, while having their own flaws and insecurities they never show me for them to only bubble up and become serious issues later. Which would be more serious at that point, not only because of the later time but also because they totally misrepresented themselves.
  3. I'm feeling upset about the fact that my BF's time playing Wolcen in Beta essentially went to waste, since they're deleting all of the progress people made in the Beta... It seems unfair to the people who played the Beta devotedly that they're doing that instead of keeping the save data to play on when it fully releases.
  4. Feeling an extreme amount of anxiety right now...
  5. In about 4 weeks, my BF and I ought to be celebrating our 1st anniversary as a couple... :wub:


    In fact, only 26 days by my count!

  6. Gosh dang it somebody had to answer this already (and although I'd say same sex, my answer would be yes, and to add, I wouldn't date somebody that's the opposite sex) I mean all we've done is sit together at his house, and maybe some other things here and there . Hope we'll do something for Valentine's or our anniversary, or possibly both. Same?
  7. I'm not taking a gap year. I'm taking a gap life, because I do not intend on going to college. Too expensive short term even for what you might get out of it.
  8. I'm feeling like these video game songs in Japanese are very slowly transforming me into a weeb (still not even at the point of even remotely obsessively watching anime yet). Down the road, I'll be the one ordering shurikens online and hoarding anime, right? Nah probably not.
  9. I mean, he might be about 5 feet away from me as I'm typing this, who knows?
  10. I prefer somebody quieter, because I can't stand overly talkative people. I find them obnoxious. Not to mention, I talk to myself a lot, and I would appreciate it if I didn't have somebody that would point it out every 5 seconds and try to talk over me all the time. Luckily my BF doesn't do that, because THAT would be a problem. Same?
  11. I haven't been to get it checked out, but I do believe I am on the autism spectrum, kind of like my original post here says.
  12. By my acccount, Bloomberg lies half the time in his ads, and he's not even good at lying either. :dry:

    1. CloudMistDragon


      You ever heard of that one thing people know him for now thanks to all this advertising? Neither have I. :fluttershy:

  13. That it will just fall apart for some reason. Same?
  14. Sports in general are overrated, overhyped, and boring... But I still have to say, American "football" is the absolute worst and also the most overrated. I mean there's no reason for it to even be called football in the first place, because IT ISN'T FOOTBALL and has nothing to do with feet (like real, international football). The game is pretty much just a bunch of men running around a grassy field with a ball... With rules that can be pretty much ignored at a moment's notice by referees, thus they don't seem to matter in context (oh and even by my knowledge of the rules, the refs sometimes WILL ignore even basic rules...). I mean I can at least, somewhat, see the appeal in something like Basketball or Baseball, but "Football" to me is just boring, insanely overhyped, and honestly kind of dumb. I'd rather watch Golf at this point (and Golf is also really boring, but at least it isn't just a bad sport). Esports are way better than physical ones, though, just saying. Honestly I actually like watching Smash sets.