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  1. I may dislike, scratch that, despise everything Sword and Shield stands for (including, but not limited to the removal of the national dex), but this is one low key BAD@$$ theme.



    1. CloudMistDragon


      I just wish Marnie had an actual character to go along with that theme. :fluttershy:

  2. Actually if you want to be technical, we've never been on one... I've just been over to his house, and I hope I get to stay here for a very long while... First of those visits was very quiet as we were both kind of anxious about the whole thing... Me much more so than him... Same (l-a-z-y)?
  3. Starting to feel like everything that's kept me afloat for the past year is crumbling before my eyes. Really don't want to give up, but I feel like it's starting to get more and more difficult not to even if I know there's little for me if I give up. Just sadness, despair, and quite possibly death. In other words, I've been feeling pretty terrible for the past couple of days. If only I didn't get the feeling that asking for advice may make things worse. EDIT: It's getting better, taking some time though.
  4. Really loving how much CNN seems to go after Bernie. It seems to me that half of their newscast that's about politics is an attack on Bernie at this point... Just because, what? He's not corporate enough? He's, dare I say it, actually a left-wing candidate unlike their little mayor f***boy Buttigieg is? You can't say it has anything to do with LGBT issues because Bernie openly supported LGBT rights before Buttigieg was even born (when it was VERY unpopular to do so), and you can't say it's about anything else of substance because Mayor Pete has no substance of any kind whatsoever. Just platitudes and corruption as far as I can see.


    I don't even need to own a TV to have their anti-Bernie agenda shoved in their face... It's actually far worse on YouTube than it could possibly be on actual TV (at least in how blatant it is). The bias is pretty much in the f***ing titles themselves... CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Bloomberg (A TV network owned by the most obviously corrupt illegitimate "candidate" who has no legal grounds to be ALLOWED in the race, that lies almost nonstop, nonetheless)... As far as I'm concerned, I'd have massive respect for somebody who went on their set and gave their anchors a nice flip of the bird. They all deserve it, Fox more than the rest, but they ALL deserve it.


    And if they make the point of it being anti-journalism... well... There's all kinds of people who will point out how blatantly hypocritical that is coming from news organizations that cuddle up to the Establishment instead of serving as a check to them (which is SUPPOSED to be their whole purpose of existing). I could go on and on about this stuff, but what's the point of me wasting my time on these corrupt, reprehensible people that give journalism a bad name...


    ~Rant over.~

    1. Magic Note

      Magic Note

      CNN or any centrist/"right:@wing lite" network is dead to me as well. They're more favorable about neolibs/capitalists than anyone else.

      Unrelated, but CNN also has some stupid views with pushing pseudo:@scientific shit onto people, such as having a known pusher of pseudoscience on a couple years ago to talk about the romaine lettuce outbreak.

      Edit: Then there's the can of worms of Mike Bloomberg, who seems to be buying his way into the race, being racist and homophobic in the past, which is a hard pass for me.

    2. Angel_Dust


      They've been dead to me for a long time now, but the fact they go so far as to personally attack people who are far better than all of them combined and then some bothers me nonetheless.

  5. I'm feeling a bit worried and somewhat unsure what to do. Not really going to go into it right now, and for certain reasons I'm not sure if making a thread about it is a good idea.
  6. "Please, don't force me to wake up THIS early... NO! NOOOOOO!!!" EDIT: Also:
  7. Why did I have to wake up with stomach pains like this? I just wanted to sleep for a few more hours and my body was like "NOPE!"


    Saddest thing about it was that he was being a little friendly with me under the covers... :sealed:


  8. This fandom is not even remotely that toxic. Plus, it's a TV show, doesn't really require you to remotely engage with the fandom to any degree, unlike an online video game where there's plenty of reason to be dissuaded by toxicity because you have to engage with the community in order to actually play it. I have considered leaving the forum a few times due to the occasionally downright absurd and borderline intolerable surge of toxicity. Other than that, toxicity has had no effect on me in relation to MLP.
  9. A score that reflects my current mood pretty well. Suffice it to say, pretty sad about me just being pathetic.
  10. "I'm not sure what I deserve and don't deserve to have anymore." Also, "STOP WITH THOSE MEMES. THEY ARE CRINGY AS F*** AND HAVE NO REDEEMING QUALITIES."
  11. What is this thread here for? Just to take the same question somebody else asked and flip it on its head to suggest there are people who don't think people who follow standard, traditional gender roles as is should be allowed to do as they please? To answer the thread of course it is okay and saying otherwise would be sexist.
  12. I feel pretty bad right now. Combination of absurdly anxious and depressed. Also feeling like I'm doing a really, really bad job at being a significant other. Maybe I really don't deserve the chance I've been given. I love him and all, but sometimes I feel like I do a rotten or sometimes annoying job of showing it... It's really distracting me from being able to do anything but just click around tabs. Just don't feel like doing much of anything.
  13. You know the real answer to why aliens haven't contacted us yet?


    It's because we're too stupid.

  14. Always going to have to say good old Chocolate. Best of that is probably Blue Bell's Dutch Chocolate.
  15. I have never really been into sports, and don't really intend to get into them at any point soon.