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  1. Make no mistake, Elizabeth Warren is the definition of a corporate democrat even if she pretends she isn't. I mean if she were a "progressive" why would she attack and smear Bernie (while also acting like it was the other way around, which is just a plain lie)?



    And there are people STILL defending this snake, and pretty much just straight up lying in order to do so... :dry: Maybe they have their heads stuck way too firmly up her @$$, I don't know.

    1. AveryGamerDude


      Bernie is the only presidential candidate who voted against the PATRIOT act. We need this guy in office.

    2. Angel_Dust


      To be fair Yang hasn't been in any previous office, but of the ones who have, Bernie is the only one who voted against it... :dry:


      Also, Warren voted FOR Trump's military budget. I fail to see how further bolstering the military industrial complex is progressive. It simply isn't.