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  1. "I'm sure your package loves me LONG time too!" I think the context is obvious.
  2. My back hurts and I'm starving. I'd ask how you think I'm feeling but I really don't care about those right now. All I care about is getting to see my boyfriend for the first time since August tomorrow Really I feel so much anticipation that I don't really care anymore. There's that and the, uhm other feeling that comes with it...
  3. My BF needs a more consistent sleep schedule... Some days it's somewhat close to average, but more often than not it's either he doesn't sleep or he sleeps half of the day away. It's probably not good for him and not all that great for us either.
  4. I did do this at one time, but I don't remember my costumes, nor really care for the experience.
  5. Because there isn't ample evidence it wasn't faked to anyone who doesn't so badly want to believe that we never went there that it makes moon landing denial an utter joke... I would go further, but I'm not willing to go down to the intellectual level of these people.
  6. Seriously, though, he'd totally destroy me in an actual physical fight... I'm 5'10 and 125 pounds and he's 6'3 and 230 with more than enough muscle to lift me up for several minutes... As for a verbal fight I generally try to avoid upsetting him...
  7. I get that. With my boyfriend it's just that he thinks it would get in the way of our relationship. I may not entirely agree with that, but I understand him when he says that. His needs come before anyone else's. I think I told him about you once, and yeah he's not open to the idea. So in real life our relationship should stay purely platonic if we so had one. It's unfortunate because I think about you and me and him doing things all the time...