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  1. Not really to my younger self, but to me about 8 months ago: "You sure?"
  2. Correct my old response to this: I'm two feet from my BF and I feel more lonely than I have in a long time. *sigh* It's like he isn't there anymore, and when I try to cuddle with him or anything he either semi-violently shrugs me off, totally acts like I'm not there, or actually legit walks away from me. Yeah, this could be a potential problem...
  3. Season 6's finale line because the rest are mostly unmemorable, and as for the S8 line from Cozy, well I have a very different opinion on it than the consensus I think...
  4. It really depends on the person. For some people it is, for some people it's actually good for them.
  5. Nope, eat those like most people do. I find it better to eat pizza from the sides because it feels really off to me to eat it from the top or the bottom of the slice, but folding it is a mess.
  6. I'm beginning to see a problem or two in this relationship of mine that needs to get fixed...~ These issues are split quite evenly between the both of us by the way. I need to communicate better (seriously, most of the little communication I do on my end is nonverbal), and he needs to be there for me more, like it borders on emotional neglect at times when he'll ignore me as much as he can when I'm legit two feet away from him... 

    1. Ayyngel Dust

      Ayyngel Dust

      So his own self-pity is more important to him than me? Good to know. If this keeps up, we just may both end up losing out... Seriously, I try to treat him as if he's more important to me than anything, and what do I get in return? A note where he calls himself "retarded" and says "I don't deserve him" while he tries to weasel away from my attempts to help him? I get emotional problems, but that just doesn't cut it for me as an explanation of this. This is legitimate emotional neglect, and it's a serious problem.


      Can't he just allow me to try to cheer him up?

  7. I actually eat the pizza starting at the sides, eating both the crust and the rest of it at the same time.
  8. "He is really beginning to worry me. Like if this occasional emotional neglect keeps happening, I see the chance I may actually break up with him over it."
  9. Wow, time to resurrect a dead thread, eh? Still play a lot of Paladins, not much of a secret I think since I'm the only one who seems to bring it up.
  10. I have none. I reserve my fictional crushing to Axton (BL2) and Alastor.
  11. I would have said no 9 months ago, but now, I have to say a resounding yes. Never have I ever raised a child.
  12. WHAT'S NEXT? (Vivziepop update video) Take all my yes, and then some more yes on top of that yes. Your welcome Viv. Episode will more than likely be worth the wait, but comics and ANOTHER show (If you didn't know, she's airing ANOTHER PILOT for a DIFFERENT SHOW on her channel) is nice. Honestly, hearing this just makes me want to buy so much Angel Dust and Alastor based merch I could fill a whole room with it, but you know, money.
  13. Legitimately the best feeling ever known to man... Like what just transpired was just... amazing...
  14. I honestly don't ever really feel much of a problem with loneliness. I mean not even considering the relationship I'm in, I don't really have issues with it at all. I cope pretty effectively with it by just actively using the internet and occupying my time with stuff like video games.