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  1. When will the Millenial and Gen Z bashing from mainstream web articles ever end?
  2. Because it was a toxic cesspool with two seperate echo chambers operating at once,
  3. So I was playing Eternal and something NOT Ok happened...




    In Magic terms this is a 1000/1000 with Lifelink.

  4. There's also that but the three handles was just the most obvious design flaw that just makes the controller plainly uncomfortable to use.
  5. Finding Nemo: Probably about 6 or 7 times. Jurassic Park: I think 4 or 5 times? I've read the book at least 10. The movie I've probably seen the most times is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation which I can safely say I've seen at least 10 if not 15 or even 20 times as my dad used to put it on at least once if not twice a year around Christmas. Interestingly enough some of what I'd say my favorite movies are I've seen probably only twice.
  6. So now Sonic is an anti-racist? ::huh:




  7. I've been playing Paladins and Genshin Impact mostly.
  8. "Can you please stop finding excuses to be stressed out and worry me all the time? Like it makes things worse when you spend most of your waking hours doing nothing but stressing yourself out and worrying me in the process."
  9. I would say what I'm thinking about but people would, very incorrectly, say that I am something that most everyone, myself included, rightfully thinks is morally disgusting.
  10. Been playing Genshin Impact and I have to say at the point I'm at so far, honestly, the game feels a bit easy...
  11. Honestly, good riddance. The place is a toxic cesspool continuously abused to start inane arguments and enforce biases and confine the political discussion to an echo chamber that discourages viewpoints it disagrees with. Even if I think the OP doesn't entirely address the real problem and in fact denies the biggest problem is even a thing at all.
  12. Vibing and embodying Engineer Gaming.
  13. Stupid Fortnite Nerf Gun: *exists* "Cringe Police, open up!"
  14. I'm glad they addressed that but they did it in a way that was willfully ignorant of the actual problem.
  15. I don't usually remember anything about my dreams, but I remember a really, really bad dream I had last night where somebody signed me into a far right militia and hate group without my consent... All I will say is that I would never, ever join a group like that willing because I am diametrically opposed to their ideology. Also that in the dream every other person I cared about were in it and most of them were dead by the end of it.
  16. I know more people who think it's actually a good controller and I don't know how.
  17. Mainly focused on gaming consoles: The Nintendo Wii is a horrendously overrated console. Mostly because of the library, but also because it's based on a dumb gimmick. The N64 is a solid console, but the controllers are HORRENDOUSLY designed. Like why three handles? We only have two hands. The Gamecube is definitely, without doubt, Nintendo's best console. Though anyone will tell you GC controllers are god-tier, even the console itself is. Most Xbox consoles are terrible aside from post RROD 360's. Water-cooling isn't very well-regarded I think anymore, but I will tell you it's definitely, surely an atrocity that should never have existed.
  18. My thoughts on Genshin Impact even as a non-weeb:




    Like ngl I stalled it so much, because of certain vibes of it being maybe just a niche game only people who binge-watch anime for half the day can enjoy too much. But then I realized "I like the Disgaea games which pretty much are formulated as an anime in video game form, why am I worried about that?"

  19. When somebody looks like a normie but you know they're not a normie.
  20. I'm thinking about an interesting argument I thought of while watching a video of a Sheldon Solomon speech.
  21. Like I should but won't do anything.
  22. The Living Tombstone's Spooky Scary Skeletons Remix because it's Spooktober.