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  1. Apparently all of these people 'North Korea executed' keep turning up ALIVE. AND YOUTUBE WANTS YOU TO KNOW THIS WAS TOTALLY FUNDED BY THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT!
  2. I like how when it's pointed out that somebody is trolling, the troll usually makes it more obvious that they are indeed trolling with how they attempt to deny it.

  3. Nonetheless, it limits their library quite a lot and it makes it very difficult to say it's an objectively and not just morally better choice all-around.
  4. GoG is better than Steam for games that are free of DRM (Digital Rights Management) tools, but they don't support games that are not DRM free.
  5. After actually watching the trailer (I didn't the first time I responded to this thread), it does look very interesting, though my skepticism of how good it will really end up being remains.
  6. Critically, yes it got a high score, but from what I've seen around it was a bit controversial to say the least. I see discussions everywhere calling it both good and bad (and not just as a DOOM title, either, but a game in general). Which is rather odd that the Steam scores don't reflect that though. Nonetheless, even if everyone did like it, that isn't to say I have any trust in this game anyways. Sure Bethesda may just be publishing it, but by this point I have so little faith in Bethesda that, only them having a role in just publishing the next DOOM game is really enough to make me really iffy about it on its own.
  7. I've never really cared much about Doom, and I have a very bad feeling about it considering the travesty that was the last DOOM game, and I have zero confidence in Bethesda after 76. Maybe I should have rescinded that. Most of where I got the news from was very biased against Squeenix apparently. Nonetheless, nothing from their conference really excited me. I mean a Marvel game... Really? Like we've had enough of Marvel in the last decade now we need more of it? In video game form nonetheless from a developer with little experience with the superhero genre anyways? Not really seeing much potential there. And I've already said how I don't really care much for the new Final Fantasy remakes. If it was a Final Fantasy VI remake I'd maybe give it some attention, but I never really liked VIII because it was WAY too long, and VII never really peaked my interest much, considering it's plastered everywhere almost in FF circles.
  8. "Spamming 'Need Healing' isn't going to get you more healing. IF ANYTHING IT WILL GET YOU LESS HEALING, AND MAYBE NONE IF YOUR SUPPORT GETS SICK OF IT. So stop doing that if you ever want to win a Paladins or Overwatch match for that matter."
  9. Most of the movies we've been watching are of the like of Coen and Tarantino films, so we literally never watch romantic movies. Most of them are pretty terrible, predictable, and boring anyways. Same?
  10. That's much more logical than the $#!+ that I see. From what I normally see, it sounds like people just make up numbers and think it sounds good.
  11. *Somebody makes a long, insightful reaction* 1, maybe 2 upvotes. *Somebody else says a couple of platitudes that mean nothing* At least 5 upvotes, or 50 if you're on the f***ed place that is Reddit. General internet user behavior that defies f***ing logic. Seriously, somebody takes their time to actual think about a detailed and nuanced response to something, it would really only be courteous to reward them for their time and effort to actually make a serious post with meaning. Instead, merely a couple of words with no real meaning getting ALL of the positive reactions in a thread. It really drives me crazy. It almost makes me think that stuff like this allows the BS politics of the far right and fake left neo-liberals to thrive in this day and age, with our short-@$$ attention spans, and it has NOTHING to do with Millenials! This has been going on since the tail end of the 60's! It's just intensifying now... Anyways before I get on a political rant about idiots on both "sides" (both sides my @$$), I'll just say that the entire phenomenon is just f***ing ridiculous. Some people take their f***ing time and WHAT do they get rewarded with? Normal responses include "get a life" and "how long did it take you to type that?" Can't anyone appreciate nuance and real posts anymore? Or has society just gotten to the depths of trying to call everyone names? Because that's what it feels like, basement dwellers.
  12. As expected, I didn't even have to WATCH this year's E3 to know that it was going to be pretty bad, saved from being absolutely pointless by Nintendo's conference. Sure there was Cyberpunk 2077 (Though I have a little bit of skepticism towards it), and Borderlands 3 stuff (Though I will REFUSE to buy that game until April of next year or whenever it comes out on a platform that isn't the Epic Games Store or console), but that's really it. I couldn't have cared all that much less for every non-Nintendo conference with the sole exception of Microsoft's conference (if only for Borderlands 3 and Cyberpunk 2077). I mean yes, Square Enix's conference had highly anticipated remakes, but really I don't care, it was still a VERY bad conference (though IMO Bethesda's conference was still decidedly worse). In other words, congratulations on the massive waste of half a week of everyone's time, Ubisoft, Bethesda, EA, and Square Enix. @OctoVeemo20is an obvious troll, and unfortunately a couple of you fell for it. Congratulations on that shiny Darwin award. I mean there's absolutely NO possible way you can say Banjo in Smash is a bad thing for Sora or Nintendo objectively. It's had an extremely positive reaction from almost everyone except for trolls who whine and b**** that it wasn't Waluigi or something stupid (which in this case, Shantae, is honestly a pretty moronic thing to fuss about not being in the game over FREAKING Banjo). And not everyone can get what they want. Some people are just more capable of dealing with that fact than other toxic whiny baby trolls.
  13. "You know what? F*** trying to go to sleep. I've been trying for two hours and I've gotten nowhere."
  14. When you get a random bout of insomnia... :scoots:

  15. I guess I am tired of it. I mean if we had to REALLY blame a generation for all of our problems, I'd tell you Generation X would probably who I'd be more inclined to blame in all honesty... But the whole art of blaming a generation for everyone's problems is so asinine and immature that I won't really partake in such... I mean I was born in a borderline year between millennials and Gen Z, so I can't really say which I am.