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Status Updates posted by Duskull

  1. April Fool's Day more like Big Floppa Day. :catface:

    1. Woohoo


      How big is Big Floppa? :confused:

    2. AveryGamerDude
  2. Pokemon BW having been released internationally just about 10 years ago today really emphasizes how long its been since Game Freak consistently made quality Pokemon games. :dry: Pokemon games haven't been consistently good like they used to be for almost a decade now.

    1. AveryGamerDude


      Yeah... I miss those days. :(

  3. One benefit with all these outages: My BF doesn't have to work until Saturday now :D

  4. Hopefully this means my power will be back on for the rest of the day...? I guess I'll just say a lot of people in the state of Texas have been going through controlled outages because apparently there's some sort of overload on the power grid (could talk about what or better yet WHO the issue might be but I'll save it)...

    There were millions of houses without power in days before, though there's still a good 600,000ish right now. Power seems to be working here now for good, but it might turn back off soon. :worry:

    1. AveryGamerDude


      I didn't realize that until yesterday.

    2. Duskull


      Yeah if this is the end of it, it wasn't all that long fortunately. Only had it off for the better part of a few days. I could at least visit here still with some of the time between outages.

    3. AveryGamerDude


      I see. Up here in Arkansas, we're more prepared for colder weather, but we haven't had snow like this in years.

  5. And now we're trying to advertise advertisements YouTube...? Nothing screams greed quite like that does.

  6. So Gearbox is no longer a part of 2K....


    That's very good! :D 2K screwed over the initial release of BL3, and I'd imagine has been really f***ing with them behind the scenes to the point it's sullied the company's reputation. :dry:

  7. A "7/10" $15 game for free (Dandara on Epic)? We take those.


    Seems interesting enough, being like a metroidvania collectathon.

  8. When mentioning a political discussion starting over skins in a video game with a tribal moron turns into a meaningful discussion about LGBT+ representation in media with a fellow LGBT person with good vibes. 👏👏

  9. Smash metas in a nutshell:


    N64: That one game Kirby was actually good.

    Melee: *Corneria theme plays* also Marth

    Brawl: *Meta Knight's Revenge plays* also sorta Snake?

    Smash 4: DLC = Win, especially Bayo and Cloud

    Smash Ultimate: A third of the roster is top tier

  10. Some of the UI issues seem to be getting fixed, profile pictures don't appear in the wrong place on posts anymore. Other than the issues it has with images it seems pretty decent.

  11. 2021, aka 2020 part 2.

    1. Duskull


      Also forum looking a combination of snazzy and kind of scuffed. :dash:

    2. Woohoo



      Also forum looking a combination of snazzy and kind of scuffed.

      It's snuffled! Or is it scazzy? :confused:

      I have low expectations for 2021. It'll be "Diet 2020" at best... :mlp_wat:

  12. Watching people I know to be actually horrible people put on a happy face and act all nice and whatever really makes me a little bit sick every time I see it. I mean if I know you're a horrible person, why keep putting on the mask and deceiving other people with pretend niceness...?

  13. Some people frankly make me lose a pretty significant amount of faith in humanity. :dry:

  14. Smol Mushroom Soldier says Eee.



  15. Hey Trump.

    ... Dealing with all of your legal battles to come, because you're toast.

  16. I'm about to ingest the tears of a lot of despicable man children.


    1. Woohoo


      You might wanna watch your intake. Man-children tears are extremely high in sodium. :sunbutt:

    2. AveryGamerDude
    3. Duskull


      Another order of manchild tears with extra salt!



  17. Masks do work and that is a statement that is just plain fact.


    And yes there is absolutely NOTHING political about that. The fact there's a group of people politicizing what is just a blatantly non-political issue is maddening.

    1. Woohoo


      Would these people rather be wearing ventilators? :eww:

    2. Duskull


      @Woohoo Better question is would they rather spread a virus that could kill them or somebody they care about than shed the politics for a SECOND? :dry:


  18. Boo.

    1. Pastel Heart
    2. Sparklefan1234


      EEEEK! IMG_1342.gif.ad0c3438972691b8896e0324cdb39fb1.gif



    3. Woohoo


      Ooga booga booga!
      ooga booga booga | Tumblr

  19. So I was playing Eternal and something NOT Ok happened...




    In Magic terms this is a 1000/1000 with Lifelink.

  20. So now Sonic is an anti-racist? ::huh:




  21. My thoughts on Genshin Impact even as a non-weeb:




    Like ngl I stalled it so much, because of certain vibes of it being maybe just a niche game only people who binge-watch anime for half the day can enjoy too much. But then I realized "I like the Disgaea games which pretty much are formulated as an anime in video game form, why am I worried about that?"

  22. So I has a YT channel now that I upload Paladins content on: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChmGcXektcUVv5xXH7pMJWw


    Yay for shameless self-promotion.

  23. "Millenials are privileged" - Some dumb clickbait article


    I'm a millenial and I surely don't feel privileged... I'll just stop here because the reasons are political and obvious to anyone who knows what inflation is.

    1. Woohoo


      I don't feel privileged either. :dry:

    2. AveryGamerDude


      I've gotten so many death threats over my age... :dry:

    3. Duskull


      If anything, I'd say that our generation is the most thoroughly exploited of them all.


      And yes, that is a theme in recent times... :dry:

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