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  1. I don't know why but I signed onto an account with them, but I never really used it. The place seems like a giant scam and honestly I'm inclined to believe a majority of the profiles are fake.
  2. I have a few games I'd like to mention here: Team Fortress 2. I played TF2 for a few years on and off and I cherish the memories I have with it, even including fairly recent ones like when I played Pyro Shark for 3 hours on a 2Fort server The game lacks in no place aside from actual attention from Valve (and the balancing isn't really perfect) and it's really showing that even with now 4 years without a major update that people still flock to this game even now. Paladins: Champions of the Realm. I'd say this game is a decent ways away from being as good as TF2, but I keep
  3. I tried to play a Demo of Ghostrunner, but it seems like it's very poorly optimized to the point it can barely run on my computer and it was just built not even 2 years ago so it's not like I'm trying to play it on an old laptop. For reference this computer can run Borderlands 3 at high settings perfectly with nothing resembling framerate issues. Like how am I supposed to have fun playing a game where my framerates are just absolutely terrible the entire time? Gameplay seems like it would be quite engaging if the game were, uhh, playable? Like it felt like I was trying to play Skyr
  4. I think it's mostly because they try to appeal to as many people as possible and they also abuse the algorithm by posting dumb pointless videos. Literally saw a 1 second video of a cat meowing with over a million views.
  5. A rather shocking, but very necessary documentary about how bad gay men specifically were treated by the German authorities during the Holocaust (and even a couple of decades afterward). Trust me when I say they had it worse than literally everyone else, Jews included.
  6. Why Halo 3's final level is a Masterpiece (Halo 3 in general is a masterpiece if we're being honest and it's what every non-RPG FPS should strive to be, RPG FPS wise that would be Borderlands 2)
  7. April Fool's Day more like Big Floppa Day. :catface:

    1. Woohoo


      How big is Big Floppa? :confused:

    2. AveryGamerDude
  8. Khan from Paladins, without context
  9. Honestly I would like to move back to Washington state if I could. I don't know why people think Texas is such a great state, it's really not and the outages have proven that. Washington might not be perfect (Seattle's handling of CHAZ is an example, and of course how Seattle people whine and complain about other people existing that just so happen to live in tents across the street because they've been abandoned by a country that doesn't care for them), but it's the closest there is in these here states. I've been losing a decent amount of fondness for this country, and from my ti
  10. The mashup of Morshu and This is America
  11. I can be a bit defensive when somebody does that to me, and honestly it's because of how much nonsense I've had to take in my years on the internet.
  12. Duskull

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Relieved. My BF had a really bad depressive episode earlier... Just thinking about how bad my situation would be without him, like I literally don't even know what I'd do.
  13. My top 10 now, with only 1 per series: 1. Borderlands 2 (all of them except Pre-Sequel are really good) 2. Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (Superstar Saga is also very good) 3. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Darkness/Sky/Time 4. Team Fortress 2 5. Kirby Super Star Ultra (Squeak Squad and Crystal Shards are both very good) 6. Super Mario 64 DS 7. Pokemon Black and White 2 (BW, Platinum, DP, Emerald are all very good also) 8. Halo 3 (Combat Evolved is very good) 9. Disgaea 2 (Disgaea 1 is also very good) 10. Banjo-Kazooie (Banjo-Tooie is also very good)
  14. The Borderlands games, with the exception of Pre-Sequel, are all great games. Even if 3's story is very meh especially at the very end, the gameplay of 3 is the best in the franchise so... To be honest, I'd never ever consider being born earlier than I was. There were a lot of very barbaric things about society even just decades ago (some of them still remain today). After I was, though, I consider that a lot. The Harry Potter Movies are way better than the books. Most consoles since the days of the Xbox 360/PS3 have been bad. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 is a masterpiec
  15. Duskull

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Why yes an intolerant ideology is most definitely a sexual orientation.
  16. My thoughts are that a lot of these streaming services are simple attempts at oligopolizing the entertainment industry. However, I don't entirely mind most of them when they aren't gouging you and most of the monthly subscription services are more than worth it. In Paramount+'s case Star Trek content + OG Twilight Zone make it more than worth the price.
  17. Pokemon BW having been released internationally just about 10 years ago today really emphasizes how long its been since Game Freak consistently made quality Pokemon games. :dry: Pokemon games haven't been consistently good like they used to be for almost a decade now.

    1. AveryGamerDude


      Yeah... I miss those days. :(

  18. I didn't go to prom. Literally all of the worst parts of high school combined into one night I know I'd have hated.
  19. Duskull

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I can't believe how stupid people who are supposed to know math better than me seem to be with a simple problem anyone that's high school age or older should be able to instantly solve in their head but yet somehow a mathematician can get it wrong because they don't know order of operations.
  20. Welp, I guess I'll have to be some sort of white Native American. Hey at least I don't live in Europe. 1021 AD Europe was honestly worse. Both suck, but at least I could actually... live here sort of? I'd still much rather stay in my present time... If anything I'd much rather wake up in 3021 AD.
  21. The Nuclear Pokemon Battle Theme from Pokemon Uranium.
  22. Pokemon Clover. Not going to lie, that is an absurdly hard fan game. Like I think it's probably among the hardest things I ever played.
  23. Chugging along playing Pokemon Uranium, getting through the third gym.
  24. Duskull

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I feel like this relationship of mine is a bit bipolar and it's concerning me.
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