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  1. 74 degrees Fahrenheit and no wind. Actually fairly pleasant outside.
  2. A bit late apparently, but done.
  3. I'm really into Star Trek (besides DS9, IMO it's too much like a soap opera. Voyager isn't really that great either), I also watched a good bit of Doctor Who (mostly 11th doctor, some 10th and a little bit of the first doctor), and I watched the first couple of seasons of Gotham (would watch more if I could find it). I definitely prefer animation.
  4. Possibly, but not likely. This show is still making Hasbro loads of money, not really much reason for them to stop airing FiM soon. I say that the end of Season 9 is probably the earliest they'd even consider doing it.
  5. Duskull

    Gaming How do YOU play Pokémon?

    When I played as a kid, of course I didn't. I just made a ragtag team of the Pokemon I though I liked the most and found the most useful at the time. I tried using them in online battling, and let's just say I failed miserably. I lost all but one battle out of 8!!! XD Though now I may do some now with my experiences with Pokemon Showdown (I got to almost 1400 ELO playing UU in Gen 6. Not bad for someone who hadn't played since Gen 4). I have an understanding of how EVs and IVs work, and I could make a pretty competitive team. Heck, I'm considering making an NU team for Gen 7 that actuall
  6. I haven't dealt with a tornado, and I'm happy about that. Though I had to deal with Harvey. That should count for something.
  7. I honestly haven't even watched The Force Awakens yet, and I'm not sure if I would care to watch it over other things like Star Trek or Adventure Time, or quite a few things I'd care not to list. However, from the little I've gathered it sounds like it wasn't too bad, and I may watch it sometime down the road.
  8. Duskull

    General Jobs

    I'm 20, and I am still unemployed (finding jobs is almost impossible, literally have found only 4 or 5 in the last half a year to apply for and all have either turned me down or not responded to mt application. Sucks.). Though I have plans to get a loan from my bank for a good computer and money to pay for an acceptable internet connection so I can become a streamer on Twitch, so I may not really need one as badly as I may think. After all, people would probably enjoy my ramblings.
  9. Time travel is pretty risky, and I do't really want to cause any causality loops or anything. But what the heck? I'd go probably a few places in my past and change the way my life turned out. Don't think that would change too much. Then maybe go to the future, maybe 400 years from now or something and see how mankind ended up doing for itself. I'd suspect not too good, but I'd hope that's not the case.
  10. Almost getting arrested for stealing from a Walmart. Long story.
  11. I am very worried about it and I feel like everyone else who lives in the US should be.
  12. My favorite Nintendo game (and probably favorite game of all time) is Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. However hard of a decision that was to come to. Of my top ten favorite video games of all time, let's just say about half of them are from Nintendo IPs and around 7 are exclusives for Nintendo consoles. Things like Super Mario 64 (Prefer the remake though) and Kirby Super Star Ultra.
  13. Duskull

    Science The Space Thread

    The obligatory meme. /20chars But seriously, I've found space a very interesting subject with my interest in futurology. I hope that mankind one day may travel to other solar systems, and find suitable planets to colonize or maybe even other intelligent life out there in the cosmos. All of the possibilities for advancements in technology... All of the possibilities for mankind to build itself as a respectable civilization. If Star Trek is anything to go by, it will be quite astounding what man will accomplish. I'd go as far to say that space would be our future, and a pretty prefer
  14. Duskull

    Movies/TV Last show you watched?

    The second episode of Star Trek: Voyager. Series is better than DS9 already.
  15. Duskull

    General How Tall Are You?

    Just about exactly 5'10" tall.
  16. Duskull

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    As anxious as usual, aside from that- pretty meh.
  17. 5'10" 120-125 lbs. Medium-long brown hair brown eyes White as an f***ing sheet of printer paper. Also pretty unattractive and loaded with acne.
  18. Rayquaza and Articuno. Rayquaza- I remember solo-sweeping through the Sinnoh Elite Four with this one. It's the only legendary pokemon I've ever trained to level 100, and that was how I did that. Articuno- The first legendary I ever caught, of course.
  19. Hello Again. My new name is Duzzki, Mostly since my old name carries a bad stigma around Reddit, and also because my memory sucks. The ones who know me might know I've been a gamer all of my life, though now is a troubling time for me. I can't really play anything now. I am also a Star Trek fan (I don't consider myself a Trekkie, toxic fandom). I've actually been binge watching all of the Star Trek series and movies and am currently on Voyager. I also really like watching other cartoons, like We Bare Bears or Star Vs the Forces of Evil. Well, I screwed that up. It was qui
  20. Duskull

    Health Who is autistic?

    I wouldn't be surprised, considering I fit Asperger's almost to a tee. That's only the start of it. On my old account, I also posted a blog post about the topic.
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