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  1. Duskull

    Web Youtubers You Like

    Secular Talk- Makes actually informative as well as sometimes funny political content. He is sometimes wrong, but it's not like there's ever been somebody who's perfectly correct on everything. He also doesn't think he's smarter than everyone else which is nice. Pokémon Challenges- I like his reactions to other people's Nuzlockes mostly, but also like watching his Nuzlockes sometimes. Alpharad- Internet funny man is funny. Adam Millard, Architect of Games- Very informative and interesting content on game design, interestingly useful takes. Not always mine, but interesting takes
  2. I'd change Borderlands 1 to Borderlands 2 now (All 1, 2, and 3 are probably top 20 games in my book at least, but 2 is now top 3 for me of all time honestly), but otherwise this for these. Continuation: Final Fantasy- Final Fantasy IV (VI is really good as well, never played VII but it seems a bit overrated) Kirby- Kirby Super Star Ultra Etrian Odyssey- Etrian Odyssey 3 Halo- Halo 3
  3. Ahh yes, 2007 YouTube in 2020. Morshu in Real Life.
  4. People who are willfully ignorant of the reality around them and lie to protect their twisted perceptions.
  5. 100% this also. People like TheQuartering make me sick. He's absurdly petty and blatant with his anti-SJW agenda too. This isn't even to mention the likes of PragerU, being a far right propaganda channel that pretends to be educating their audience when they're just brainwashing them...
  6. Honestly I've found most YouTubers that have over a million subscribers, with a few exceptions, make content that isn't very good and is rarely worth a watch... There are good YouTubers with that many subscribers like Alpharad, but most seem to me to either be complacent with their content after a certain number of subscribers or legitimately just make bad content that people just eat up (Pewdiepie *cough cough*).
  7. From the way Viv has talked about the show, the push the show's gotten, and also from the amount it's already influenced pop culture and the 60 Million views the pilot has on Youtube that seems actually pretty likely to happen...
  8. Duskull

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    "If only Hero Forge had a way to make characters look older/younger... Also more detail in faces in general would be nice... "
  9. Duskull

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    "I may not ever want to indirectly contribute to hate groups, but food is food I guess if it's in front of me or I'm given no choice."
  10. Harry Potter 100%. The books are not that good and way too long, but the movies are insanely good. Doesn't help I have a bit of a disdain for J.K. Rowling and her TERFness.
  11. Duskull

    Web Youtubers you hate

    A few specific YouTubers focused on political content I will not list off for the sake of not turning this into a toxic mudslinging contest. It's not just to do with me not agreeing with them, it's to do with them releasing targeted propaganda and turning people essentially into political death cultists. Also bonus points because some of the ones I'd mention have a tendency to constantly lie and use false dichotomies constructed for the sake of stopping argument to their ridiculous points. I will say though that any knowledge of my political leanings may hint to who some of the people I'm talk
  12. Watching people I know to be actually horrible people put on a happy face and act all nice and whatever really makes me a little bit sick every time I see it. I mean if I know you're a horrible person, why keep putting on the mask and deceiving other people with pretend niceness...?

  13. Some people frankly make me lose a pretty significant amount of faith in humanity. :dry:

  14. Duskull

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I thought MLP had a message promoting friendship, not being one promoting acting like a total @$$hole to people for no reason other than the satisfaction of having bullied other people into submission. Seems like certain people on here think otherwise.
  15. Duskull

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I honestly don't get why I'm still on this site if I'm being honest, and that thread right there *not naming it* reminds me exactly why I'm not sure if I want to be here.
  16. Starting on a sort of casual Nuzlocke of White 2.
  17. Episode 2 exists and was really good. Think I can safely say that Stolas has become my favorite character of HB now.
  18. Duskull

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Betrayed by a friend who is trying to start petty drama with me over something as small as a Discord ping.
  19. Duskull

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Why the f*** is she so annoyed by that? Like I don't understand what could possibly be so annoying about it.
  20. Only one I've really "left" per say is MLP. I wasn't too much part of the actual fanbase in the first place, but I've really soured towards it since the last season of FiM. I will say the show is (mostly) good, but around mid-way through the final season I started to really not particularly care to watch more of it... Mostly because I moved on to other things, but also because of (at least here) the fandom becoming less friendly at a certain point and also because I just felt like I didn't like the show as much anymore. I haven't really left other fandoms... Most of them I either d
  21. Note that this is my opinion and it only includes the games I've actually played (No Crystal, Post Gen-5 games). Also this list only has mainline games so no spin-offs like Mystery Dungeon and etc.
  22. Duskull

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Since when has deranged propaganda suggesting the slaughter of anyone you disagree with become so catchy? Also the fact that most of the comments see about it call it "based" and say "this unironically" makes me feel little hope for these here states.
  23. Nothing for Thanksgiving, though I will still visit my Dad for Christmas (of course taking any sort of proper precautions). We can't really do anything like a Zoom call or the et cetera because he's broke and has no internet... Ehh at least I'll get to see my sister who I haven't seen in literal years, possibly my brother as well depending on timing.
  24. Duskull

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Anti-SJWs are getting WAYYYYYY out of hand.
  25. Being reminded about how much of a pita "easy apply" on Indeed is. Especially when every other posting is doing it that way. Ugh, got to love when a site that's supposed to make it easier to job hunt, actually makes it more difficult. And there's no option to only look for postings that don't have that, and I'm getting really frustrated with how they think jobs like "Registered Nurse" are somehow entry-level positions when they require a degree.
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