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  1. All good things must unfortunately come to an end. I've been at my BF's house for the past month and a half (wow, it doesn't feel like it's been THAT long... :blink:), and from what I can glean I'm going "home" (not really, my heart's not there almost at all :dry:) tomorrow.

  2. I hope I'm not the only one who sees World of Warcraft: Classic as another Blizzard cash grab. :dry:

  3. I watched Cloud Atlas (2012), and I have to say it is a masterpiece. Really my only gripe with it is that it felt like it was a tad bit disjointed. Like the plot was connected between the stories in some ways that make it hard to fully grasp with an initial viewing. The story and the themes are very solid, and the scripting is really, really good. It probably only got lower scores than really 90% or so because people didn't entirely get it. Also, it's almost three hours long. Nonetheless, I will rate this movie a 9.25/10.
  4. Is it just me or are Pokemon games always a drag in the beginning? *sigh*

  5. Paladins: When your teammates feed especially when they blame YOU for it. (Also applies to many other games... LoL, DotA, OW...). Also, the time they introduced all these stupid characters. Willo, Vivian, Moji... Ugh. Oh and then there's the times when I carry a ranked match going like 19/7/9 with 4 and a half minutes of objective time and top damage out of EVERYONE by about 30k and STILL LOSE. Smash Bros.: That time they introduced two characters so OP they dominated the meta... (Cloud and Bayo in Smash 4)... Oh and also, that one time my brother decided to play Bowser when we played Smash 4 and literally grabbed me and then used down throw off of the ledge for ALL. THREE. STOCKS.
  6. I like videos that mix old memes. Don't @ me.
  7. Well, I guess I'm downloading ROMs on my laptop now. :sealed:

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    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      May I ask if there are any ROMs in particular?

    3. Dustlicious


      @Cash In They're DS games. :P 

    4. Cash In

      Cash In

      @Dustlicious Neat. I still hve all my DS games from back in the day.

  8. I'd probably put Star Tracker a very close second to be honest.
  9. Global Warming is definitely and obviously real and has ALREADY begun to become a catastrophe. The Amazon rain forest, that provides 20% of the planet's oxygen supply, is experiencing a record amount of wildfires. Ice caps are melting off chunks of ice the size of a small town in the matter of a few days. F***, scientists are already saying people will start needing to evacuate coastal areas VERY SOON. Places like New Orleans are going to be underwater and places like the Middle East are going to be totally uninhabitable, both probably by 2050. 


    This is a SERIOUS issue, and of course it isn't treated that way because of all the d@mned corruption. Our government really needs to start giving a $#!+ about the human race and less about short term profits. If they don't, get ready for wars over water. Yes, I'm not kidding. WATER. And sooner than that, I'd expect people to start murdering each other over it. So, yeah, the future's looking bleak, and the corrupt US government (that's gotten worse under Trump) is refusing to take it seriously because "MONEY." Well, I hope they're going to prepare for the heat wave to come, and all the protests that will come with it.


    At the rate it's going, if it is allowed to happen for all that much longer, it might become more like an apocalypse.

    1. Cash In

      Cash In

      It sucks that this is constantly being ignored.

    2. Dustlicious


      @Cash In Yeah, on purpose. The government at least in the US is ignoring it for the sake of $$$ from big oil.

  10. It's really not that bad anymore. It used to be really bad, but I've been able to calm it down. But when somebody does something to really p!$$ me off... Then:
  11. Let's see: I woke up, and had an argument with somebody on another forum over a video game because apparently I'm being mean when I'm just giving somebody advice. My BF got a little passive-aggressive with me for no reason after I just looked at him while we were watching a YouTube video. I brushed my teeth less aggressively than last night, but I was still bleeding from my gums as I should be because they're puffy and filled with nasty bacteria. I accidentally shut the door on my BF's dad who scared me half-way to death when he threatened to kill his son's dog with a simultaneously frighteningly and unreasonably aggressive tone presumably for excreting bodily waste in the house. Not to mention he was waving around a broom like a f***ing madman. Oh, and also I found out that Trump did something good for only the third or fourth time in his entire presidency. Of course, I'm very skeptical. I'll say my day's been of the variety of "Could be better." One positive is at least my BF woke himself up for a change and I didn't have to pester him and nearly get hurt in the process to get him to wake up at a somewhat reasonable hour. I love him, but he's got his flaws and sometimes acting aggressively towards me and sometimes others for reasons that cannot be gleaned through logic is one of them. Of course, his dad's ten times worse about that though and frankly I say I legitimately hate my boyfriend's dad because he's a complete @$$hole. I still love my BF, because aside from those couple of things, he's really a great and nice man.
  12. "The Final Destination films are among the most underrated horror films ever. At least the first three, the fourth wasn't all that great and the fifth actually has the best reviews in the series somehow. I'm really irritated that these films get so brutally criticized, but movies like The Thing get to be considered among the best of all time, when they require a further suspension of disbelief in their plots, and the characters act far dumber. "
  13. The American right's argument against people who want Palestinians to have basic human rights: "Anti-Semite! Terrorist!" :laugh: Dude, that argument in and of itself is Islamophobic not even to mention that Israel is very much guilty of committing their OWN state sponsored terrorism against the Palestinians and very much guilty of suppressing their human rights for the very sake of Islamophobia. So, fine, islamophobe. If you're going to get offended by people's rational concern for the well-being other human beings, then your argument deserves no attention anyways. Even if it weren't simultaneously a strawman, a non-argument, and a personal attack.

  14. Big Mac, definitely. Though I admit I like his EQG human version more.