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  1. Santa Barik

    Technology What are your favorite computer/laptop brands?

    As of now, my computer is completely custom built. As for the one I post on here with, it's a cruddy Lenovo laptop with less than half of the storage of my freaking flash drive...
  2. Santa Barik

    What are your allergies?

    Well I have issues with the following: Dust Cat/Dog Dander Cantaloupes/Honeydew Melons Ragweed Grass Pollen Probably something else But I don't have any severe allergies that I know of. Just ones that cause me to get a stuffed up nose and itchy eyes (well except Cantaloupe, that's more like I eat some and my throat starts swelling up a little).
  3. Santa Barik

    Do you have bad attitude towards vegans as people?

    I have no problem with vegans until they get mad at other people for eating meat, do something stupid, or try to rationalize their decision not to.
  4. Santa Barik

    Web What was the last thing that made you laugh?

    The world's longest smexual video.
  5. Santa Barik

    Why is no one ever happy?

    All that needs to be said here is this: Why should everyone always be happy? Because I'm left to think that the OP is asking why unhappy people exist. After all, if that question was meant literally they'd have clearly had no experience with the real world... Seriously, I hardly leave home and I know better than to say nobody is happy.
  6. Santa Barik

    Has Anypony been sad lately?

    In general, I have been feeling sort of depressed, but it's been much, much worse. Lately, it's been a little better since my dad fixed my computer (turns out all he had to do was take out a bad drive and dust it out), and I've gotten to play Borderlands and do dev work without having to use my dad's iffy computer.
  7. Santa Barik

    Why are so many people arachnophobic?

    I never really understood it myself. They kind of look creepy and icky, but... They more often than not just mind their own business and don't bother anyone... If there's a lot of them in your house, you may have to worry about them trying to make a web across a walkway, but as long as they aren't crawling on me, I have no problems with them and in fact welcome them for the most part. They'll eat flies, and that's rather nice.
  8. Santa Barik

    Anyone else dislike dogs?

    Well, I do and I don't. Mostly I don't. Dogs CAN be useful and some can be pretty cute, but in my experience most of them are just hyperactive and annoying.
  9. Santa Barik

    Say something totally random!

    "Time to Play, TIME TO PLAY!"
  10. Santa Barik

    How masculine/femenine are you?

    I'd say it's a 60/40 split, leaning on the feminine side. I've always thought of myself as a sort of genderbent tomboy. For masculine things: I can be a bit insensitive, I play video games, I enjoy more disturbing humor, and I could care less about make-up. For feminine things: I have no interest in most masculine things, I'm quite self-conscious (although it may not seem that way from the outside), I'm pretty emotional (although it doesn't seem that way from the outside), I usually avoid confrontations, and I don't like getting dirty (as in I don't like getting muck all over me). There's some days where I feel more or less on either end, but I think 60/40 is accurate for an average.
  11. Santa Barik

    Technology iOS or Android

    They may, but Linux is f***ing shit, and Windows 10's monthly subscription stuff is just downright stupid. Seriously I'm NOT paying Microsoft every month just to keep my computer running!
  12. Santa Barik

    Technology iOS or Android

    I'm thinking about switching to Apple for laptops, but only because Windows 10 is just so horrendous and ridiculous...
  13. Well, once again I find myself copying somebody else's idea for a blog post. Seriously what is wrong with me? Well, I'll tell you what's wrong with me, from the top. I was born out of a high risk pregnancy. My mother had a congenital defect in one of her heart valves, and it nearly caused both of us to die, from what I heard. That's why I was born in a Seattle hospital. Both of my siblings were born in Renton, Washington, because they were far more normal. I hear that I was also born a couple of weeks premature. I was apparently initially a relatively normal child. I hear that I was very interested with helping my dad out with stuff. Now I have a hard time believing this, considering the cynical, useless piece of human waste I have become. Seriously, what do I even do for anyone anymore? Sure I occasionally help other people, but most of the time my anxiety and my lack of empathy get in the way. Or of course my pre-occupation with video games and the like. I was initially considered to be mentally retarded, because I literally never spoke. I initially thought I didn't get into kindergarten because I couldn't tie my own shoes, but this reason makes more sense. I'll admit, they were initially not too far from wrong. My intelligence didn't really blossom until around 4th grade or so. All I had to say for myself until that point was being the first kid done with their multiplication charts... But also I was the only kid to wet myself in the middle of class because I was scared of my uncomfortable surroundings. Also, I was in special education classes, and my reading level was WAY below average. To the point where I was in a kindergarten class for part of the day. Dang I used to be an idiot. In a way I still kind of am... I finally learned how to learn how to tie my own shoes at the age of 10 and I finally somehow stopped wetting myself around the age of 14... I also finally learned to double-knot around the age of 14 also, but even then I was bullied for single-knotting more than enough by that time to realize I was years behind the curve... My handwriting was abysmal to the point of people being unable to read it... I worked on it for years and it's still yet to get past the neatness of your average fifth grader... Then I gave up on that, because I asked myself this question: What's the use in trying? I can't write like a normal person, so why should I make the attempt to? Seriously, it's a complete waste of time. Now as an adult, I deal with nearly constant emotional problems. I have silent anxiety attacks (yes, they do exist) at least once every other day, I spend most of my days hiding my depression from myself and everyone else, and I try to tame my, what I consider, manic outbursts. My dad and my grandma used to say I bounced off the wall as a kid sometimes it was so bad. I also had issues with anger that I tried to hide (but failed to a degree), and my anxiety about relationships of the sexual and romantic varieties. Seriously, it's bad. I'm not going into depth HOW bad, but let's just say that it's made me think I'm a disgusting creep for reasons that I can't really discuss in depth because it may break forum rules. I also deal with the constant issue of being disappointed with what I see in the mirror everyday. Between the eyebrows marred by my anxiety, my uncomfortable and emasculating facial hair that I frequently forget to shave for days on end, all of my body hair, this bulging thing coming through my neck... Now I realized that my legs aren't even. Gosh dang it I'm an ugly mess. Now that I've worried about my anxiety and depression, I've become aware that my problems may be attributed to Asperger's Syndrome and potentially Cyclothymia and even possibly ADD. Combine that with Gender Dysphoria and you get a freak with no life and little purpose other than to maybe develop a tabletop game, that may not even ever come out if things go wrong. I feel like there's more to add here, but I'm just not able to think of it right now... I got too wound up seeing a guy play K Rool like a boss in a YouTube video about how stupid he is in Smash Ultimate, and too occupied thinking about how worthless I've been. Luckily I'm not thinking about suicide anymore, but I'm still tormented by thoughts about me being a waste. Also I can't count, because I thought this was the fifth "Cry for Help" when it was only the fourth. Seriously, why?
  14. Santa Barik

    Who I am.

    I don't think I could have said it better if I tried.
  15. Santa Barik

    What is the worst song/songs you've ever heard?

    The entirety of the Rap genre. There's quite literally no beat in the majorit of rap songs. Literally the only decent Rap I ever heard was Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" only because Weird Al has a way of making parodies of bad music actually GOOD, and that song is no exception to that rule.