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  1. Winners and Losers of the 4th Democratic Debate


    Winners: Bernie and Yang

    Losers: Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Biden, Warren, CNN

    1. Ninetales


      No tulsi?

    2. Spider Demon

      Spider Demon

      @Ninetales She flatlined in this debate, pretty much, like most of the others on stage. I do have a slight bias against her admittedly as I do with every candidate who isn't Bernie or Yang at this point.

    3. Ninetales


      @Spider Demon id be willing to endorse yang if he was willing to get out of the middle east, which is what I admired tulsi for.

  2. If this doesn't tell you that Trump's diehard supporters are far gone, delusional, and totally un-American, I frankly think you just might be delusional. Literally saying "people who don't support Trump should be EXECUTED" and "We will support a CIVIL WAR because our president is IMPEACHED." All the while claiming that EVERYONE ELSE is divisive... I'm telling you, there are just some people in this country that should be in mental institutions and not voting at all. They don't want people who oppose their neo-nazi daddy Trump to have a voice. This is sickening.


    This also goes to show the "both sides" argument is total BS. The left basically NEVER says anything like this. I've not heard ONE Bernie supporter suggest anything remotely like this.



    1. Renegade the Zombiecorn

      Renegade the Zombiecorn


      This also goes to show the "both sides" argument is total BS

      *whistles "innocently"*

  3. Just another reason to start playing Paladins instead of Overwatch. The Switch release on that came 2 years ago, and it's got quite the community on the Switch and there's no issues like this with Hi-Rez, as they totally cut all ties with Tencent and their games are actually banned in China partially because of it (though not saying they don't have problems, is beyond disingenuous , the last PTS cycle started three days late because of a log-in issue they had two months to fix...).
  4. Ellen Degeneres is a trash human being. She's friends with a war criminal, it's reasonably criticized and what does she do in response? She legit TROLLS other people in the most tone deaf way possible. It just shows how little she cares about people.



    And Tulsi responded to this... AND IT WAS UTTERLY DISGUSTING. She's literally pandered on that one. Her response sounded like some "unity" BS some establishment Democrats say. I can't be kind to a WAR CRIMINAL. Nobody should be able to have the lack of morality to do that. She shouldn't even be able to. HE SHOULD BE LOCKED UP. And Tulsi, YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW BETTER!


    Also, Tulsi, you're now on Elizabeth Warren's level. Congratulations, you horrible candidate. Go back to Hawaii and stop running you weakling. Let Bernie lead the way. He and Yang are the only acceptable candidates left, and I can't stress that enough.

  5. *Looks at weather*

    Fall has FINALLY arrived in Texas. Took long enough. :dry:

    1. Headless PiratePony

      Headless PiratePony

      Fall? Texas? Poppycock.

      Fall only exists at Lost Maples State Park.


  6. YouTube Poop: Squidville is Full of Idiots. *C* *A* *N* *N* *E* *D* *B* *R* *E* *A* *D*
  7. Still need to catch up on S9... Thought this selection would do worse than it did. It Isn't the Mane Thing About You Road to Friendship The Fault in Our Cutie Marks (Admittedly, a great episode that I'm frankly surprised nobody has voted the best of these yet) A Dog and Pony Show The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils (One of the most overrated and disappointing episodes in the series) Putting Your Hoof Down
  8. I'm feeling depressed and afraid about the thought of me and him breaking up. I legit don't know what I would live for, without him in my life... I'm thinking about this since this morning when I first read a note he wrote me where he said that he has too much emotional baggage and I deserve better. If anything, I deserve worse... After all, I'm just a socially anxious train wreck of a human being that can't communicate with people. I'm lucky to have somebody as great as he is. Aside from occasional emotional outbursts, he's been nothing but sweet towards me. I may not deserve anything as good as him, but I need him as much as ever.
  9. Bearing the weight of my boyfriend's depression. I really wish he would just understand that he means so much to me, and that his perceived shortcomings aren't as much shortcomings as they are self-criticisms of himself and that I have different problems that are as bad as his if not worse. I think if I didn't already know myself first hand, this would make me learn that depressed people are their own worst critics.
  10. Most cartoons in general are comedies. It sells well.
  11. Too many things to list... Let's just say I'm anxious more often than I am basically anything else.
  12. Not really in all honesty. To me the physical appearance of a man does matter, but definitely not to the point I'd instantly fall for him solely based on that. Same?
  13. He's from here in the state of Texas. Basically has lived around the Houston area his entire life. Same?
  14. Best: Twilight's Kingdom (Runner-ups include: Amending Fences, The Perfect Pear, Lesson Zero, the Return of Harmony, and A Royal Problem) Worst: Fake It 'Til You Make It (Runner-ups include: Hard to Say Anything, 2,4,6 Greeeat, Magical Mystery Cure, Spike at Your Service, The End in Friend)
  15. "I wish he just understood... I need him in my life."