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  1. I didn't go to prom. Literally all of the worst parts of high school combined into one night I know I'd have hated.
  2. Stolas

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I can't believe how stupid people who are supposed to know math better than me seem to be with a simple problem anyone that's high school age or older should be able to instantly solve in their head but yet somehow a mathematician can get it wrong because they don't know order of operations.
  3. Welp, I guess I'll have to be some sort of white Native American. Hey at least I don't live in Europe. 1021 AD Europe was honestly worse. Both suck, but at least I could actually... live here sort of? I'd still much rather stay in my present time... If anything I'd much rather wake up in 3021 AD.
  4. The Nuclear Pokemon Battle Theme from Pokemon Uranium.
  5. How's the best sexy owl demon doing? :3 

    1. Stolas


      Pretty good. :catface:

    2. Kyoshi


      Good to know. :yay: I would love to make a Stolas signature sometime. Just gotta get a good render of him. 

  6. Pokemon Clover. Not going to lie, that is an absurdly hard fan game. Like I think it's probably among the hardest things I ever played.
  7. Chugging along playing Pokemon Uranium, getting through the third gym.
  8. Stolas

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I feel like this relationship of mine is a bit bipolar and it's concerning me.
  9. They look like Let's Go games except Diamond and Pearl instead of Yellow. If I'm being honest, I expected to be disappointed and I am disappointed with how it seems.
  10. I've picked up Pokemon Uranium lately, and it's pretty decent... Also still play Paladins.
  11. I played a bit of a little game called Singularity, and that game's story gets complicated with the temporal back and forth. With all the stuff involving E99, time travel, being an alternate history where the Soviets performed an experiment on an island and it went horribly wrong... Also, the story of the Fallout franchise has some complications as well, and a lot of theories surrounding it and it's surprisingly bulky on story when you read terminals and look around the open worlds of the series. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 has a complicated story for a Nintendo game I gu
  12. Stolas

    LGBT Chatroom

    I'm still a homoromantic pansexual who identifies as non-binary and isn't picky about pronouns (he/him or they/them don't care an awful lot, though they/them is more accurate). Still have moments I wish I wasn't in a closed relationship because I don't exclusively go that way and some girls/in-betweens are attractive, but that should stay here and not leave.
  13. Pretty much this, though I would be inclined to sub Mario with TF2 now that I can play them. Also because I've found myself less and less interested in playing Mario titles.
  14. All of the main news networks and newspapers are liars serving to manufacture consent for institutionalized corruption, so not really.
  15. Stolas

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    "Why yes blame people instead of acknowledging your toilet is f***ed and calling a plumber to fix it. And paying for it because it's partially due to your own negligence... Hypocritical @$$hole. I am so sick and tired of you being a complete and total piece of $#!+ that frankly I wish your wife would tell you to leave and never come back."
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