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  • I have a boyfriend on another forum that I love more than words could tell... :wub: The relationship has gone on for just about a month now! :D
  • I consider myself an atheist, though agnostic could be appropriate. I believe that there's a chance that there's a god or (more likely) multiple gods, but I personally am of the opinion that there are none. :twi:
  • I am developing a tabletop game at the moment. It's been going really slow, so slow in fact I've been getting ahead of myself trying to work on it... :huh:
  • I am a homoromantic pansexual that identifies as a non-binary gender. If you decide that I don't exist because it offends you, that's your problem. :ticking:
  • I am 99% sure that I am autistic, and 100% sure that I have emotional problems. Hopefully I can get those somewhat resolved at some point. Though I doubt it will really happen:pout: