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  1. Even though my opinion on Coke has sweetened recently, still goes to Pepsi.
  2. So, also, Pineapple is great on pizza.
  3. Feeling like serving a knuckle sandwich to some movie reviewers who have no place to be reviewing film. "The Joker is Racist" What's really funny about that one, is that in the process of saying this, THEY are being racist against whites. Also upset because my BF has been avoiding me as much as possible over the past couple of days. Would be nice if he at least acknowledged that.
  4. If you want more evidence that Rotten Tomatoes as a whole has a hatred for anything DC, turn no further than to their score of the Joker film.




    69%? You can't be serious. Oh and the first review you see... CALLS IT RACIST! :ButtercupLaugh: My goodness, these reviewers should get fired, never get hired for anything else, and then get crippling depression. Yes I do wish harm to them, and frankly so should anyone else who cares about good cinema.

    1. Meemfestivefox


      lulz They're idiots.

  5. I can't swim, so no I don't like it. TPAM doesn't want to play Overwatch (kind of like me).
  6. Straight and very incompatible, so no.
  7. Why do I feel the need to keep doing this?~
  8. Well, now I have the GIF Sig for Angel Dust in my profile because I liked it too much not to (since I couldn't actually make it work as a signature due to its file size and the un-GIF-ing required to fix the dimensions).
  9. I live in the state of Texas in a small town about 2 hours drive from San Antonio, though right now I'm in a city a good 15 minutes drive from Houston.
  10. That's me, and a lot of that time is spent arguing with the dullest tools in the shed... The people who get triggered by how I play a character in a video game because it isn't meta, the hypocritical right, and some of the others of the absolute dumbest.
  11. I'm not sure if I already said, but if I did, I shouldn't have because I already give out enough as it is. So, you'll get K_____.
  12. "Deliberate misinterpretation for the sake of creating an enemy, but OK"
  13. Anybody who complains about how the mainstream treats Trump should have a look at this. If they aren't in agreement that this is f***ed up, they're far right hacks.



    TLDW/TLDR: Military coup happened in Bolivia over an election result simply because a leftist leader won his fourth term in a totally constitutional and legal manner. And the OAS clearly has a bias against leftist leaders over literal fascists.

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. Blivy


      As a libertarian, yes yes I do!

    3. Kyoshi


      My life doesn't have to be affected at this exact moment for me to see all that is wrong. Tax cuts for the rich, ruining the EPA, embracing coal for the rich lobbyists, ruining relations with other nations, having absolutely no decency whatsoever, going as far to insult entire states just because they don't agree with him, him lying all the time, he spouts xenophobic and nationalistic garbage at a constant rate, I can go on and on and on and on, but those that support him never listen. So my words are not for the purpose of convincing, but just a result of tiredness fueled boredom.

    4. Blivy


      How is trump xenophobic? 

  14. So the new Sonic movie redesigned Sonic and he doesn't look like a monstrosity this time. Still a hard sell, but at least not a train wreck waiting to happen.



    1. Splashee


      Who's in charge of this anyways?

      It costs a lot to redesign a character. So much money wasted. No fan of Sonic will ever be pleased anyways.

  15. Sounds like another cash grab, like all of these newer streaming services, to further cuck users of Netflix and Hulu. Honestly, I think I may be the only one to point this out.
  16. I can curl it back, though it requires a little help from my teeth.
  17. Also, new cover photo thanks to Alastor being ace. Shame. Still a good new cover photo though. :catface:

    1. Angle Alastor

      Angle Alastor

      nice :3 ...but i like other one better xD

    2. Blivy


      Also angel dust is adorable!

  18. Chuck Todd is an utter joke of a political commentator. "Bloomberg is a very serious candidate." Yeah no, you only say this because he's literally the most establishment candidate there could possibly be and that says a lot, you neo-liberal, centrist, piece of human garbage. Frankly, he shouldn't even be running.


  19. Now that I have one I will answer this again but with a different answer. I think I'd have to friend zone him, well her after that, in that case. The situation would just be way too awkward for both of us, particularly me. But I would support, her, during the process as much as I could most definitely. Though I see it being more likely that I would get a sex change considering there was a time I pondered the idea in my late teens. I've settled on not getting one since, and am more settled now that I have a boyfriend (who has no interest in the opposite sex). Also, considering I'm the more feminine one in the relationship.
  20. Honestly, I don't really like going to the movies much anymore. But when I did go, it was never by myself. Once I did go with just my older brother, but other than that it's been in a group of 3 or more. Like when I went to see, I believe it was Star Trek 2009 (or it may have been Into Darkness, don't remember when this was, just remember it was one of the newer Star Trek movies and it was a good few years ago), with my uncle, my dad, and my brother (My grandma doesn't care for Star Trek, or going places much since she's done way too much running around in her time, which is quite understandable).
  21. Most of the time I wake up because my sinuses are just too clogged to breathe. But I have woken up one time at my boyfriend's house clutching something in my hand... Yeah you all know what I mean... By the way, it was not mine.